1. SpasMaster

    Looking for AI designer: Castle Fight

    Greetings. By this point, I feel like a lot of people have at the very least heard of Castle FIght by name. It was a map created by geX, which stopped its development ~2010 and gex was not to be seen again. Many people since then have created their own versions of the project, yet what has...
  2. Veronnis

    (Resolved) Get String for an Icon Path (Was this feature removed??)

    Hello and thank you for your time, I've been using a string variable to: [Set Stringvariable = Icon Path of Last Created Item] But it seems like Blizzard has removed the ability to reference an Icon Path for items as I can no longer assign that variable to an iconpath. Does anyone know if...
  3. Ruvven

    [Trigger] UnitMakeAbilityPermanent

    Hello again I have a map where spells are not learned normally and thus picked up by spell books along the way, also i have morphing possibilities and many of you probably know that the two of those does not go well together. I have seen alot of people mention the sentence i used as a...
  4. Lordliw

    AI expanding on a different location

    Hello, I am curious as to how I can make my AI make/expand their base at a different gold mine, just like in blizzard maps, the AI kills the creeps guarding the mine or another player using the mine, then they go and build a small (outpost?) base there. Thanks in forward to those that anwer. :grin:
  5. xorkatoss

    [JASS] Add Buff Function

    WARNING! Beginner JASSer alert! So with that out of the way, I'm trying to make a bunch of jass functions to use in conjunction with GUI and "AddBuff" is one of them. So my method works BUT I wanted to get some opinions from more advanced users IF there's a faster/better way to execute...
  6. Lordliw

    Need help with JASS AI - Workers not harvesting lumber

    Hello, I am basically new to JASS scripting. I have recently made a very standard AI, and everything seems to be going great so far! But the problem with my AI is that when the workers are trained they harvest gold, not lumber as I want them to (not the starting workers, the newly trained ones)...
  7. Kate

    [Solved] Issues using Lua extension with ObjectMerger

    Hello, I am following the Lua Object Generation guide posted by PurgeandFire and trying to get it working but triggers in Lua aren't working at all for some reason. I am able to use the normal ObjectMerger syntax just fine to create objects, but the Lua extension isn't working. I'm using this...
  8. Xain

    [General] Using Hashtables for Trigger Names

    Welp, I'm stumped, this is the first time I've tried using a hashtable but it seemed fairly straight forward. What I want to do is create a hashtable that stores the names of triggers so that I can assign said names to a trigger variable for use in registering a custom event to a trigger. Add...
  9. ComeWithMe

    JASS code. Need some help with script.

    Hi there, Is there anyone who is good at JASS code? I need help with that, I would like to cut some working JASS code from one map, but still have no success. This is not about memory hack, just about basic knowledges of JASS. Please ping me in pm. Thanks.
  10. Hoyhenpallo

    New scripting and map making features after 1.26

    Hello! Background: I've had a long break from warcraft 3 (nearly 10 years). Lately I've become interested in map making again. My goal is not to make public maps, but I enjoy making triggered spells, heroes and races for personal enjoyment. I'm wondering what new features and other changes...
  11. katya18

    Scripting strategy with timers

    Hello guys. I continue working on my AI strategy on the 2D platformer map Here is my first attempt that makes computer bot to complete the first level. The bot strategy looks pretty simple - first, move right, after some time make a jump(while still holding "right arrow pressed"), then after...
  12. ComeWithMe

    Warcraft 1.27b + Dota 6.83d AntiCheat Detector

    Greetings to all. Perhaps I created a topic in the wrong section, if anything, I apologize. I am looking for someone who could do some work in JASS language (paid). Warcraft 3 is a very old game and many people know that there is a separate Dota Allstars map (from IceFrog), the latest version...
  13. katya18

    Starting with JASS

    Hello guys. At the moment Im learning map_making/Jass coding in such way: I have a map, extracted the resources from it using MPQ and got the war3map.j that contains jass code for the map. Please dont blame me for that, Im not asking here for deprotecting or any other stuff, I wont use it for...
  14. Cheshire

    [General] is JESP still a thing?

    hey there, I'm just getting into jass, and wanted to know if there is still a consensus around the JESP template for jass things, or if that is outdated and no longer relevant. thanks!
  15. ShadowSong3

    Morphing Units

    Hello there, I’m trying to create a system in my map where a unit can morph into various other units, which can then morph back into the initial unit. But have the resources spent to morph into the unit initially be refunded in full when they do. so for instance unit 1 morphs into unit 2 for...
  16. HerlySQR

    Do you have ideas to improve this system? 2

    Hello, I'm have another system, that is a Jump System based on the Paladon's Jump System, but this includes horizontal curvature, I know that there can be better systems, but I still wanna share this I hear what things I can improve. //Jump System based on the Paladon's Jump System //If you use...
  17. Stormgoddd

    Directions (Angles,Cos,Sin...) How does it work in wc3?

