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model request

  1. Amidza04

    [SD/Modeling] Model Request

    I need 2 or more models for Frozen Throne like the ones in this photo: The Garen model (the man standing alone) is most important to me When it comes to the soldiers any variation of them is appreciated and their weapon can be a basic sword (just not the footman one) Garen's weapon should look...
  2. venger07

    [SD/Modeling] Simple request for Group of Birds, Sea Gulls and Vulture Models

    Hi to all master of modelers, I am making a survival game project that is based on an island. I'm looking for someone that can make models for group of birds, seagulls, and vultures with animation. Basically, when stand animation is played, the birds should fly away up in the sky and randomly...
  3. peonbilly

    [HD/Modeling] 2 model requests (Reforged)

    Hey everyone, I have 2 requests for a campaign I would like to make. Both are from the Mists of Pandaria WoW Xpac, I want a hozen rifleman model slightly armored with some horde symbols. And also I would like a Jinyu caster model with Alliance symbols. Sort of like the npcs in this WoW...
  4. Ian The Red

    [SD/Modeling] Unit Variants for a Founding of Durotar fan project

    Howdy! Been working on-and-off on a sort of "sprucing up" of the campaign "The Founding of Durotar" that I may actually release publicly if the custom campaign feature ever comes back. The basic gist of the "sprucing up" is that I noticed a severe lack of model variety in the campaign which very...
  5. Banelingline

    [SD/Modeling] Classic-style "canon" Naga unit models?

    Naga Lords have this High Warlord Naj'entus made to exemplify them, but after that, canonical Naga units beyond their introduction set seems extremely sparse for non-Reforged play. There's a vague kitbash for the Naga Brute, but not its "proper" ape-like layout, and there seems to be no such...
  6. Beckx

    [HD/Modeling] Immersive Priest Model

    Hello guys, i was trying to find a decent wowlike priest model with some nice animations and visual appearance similar to these pictures. Is it possible for someone to port it from WoW somehow for example ?
  7. MSTVD

    [Solved] golden Human rifleman

    Hi, Hive! I have a request for a human rifleman similar to this one by Kitabatake with a footman body and bandit head but with the captain's golden armor and a "goldified" bandit head similar to Ujimasa's stormwind bandit look. I am asking because Legends of Arkain's Golden Guard feels very...
  8. Zerphyn

    Spellbreaker W3 Reforged - request

    Hello my talented friends! Me and my friend need your help. We need a original Spellbreaker model from Warcraft 3 Reforged but without shield and without mask. I think such a model would also find a use as alternative blood elf demon hunter or elf warrior from the LOTR in example. Unfortunately...
  9. prizraknadache

    There was a model of Warlock on wheelchair?

    Hello. I saw that there was a Warlock on wheelchair on the models page, but seems like it was currently deleted or hidden from everyone's view. So, maybe anyone have that model or know the author (so that i can contact with him for that model). As i aware, that model for the some Models Concept...
  10. istvan921

    Arthas Deathknight Request made by Stefan.K

    I would like to request the dear Hive Community with this request of mine i want to change the rider on this Arthas Deathknight model made by Stefan.K Evil Arthas and Female DK With this awesome more fitting deatknight also made by Stefan.k Death Knight Arthas
  11. Khush352

    [Model Request] Hades

    Can anyone please create a model based on Hades: God of Underworld from Greek Mythology. But it shouldn't resemble even a bit to Hades from God of War series. For clarification, I would like a model based on following picture:- The one on the left. Modifications:- 1) Make hair scarlet red...
  12. Teitan

    Minor model edit request

    Hello, i wonder if anyone could please edit the Resurrection Stone model for me? i need two versions, one facing north-east and one facing north-west, ingame there are SW and SE facing version but i need the other two so i can cover all the corners of my map. Thanks in advance
  13. Mathayis

    Cryopod model?

    Well howdy there! :D I'm currently waiting for reforge to come out, but while I'm waiting I figured I'd make a model request for the map i'll be working on... I'm in need of a Cryopod *Basically a ship crash lands on an unknown plaint, and one of the main heroes survives it while inside one*...
  14. 3dris

    Sci-fi models request

    Hello! I'm working on a project and I need some models for it. That project will be an Sci-fi game that use a lot of variables for making any player different that any other, but I only have the idea. Some models like the ones below will be very useful for my map. An human tinker with an work...
  15. Ner'zull

    Model Request - Ashbringer (Corrupted remembrance)

