Some Custom Units cant use Sound sets as their voice lines in HD. NEED FIX or HELP

Level 2
Jan 4, 2010
Hey guys, I'm trying to create a map with a lot of triggers, custom skins, models, spells and more but i have a problem.

Some custom models, will make my units stop talking, unless I use Unit Sound sets which are from non talking units, like the Doom Guard, Skeleton Warrior or Faceless ones and so on.

So if I'm making a custom hero lets say a death knight, and I give him a new Model I cant use the Unit Sound sets or sound files I want to.

I found a Thread similar to this:

But still the only way to fix the sound bug, was to disable Warcraft 3 Reforged HD, and make it to SD???? but I'm making a HD only map with HD only units.

Anyone here who knows how to fix this? Because there must be a solution or explanation since some Custom units can use all voice Unit Sound sets, but some cant?

Also here are some of the HD models that use wont use Unit Sound sets that talk:

Fallen Anasterian

Warrior of the chaos Khorne--Warhammer Fantasy HD "

Sorry for bad English and I really hope someone can help me with this since I cant really make the map how I want it since a lot of my units are just mute :(