[General] Custom non-hd model no voices in HD mode

Level 4
Oct 20, 2009
Hello again. I prefer the HD models and playing in hd but, many amazing models are still the good old non-hd (sd?) and several great model editors seem to prefer just working with the old version(s) and I do want to use them too, but in hd mode these models sadly lose their voice. I tried to change to sd/non-hd mode to see if their voices worked as normal then and they did.

What I want to do is to have them talk even in hd mode if possible. Not found a way past this as of yet and searching didn't find anything that I saw at least so, sorry if someone's asked this already. I think most people use either hd or sd and might not see this problem as much.

Anywho, thanks ahead of time if anyone knows a solution and thank you for reading my post. If someone else has this problem in the future hopefully we'll find a solution in here. Tried to add some helpful tags so they can find it in the future.
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
Well this issue is well known, and is related to the talking animations of the portraits.

To make a custom model able to use voice sound sets, you need to use a compatible model or edit the model itself, this seems to require quite some knowledge, and I believe @Retera has managed to achieve this on a model - unfortunately I can't find the video anymore.

This said there is no known solution currently that would work with every model, and the best thing you can do is chose models matching the sound set.