    Basically, i need this ^. There's alot of OG corrupted ashbringer models, but it seems that nobody liked skin that ashbringer got in legion. I need model, that will at least resemble picture above. Maybe even re-texture of OG corrupted ashbringer will do the job.
  16. Zak17

    Avenger's Shield/Bouncing Shield Missile Model

    I am making a shield throw ability and I think I have it figured out, but I need a missile model of a spinning shield. Preferably one that looks like the Blood Elf Lieutenant's Shield as I am using the Royal Captain as the model for the hero.
  17. master Gul'dan

    mirror image

    Can anyone make mirror image for grom hellscream and chaos grom hellscream like wc3 blademaster?
  18. Masky

    Ghoul Edit (Model request)

    hello dear modelers, i have a request for a "mutated or corrupted ghoul". Basically i need a ghoul who have some tentacles or demon wings on her back, i tried to make it by myself but its to hard for me D: ill post a pic that i made in photoshop as a reference. Imgur ill give u +rep, credits...
  19. 3dris

    Model Request

    Hello, I have an request: -Can anyone make models for all items of WC3. -Improve the militia and the militia archer. -Create an Improved version of the mounted footman and also an mounted Blood Elf Lieutenant, an mounted Priest, an mounted Captain/Swordman, and then a mounted and Improved...
  20. 3dris

    I need models

    Hi, Im new and I need some models for my map, if is possible i want a vampire and zombie footman, a mounted footman (zombified), foot archer (zombified); an milita and militia archer optmized (and a zombified counterpart). If anyone have models for making an medieval city or some ideas abaut...
  21. Kreald

    Naga Hero Request

    I'm new to this so I apologise in advance if I'm meant to pay for requests but I am working on this project with a few friends and I need an Agility Based Naga Hero is a trollish God of Storms and is wielding either a trident or a type of harpoon please if possible If you do carry out my request...
  22. Zak17

    Paladin with Sword

    I am working on an Ashbringer project. For this, I need a paladin who uses a sword that I can then Alpha out. I do not have the the technical know-how to remap the geosets to the bones, but i do know how to swap out textures. I would be forever grateful to whomever can manage this, as I will be...
  23. Zoson

    Grief Syndrome

    Greetings, this is the project recruitment page of the map Grief Syndrome. Current Project Team: vJASS Coder - Zoson Coder, Sound, Graphic - devoltz Terrain - vinciusbrasil, shayoo Modeller, Animator - You! Currently we are looking for a Modeller & Animator for our project. To give you an...
  24. Tanni

    Archmage Projectile Blue Variant

    Hi, working on something I discovered that my hero was more on the arcane side of things and thought that the Archmage's fiery projectile fit, but looked that it belonged to a pyromancer rather than a master of the arcane. So I'd like a blue variant of the Archmage's projectile for my hero...
  25. Wark

    A Wizard, Fanatic and Dwarf Engineer walk into a bar ...

    So, I need some help with changing a unit's model, then changing a different unit's color (and maybe animation). First, can someone take this Flagellent: Flagellant, and replace the pickaxe with this mace: Spiked Club by Sunchips If you can remove the gold/lumber/work animations to reduce the...
  26. Maxwell

    Kobold Statue

    Hello there guys. To cut the long story short I need stone (or even golden if it possible) statue of this Kobold. Would be great if somebody will help me. Animation set - Only stand and death (just dissapear under ground). Thank you for attention.
  27. WIlly265

    I need a C'thun model

    I would like to make a remake of the Ahn'Qiraj raid from WOW and i need a C'thun model. If anyone has one or is willing to make it, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  28. Michael92

    Model Request if anybody wishes to land a hand

    Hi, my name is Michael and i am looking to mod fully my warcraft 3 game, and re do all campaigns with fresh models and portraits. Few things i cannot go around i ask for help if somebody experienced is willing. Two things i would like made but have trouble doing due to inexperience: 1) I would...
  29. Sapprine

    Realy Simple Model request *WITH GOOD CREDIT!* (Still Pending, please help)

    I have need of a custom model for a project I'm working on. Basically all I'm asking for is a plain Rock Golem portrait with the animations and shape of a Furbolg/Ursa Warrior, alternatively a murloc, without shell/shield and weapon. For credit, read my reply below.
  30. Lordofth3cl4n

    Bleeding hollow Grunt Death animation Fix #Help

    Whisper Made a great grunt , everything is fine but, when he dies during his ''death and decay annimation'' its like his shoulder transplant to any units or heroes that pass over his dead body. if anyone could fix this, because i need it for for my project, I will give u credits and to whisper...
  31. BossGengar

    Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Orc Campaign Screen

    I've been searching through the mpq files and I couldn't seem to find the model for the Orc campaign screen. Can someone please locate it for me? Thanks!
  32. raco12

    Someone has Khadgar Model?