    I'll be honest, I'm not a genius when it comes to math. Currently I'm really struggling with angles and such in vJass. I don't know how to calculate the locations for my spell. For example, I want to make a fireball, that spawns at the casters position and moves to the target location and deals...
  18. ComeWithMe

    Finding address offsets for Warcraft 3 1.27b

    Hi there, My idea is just to modify old Dota Allstars 6.83d map and inject a kind of anti map hack system inside it. There is a lot of source code of map hacks for 1.26 version of the game, where we can see what offsets are changed and that's why this hack works. But there are no free...
  19. Death Adder

    [Solved] syntax error, unexpected: "takes"

    For some reason I keep getting an error with this function below, specifically Syntax Error, unexpected: "takes" on this line function Demonic_Flames_Targets_Filter takes nothing returns boolean function Demonic_Flames_Targets_Filter takes nothing returns boolean local unit u =...
  20. Death Adder

    [Solved] syntax highlighting and function list for 1.30 or 1.31

    Is there anything like JNGP for warcraft 3 patch 1.30+ ? (I don't use reforged but if there's one for that then feel free to mention it as well) When mapmaking I still use 1.27 just for JNGP, but I want to be able to use the new natives...
  21. Cheshire

    [JASS] jass trigger not working

    hey, this is my first trigger in jass. it doesn't have any traceback malfunctions, but for some reason it just does absolutely nothing in game. what did I do wrong here? function taken_conditions takes nothing returns boolean if (GetManipulatedItem() == udg_Bait ) then call...
  22. Cheshire

    [General] jass - baby steps

    hey there, I'm starting to learn jass and just had a small question (couldn't find the answer with searching or in the tutorials...) - In terms of calling functions - what is the relationship between the different tabs in the trigger editor? is it accurate that it's all like one long document...
  23. Millegz

    Buy Item Fast

    Hi, have any idea to make buy item fast like DotA RGC map or IiCup map ? I see it's useful, anyone can help me? thank!
  24. OverClocked

    [Solved] Increase the size of icons in multiboards?

    Do you guys know if its possible to increase the size of icons in multiboards because 16x16 seems a bit too small for me. Maybe there's a jass function that can do that or maybe you can change that in the gameplay constants?
  25. DoomBlade

    [Solved] Damage Engine script error in latest reforged version on all maps

    Hello, Damage Engine Damage Engine by Bribe, stopped working on all maps for me. 1) I opened the damage engine demo map and tried to save it, it says script error. 2) I have the exact same damage engine on two of my projects, tried to save them, same script error. It worked as of...
  26. tense_9000

    Opening and saving map in editor (no changes) breaks map

    Hi folks. I am totally new at the world editor, but also only want to do a very simple thing, which I hope you can help me with. I've obtained an unprotected version of legion td 3.41 from here Legion TD Mega 3.5 (B4) + 3.41 unprotect I want to make a slight edit in the editor and then save...
  27. HerlySQR

    Can you give a simple explain of how works timers in Jass?

    I looked for tutorials, but they don't solve all my doubts, so I'm here to ask you.
  28. J2Krauser

    JassHelper and Modulo Operator

    Hi. Is there any way to make JassHelper shut up about it? I'm aware it's been added to pJass way back now, and I'm using the newest version, but when JassHelper runs in WE, it still throws a syntax error since it doesn't recognize the % operator added in 1.29.
  29. HerlySQR

    [General] Is it ok this function? 2

    I create this function in Jass to the units keeping attacking to a point even if they stop in some moment, but it doesn't work, what is happening? function UnitsCond takes nothing returns boolean local unit u=GetFilterUnit() if GetUnitTypeId(u)=='ndrl' then set u=null...
  30. blanabasjim

    Set a variable, to another variable based off a Unit Indexer's given variable?

    So what I've done (this may be the issue, maybe I'm trying to cut a corner here where I need a hashtable?) Is set variables as "stats" for units, using Bribe's Unit Indexer, as sort of a shortcut to an MUI system? Hero Group Events Game - UnitIndexEvent becomes Equal to 1.00...
  31. HerlySQR

    Problem with local variables

    I wanna create more than 1 local variables in the same lane, but I don't get how, can you help me?
  32. LittleBoy

    [Trigger] Set Ability Field nothing happened

    Hello everyone, sorry in advance if my english is not good, because I can not speak english (currently I use google translate). I am a new member here, I just want to ask, why when I change the ability field in the trigger editor nothing happens or am I wrong? what I make now is : Ability - Set...
  33. Stormgoddd

    Looking for a Jass Teacher

    Is there someone who would be willing to teach (or lets say help me) learn jass/vjass? I was thinking about starting with Jass first, then gradually go over to vjass and learn how to do things with structs and in the end perhaps even use Lua/Typescript. I'm at a point, where I know basic jass...
  34. jonhysone

    Looking for a similar function of JASS in Python

    Hey guys, I've recently been interested in learning Python, and even got a paid course for it from Udemy, and it's been great so far, I noticed there are so many similarities between JASS Syntax and Python, and I'd not be surprised if that were the case for any other programming language out...
  35. ElderTreant

    [JASS] How to get location of ally's army

    Hi guys, I'm going to make AI stick together by lead them to other ally's army. I have made every unit of AI follow their army or their heroes. It worked pretty good. set u = FirstOfGroup(g) ...... // Follow their army call IssuePointOrder(u, "move", GetLocationX(army_loc[main_army])...
  36. HerlySQR

    [General] Is it ok this function?

