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  1. bear_369

    [Solved] Custom model glitching.

    So I'm trying to make wall models using Blender(2.83), exporting them through the forked Fingolfin's MDL Exporter plugin. I don't often encounter problems with my other models but this one does. The model's gate face began glitching out and sticking to other doodads in-game. Despite it was...
  2. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Flickering model textures glitch

    So, I am trying to create this out of this While the cluster one looks good in Magos' and Retera's, ingame and in the editor it's like in the attached video or even worse.
  3. Macadamia

    [Solved] Serious Custom Splat issue.

    Hello there ! I have this blocking tower I use in my map to build entire mazes. For obvious reasons, I needed a more "square" splat texture as all those available in the game are all "round". First solution I successfully implemented was adding a plane at the base of the tower model. It...
  4. Tom_Almighty1

    Model Problems (SOLVED)

    Guys I made my custom models through Blender saved as OBJ then imported to Milkshape so I can convert it into MDX for warcraft 3. Not really low poly but still a lot lower than other models. I have this problem where they glitch out at a certain angle or distance of the camera. This is both in...
  5. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Texture glitch based on camera distance. Why?

    Hey, so I've got 3 textures converted to .blp with BLP Lab matching the original texture sizes from the model: 128x512, 128x512 and 256x512. They glitch if the camera is too far from them both in the editor and in the game for some reason. EDIT: discovered something in BLP Lab EDIT2: tried...
  6. Gatheinnnnnnnnnnnn

    Importing Models Glitch

    Hey again wonderful people of the Hive. So I'm back again because I can't figure things out on my own. Basically I had a bunch of models in a map setting so I could do an altered melee for personal use. It worked fine on one map but then I got bored of it so I decided to export all the model...
  7. Voljin

    How to add textures to models in Patch 1.31

    Hello all, I have been having problems with Patch 1.31 for awhile now. Ultimately, its been more or less agreeing with my system, but I cannot figure out how to add textures to imported models anymore. I add the models, then the .blp files corresponding with it like I've always done, but...
  8. Daethz

    [General] Selection Bug?

    Several people are reporting Selection bugs on my LoaP (LoaP Ascension). What could even cause this? From what I gather they lose the ability to click things. Theres nothing in the game that messes with the players ability to select units.
  9. Woodenplank

    Missing Portraits

    None of the units in my map have visible portraits; they're all just blank, dark spots (clicking them doesn't work either). Has anyone tried this before? Could I have downloaded a .blp to a bad path? Can a trigger function do it? Is everyone as clueless as me? (without providing extra...
  10. Seavalan Legend

    Can't Add Maps

    So I am starting a custom campaign for Warcraft 3. However, for some reason, it can not properly add maps. When I try to save after adding a map, it says: "Unable to copy campaign map from [file path]." When I try opening added maps, it says: "Unable to load file [file path] -Main map file...
  11. Seavalan Legend

    Basic Shapes + Recolored Wisps

    I would like to request a few things. I think they would be simple, but they might not be as I have no experience in 3d modelling. My first set of requests is 11-15 Basic 3D shapes textured similar to either Checkered Cube (Green), Checkered Cube (Purple), or in a similar checkered pattern, but...
  12. Xeryxoz

    Wc3 Problem [Need Help]

    I really don't know where to put this request. I've started having problems with my WC3 a few days ago that I cannot solve on my own. Some models such as fire breath or explosion (The regular sfx for spells) suddenly disappeared, literally the models just vanished. To be more clear, they do...
  13. Koltira

    Model Lightning Bug

    Whenever i select this harpy model (a copy of a harpy model with a different skin, i edited the .mdl and just changed paths) the whole map's models become unlit here's when i select it: Gyazo - 143633ee0e5024e781c21fd72664cdba.jpg and here's normal: Gyazo - 71752608a10d7a91d17aecaad47d6a01.jpg...
  14. The10th-X

    [General] Aura flickering

    So i have a unit that casts a spell (Bladedance) as base, 0 duration etc, and it adds a spellbook with 2 auras, evasion and trueshot to him for the duration, the evasion works perfectly fine however the trueshot appears for about .1 second, disappears and then appears again for 2 seconds AFTER i...