    I know that very much people want this model for their game modes or campaings, but searching on the site i din´t find the model or a skin, if someone has it or know´s where to find it, Tell me where to download it and I would appreciate it very much.
  33. Dereko

    Hippogryph Rider Hero Model Request

    I don't have the skills to make a model, but I would really like a Male Night Elf Hippogryph Rider Hero. flying male hero archer on a hippogryph,. Please and thank you.
  34. Zak17

    Sally Whitemane and Brigitte Abbendis Model Requests

    Hey, I am working on a fairly large project, and need a model of Sally Whitemane. I would rather not use Jaina, as this project is a single player campaign, not a multiplayer map and Jaina will be featured as well using an updated skin. I also would like to request permission to edit the model...
  35. Zak17

    Hatless Admiral Proudmoore

    Has someone made a proudmoore model without his hat? or is there an easy way to do it? If so, could someone please explain it?
  36. Potkan10

    Wings models

    Hi, I would like to add some items that attaches wings to unit´s back, but i need more wings models. I have browsed hive and found some, but it is still not enough. I am looking for elemental wings such as fire, cold, poison, nature etc. and few simple wings like gargoyle, spectral or smth like...
  37. Zak17

    WoW Mage Tower and Lion's Pride Inn style model

    Hey guys, I was hoping that I wouldn't need to post here, but I can't seem to find anything on here that fits what I am looking for. I am trying to recreate Theramore for a campaign I am working on, and I need a model for the Inn and Jaina's Tower. I have been using the models from Mr. Bob's...
  38. Fintrik

    Titan Model

    Hi can someone make a titan model for me? If it will be good enough i will use it in my map and i will add you to the credits. I need it bacause i am making map based on Troll and elves and i need a titan model because my model isnt working.
  39. dell

    Model Request

    Good I have a request someone can do an optimized version of the bandit and necromancer footman models Example here Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread
  40. dell

    Model Request

    Good I have a request I want them to edit the bandit model they remove the axe they put a bow
  41. HelloFlighty

    ----MODEL REQUEST----

    I'm looking for a model maker willing to make a relatively small model. Links to pictures of the model are below Imgur: It's called a Command Post from star wars battlefront 2 basically i only want the model to be the grey ground metal part, and hero glow for the light, i need a red and a blue...
  42. Skive

    [Model] Corrupted Ancients

    Hey folks! I'd be very grateful if someone could create (or share) models of Corrupted Ancients: Corrupted Ancient of Lore Corrupted Ancient of Wind Corrupted Ancient of Wonders Since I need the base-models for the map I'm currently working on, a simple recolor would not do. Any help...
  43. BossGengar

    Azmodan Model?

    Does this exist? I've been looking for it, but can't find it.... does anyone know where this may be? I really want this for a map I am making. I have found a model but it is not animated.
  44. dell

    Model Request

    hiveworkshop good people have a request anyone can edit these models to have the animation portrait incorporates these and also the error gun dwarf model Master Medivh to edit models
  45. BossGengar

    Better model of Mannoroth?

    Is there such thing as a Cinematic/WoD style model of mannoroth. At least fire on the head and tail. He looks nothing like he does in the cinematic. Sorry for another Pit Lord post but I was wondering if anyone can find this. Thanks!:)
  46. PrinceYaser

    Model Request

    Hello modelers! I want a Ghoul on arthas' horse(Ghoul rider with arthas' horse). Can anyone create it or link it for me?? I'm waiting for your answers! Reward: +rep
  47. Tagar

    primitive orcs

    hello i am seeking someone that can help me making some models of primitive orcs, here are some reference images (unit/hero) (hero) (mele/siege scuad)(worker) (hero) (hero , thrall anims) if its posible make icons
  48. Tagar

    modelers and iconers needed

    hello modelers and iconers of the hive a iam writing here to request some models/icons A primitive catapult drived by two quillboars and a orc vercion, based on the murloc catapult of the nirvana mod a quillboar chieftain like this one (it should have the tauren chieftain animations but need...
  49. Kragez

    Dwarf Demonologist

    I need a warlock-type dwarf with staff,who will summon demons :3
  50. troylowyee

    Bow smack animation for archer

    I am making a game, where the archer has this melee knockback ability. Unfortunately, there is no melee attack slam animation, something like a blademaster attack slam but without the jump. Its wierd without the animation. If you could help me insert a melee attack slam animation into an archer...