Sci-fi models request

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Jan 9, 2019
Hello! I'm working on a project and I need some models for it. That project will be an Sci-fi game that use a lot of variables for making any player different that any other, but I only have the idea. Some models like the ones below will be very useful for my map.

An human tinker with an work animation that I will use for simulate the building, an spell animation that is like hacking, an melee atack animation like an photon sword slice, an machinegun animation, an shotgun animation, an standar and sniper rifle animation, an flamethrower and misile thrower animation and a granade throw animation. Must be futuristic with an suit, an helmet and a futuristic backpack that have the arms of the thinker but with an futuristic model, an ligth that has team color and theam glow, and if posible a health bar in a side of the backpack (like in Dead Space) and a enery bar in another place near the health bar. I will use it as an hero and please add it an animation that project an holograsmisc interface in the front of it with an keyboard in the bottom, an window in the left with an picture of it portrait, an front window that has some lines simulating text and a window in the right with an circle and two bars that comes up and down for the new gamestyle.
An desk with an computer that the human thinker can use, a pair of cabins that one give health, the another re-arm the player thinker, a solar panel place where acumulates the energy of the sun and is connected to an battery, all in the same model. Note that one cabin must be like capsules that have doors and iside it the player is rearmed and the another must be an area with rings that heal the player and some machine arms that repair the backpack.
A pair of solar panels on the backpack of the thinker (it work with energy [mana] and it only recharges when is suntime, you can too go to a small outpost with an generator for recharge the energy [mana]
As I mentioned before: an generator station with an space for a glowing circle where you can place you hero and recharge it energy [mana]
A pack of machines like turrets, robots, drones, small cars, small boats, zepelins, tanks and drone tanks that the player can build an use.
Walls that can be builded
An machine Factory that can be builded an build tanks, small cars, zepelins, robots, some drones, etc. With an oppenable front door and a oppenable roof door.

Please note that this map will be very expensive and I will post more request with the pass of the time because ¡Like in Dota, I want a map that can pass to a game apart with an lot of players!

Any question abbaut the posible gameplay ask to me and I will answer!
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