    I created a function in JASS to destroy the last played sound when it finished, but when I called it the game doesn't recognize it, what I'm doing bad?, and by the way tell me if the function is good or there are better options. function dlps takes nothing returns nothing local sound s...
  37. MoltoxBrutox

    [JASS] Recursive data structure and max struct number

    Hello, I am trying to implement a quad tree data structure in JASS, but am facing the problem that there is a max amount of struct instances for a map (like a bit more than 8000 if I remember well and if it has not evolved). I was thinking about using nested hashtables instead of using...
  38. HerlySQR

    [General] I'm begining using JASS but...

    I tried this thing of creating a functions, but always I get Syntax errors, and the tutorials of this forum don't say why? What am I doing bad? (Pls don't ask me why am I using the old Jass New Gen)
  39. Ricola3D

    Write in local file: how to append a line ?

    Hello, I know well that you can write text to a local file with the following primitives: call PreloadGenClear() // Optional, clear all previous entries in PreloadGen buffer call PreloadGenStart() // Clears the buffer and starts a timer until PreloadGenEnd, the time value gets...
  40. Stormgoddd

    [JASS] Need help with my Camera Trigger

    So, I'm new to Jass, read quite a few tutorials and feel pretty sure about the basics so far. With my current knowledge, I'm trying to create a camera trigger. That trigger is supposed to zoom out the camera of the player (should work for every player) if they type in "-+500" (without the "")...
  41. HerlySQR

    How works GetLocalPlayer?

    I wanna know how works the function GetLocalPlayer, because I heard that function takes the player that runs the trigger, but I proof it but always takes me incluiding if I use bots, so if you wanna explain me how really works a gonna thank you because maybe that thing happened because it takes...
  42. ravellani

    [General] A few questions about Codeless Save Load

    I am planning to use the Codeless Save Load system in the future and I had a few questions. I have not really experimented with it yet. 1. I have seen the basic example map that the system comes with and I dont know how the save trigger chooses the players hero? Is that function somewhere in...
  43. LoryGundevil

    Ability Attack Effect

    Hello. i'm in need of help because i've made an Hero Ability based on the Sweeping Cleave (i'm not sure about the name of the ablity, my Editor is half in my mother language and half in English making me don't understand a ****) of the Pit Lord, it should be the passive ability that makes you...
  44. InsaneMonster

    Custom AI Script (JASS) Share

    Hi all fellow coders! I want to share an AI script (JASS) which I made for my current project, which you can find on my signature. The script is used on the second map for the Alliance Naval Base forces. Why could it be interesting? I add a behaviour to command the AI to stop producing a...
  45. Macadamia

    ...then I found the automatic JASS to LUA converter.

    Hello there ! As some of you already know, especially as I often come here to ask for help when I am hitting difficulties, I am currently converting my map from Jass2 to Lua. I have gone quite far, and only a few functions remain problematic, not mentioning the upcoming hidden bugs I have not...
  46. IdeaWang

    [Trigger] Specific Unit Event help

    I've registered EVENT_UNIT_SELECTED on the trigger, and how to get the selecting/clicking player? I've already known that GetTrigerredUnit() to get the selected unit. I've tried GetTriggerPlayer() but the result is not right... Here is the code function myaction takes nothing returns nothing...
  47. Macadamia

    First attempt at converting Jass to Lua... FAIL

    Hello there, I hope you are all fine. So I decided to do the jump and start converting my map to Lua, trigger by trigger. But before I even go further, I cannot even manage to get my triggers to run. I have made a GUI trigger : Lua Init Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.00...
  48. Tom_Almighty1

    JASS Description Frame?

    Guys I am having trouble learning these new updates in war3 1.31 TFT non-reforged. Can you please provide me a simple trigger on how to make a description box frame with words in it? Kinda like how the tooltip works but I need to move it to an area I also need to have a way to hide/unhide it...
  49. Blikunman

    [Help] Calling a GUI Trigger from Jass

    Would it be possible in this code to make it run / stop a GUI Trigger, instead of printing text? if (cs == true) then call BJDebugMsg("Shit active") else call BJDebugMsg("Shit unactive") endif endif thanks, im a jass newbie!
  50. Macadamia

    [General] Back after 16 years, stuck on 2D Arrays globals.

    Hi everyone ! First things first, my question, as people might not have time to read all my detailed explanations : How do you declare global 2D arrays in Jass without conflicting with the WE's Init Globals function ? I mean I have several arrays I use like this one : rect array...