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  1. Captain_Teemo

    [Spell] Reset Cooldown (Specific) Without removing & re-adding ability.

    Hello, I'm trying to reset spell (2) when using an item ability (CD Reset) but without removing / re-adding all the unaffected abilities at the same time. if anyone knows how to do this i'd appreciate any help you can give me! I already know how to reset (All) but this is not the affect desired.
  2. Captain_Teemo

    [General] AI Pinging Map Trigger

    Hello, I'm trying to write a trigger that displays a text tutorial (Which i've gotten working) but i'm having issues getting the (AI Teammate) to ping locations on the map described by the tutorial. Does anyone know how you'd trigger this? Rather new to Wedit i'm trying to make a map similar to...
  3. Ohmvoid

    When testing a new version of my map, no one can join.

    Hello ! so when i hosted a new version of my map for the first time, i usually had to wait in lobby until the map upload to blizzard server. I had to wait like 1hr or 45mins because of my internet, and when i saw it was too long i asked my partner to host it, (now i'm on my own) And when he...
  4. Cheshire

    changing Z orientation of model

    Hello there, I have 0 of modeling and wanted to know if the following is something very simple to do: I want to add animations to some of the models from the game - where everything is the same as the regular animations - just the whole model is lower down (a submerged version of the model for...
  5. lachferagh

    [Spell] How do I do this ability? [SOLVED]

    My concept is a passive ability where everytime he is attacked, he gains 1 Strength for 5 seconds. So like a warrior - the more people attacking him, the more strength he gets. So I want him to get this skill when he learns the spell: in this case as a test, its the devotion aura. But it's not...
  6. Aliggan

    [Crash] Custom Map Issue: (FPS/Lag Crash)

    Howdy all, I have a problem and I was hoping y'all could lend a hand! First, forgive me - I am no expert in coding or computer terminology and will attempt to explain my issue as best as I can with the terms and knowledge I have. I have searched through dozens of forum posts (mostly dissimilar...
  7. Cheshire

    [Spell] simple damage engine

    hey there, I'm trying to make a spell that very basically modifies the attack of some units ( I just want to make "all picked units" attack for X% more damage when they attack units belonging to player Y ). I am having trouble detecting a few aspects necessary for this - how much damage the...
  8. Cheshire

    [Solved] progress bar/cast bar

    hey, I am trying to make a progress bar for the target of a channeling spell. I know this subject has been raised tons of times before, and there are loads of great models and spellpacks for this exact purpose... but I wasn't able to get any of them working (I suffer from noobism and acute...
  9. Cheshire

    [Solved] multiple illusions from wand

    hey, is there any way to make wand of illusion make multiple illusions? I am trying to base a hero ability off of it to create illusions of other units (unlike mirror image which creates only of the caster) and haven't been able to get more than two... (caster (1)+dummy(1)) [ideally i would...
  10. BranHUN

    [Solved] Blight without gases

    Hello there! I'm really new to this forum and the world editor - although I have been playing Warcraft III almost since it came out. I'm just saying this in the case that I say something stupid or nonsensical, so... sorry! I am trying to create a terrain that would represent a land filled with...
  11. Recklessness

    Question about Bribes Damage Engine

    I am trying to make a spell based on phoenix fire, but I want the phoenix fire itself to deal normal type damage rather than spell damage. My question is can Bribes damage engine enable me to change that, if not thank you... if yes how so?
  12. Recklessness

    How to make a DOT using Array

    So, I have tried multiple attempts at creating a spell essentially that function exactly like Envenomed Weapons, but scales with agility. My current issue is that if my attacker attacks a second target after applying the dot to the primary target then the primary target stops taking damage. I...
  13. Recklessness

    Make Spacebar center on Hero

    Good morning, I have been looking around for a trigger or maybe someone knows a simpler way of making it so when u press spacebar the camera centers on your hero 1 similarly to what F1 does. Is that possible? I am in the middle of finishing a MOBA and that is one of the last things I want for it.
  14. Yahya

    Magic Resistance Ability using Items

    So I wanted to test out ghouls with a magic resistance ability they get a tier 2. Here's what I did tell me wht went wrong. What I did was use "Magic Defense" (Human Ability) and edit its value and tech tree requirements and placed it into the ghoul yet it doesn't apply in the game? (Option 1)...
  15. Jake Conner

    Need Help With Choosing Race!

    So it should be simple, but I'm new to maps, and I can't seem to figure it out. I want it to be so that in the beginning you can click on the tavern and see icons that give you a selection of different races. This won't be for races to do a regular melee game. When you select the race you...
  16. Banhammer

    Help understanding some world editor quirks

    I remember i messed around with the world editor in the past, but that was long ago. Currently i'm trying to figure out how some of the basics work. To do that i've taken upon myself to duplicate all races and create custom variants of everything related to them. So as you'd imagine a custom...
  17. Recklessness

    My trigger which resets boss fight is not working

    So there won't always be 3 players playing maybe it's 2 or 1 and so essentially I want the boss fight and mechanics to reset if the group wipes on the boss. I thought simply putting a repeated timer that checks if a region covering the fighting arena contains either of the players hero then the...
  18. Recklessness

    Damage Bubble Ability

    Does anyone have any idea on how to make or get started on an ability that function almost exactly as Power Word: Shield from World of Warcraft? I essentially wish to make a spell that upon activation it places a bubble around a character that would shield them for x damage (damage of all...
  19. Mishu

    Beginner's questions about lordaeron summer, cliffs and trees.

    Hello, I'm in the process of learning terraining (for playable maps) and since i want to estabilish proper habbits I'm in need of some help. My goals for a project are: I want to aim for that peaceful, bright and vibrant look of vanilla lordaeron summer villages and forests. Questions: How do...
  20. Deserted

    I'm not able to paint deep water

    I set "Water Level: Shallow Water" during map creation. When I try to paint some Deep Water on my base level the terrain just flattens. When I rise cliff level by 2 and then put Deep Water it appears.
  21. Thunder7rd

    [Solved] Profession (iten creation and iten targeting)

    so.. im working in a map and it has profession, but im having some trouble with my first of them (alchemy), i put some restriction to make only the potion you can, but it doesn't work as it should be... plz help.. Alchemy Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions...
  22. Thunder7rd

    [Spell] Profession Trigger

    so.. im working in a map and it has profession, but im having some trouble with my first of them (alchemy), i put some restriction to make only the potion you can, but it doesn't work as it should be... plz help.. Alchemy Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions...
  23. Mathayis

    [Spell] I'm a noob

    Hey there, I'm sorry for posting again on the same topic....But I'm desperately trying to figure out why my map is lagging so bad.. It only seems to happen when enemies cast spells, spells like Flame strike are the worst, or if one of my characters is poisoned... This only seems to happen late...
  24. maxxxus

    i offer my knowledge in writing stories for campaigns

    hi people :ogre_datass:, i'm a lore fan of WC and other Fantasy (or Sci-Fi) styled-lores too. if you want to somebody who knows writing stories or something, you can ask me if you want. my english is not excellent :( and i'm looking for obtain experience to increase my knowledge about create...
  25. Maxwell

    What happens when the noob opens Paint.exe

    Hello mates! Here you can see my attempts to draw something... With a mouse.. in a Paint... This isn't a good idea. ---------Aku from the cartoon Samurai Jack--------- ------------------------------Just a cute Death------------------------------...