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When testing a new version of my map, no one can join.

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Level 3
Jul 18, 2018
Hello ! so when i hosted a new version of my map for the first time, i usually had to wait in lobby until the map upload to blizzard server.
I had to wait like 1hr or 45mins because of my internet, and when i saw it was too long i asked my partner to host it, (now i'm on my own)
And when he hosted it we had to wait like a few minutes.
But last time i tried, i waited 2hours and always the same problem: people getting intant kicked, so ive asked a kind soul to host it once ive sent the file to him. but againi couldn't join.
So is it really because the map has to uploadto blizzard servers ? i've been checking and it appears that my map is working wellwhen i test on world editor.
Tho the map weights 74mo and is Huge.
I am once again asking your help guys, take care !

Edit: I am gonna try to rehost with a kind of better internet( 4g shared with phone)
EDIT 2: It worked, i guess this thread can be closed :)
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