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  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Wendigo Horror needs your feedback and ideas!

    Heyyo! dear HIVE map community, it's me, Kakorin/TheBeautifulPeople, i'm back into mapping and need all the help possible with my map The Wendigo Horror, because I think this map is going the wrong direction, so i'll be starting this thread with the next questions: What are your first...
  2. KirbyCoin

    Looking for feedback on a new in-browser replay viewer

    Hi friends Looking for some feedback and suggestions for how to improve a free in-browser website aimed at showing a WC3 replay from a "birds eye view" The concept was inspired by some other MOBA in-game viewing systems and also built to answer some useful questions about matches without...
  3. Altruistic Anduin

    [Role Playing Game] My Village Fall Terrain

    Just started this random project: village fall. Might try and fit all four races in the map. I am... 0.010% (?) finished. Whew! I need help--advice--in making an attractive map. This isn't necessarily a melee map nor an altered one. It's just a map, perhaps a one-chapter campaign or something, I...
  4. N00b-Morti

    Adding a new Tag for non-w3n Campaigns, post-Regorged

    Since, for my enormous sadness, custom campaign can't be played anymore unless you own a prereforged version of the game, I'd suggest to add a new tag for the projects that consists of more maps/level, a story progression, but are made up by separated w3x maps, like the Co-Op Campaign from...
  5. StormKnight

    Feedback for Hive Remoosed (Beta)

    No specific order: 1 - Model viewer going full screen is a strange decision. because previously you were able to scroll around the page while doing so. and the viewer itself was nice and neat as it was imo. Suggestion: If you're going to make the viewer big, atleast take advantage of the...
  6. InsaneMonster


    Use this thread to post the overall project's feedbacks and bug reports. For a specific campaign feedback or bug report please refer to its project page. You can find specific campaign's pages by clicking the released campaigns images on the OVERVIEW THREAD or by checking out the DOWNLOADS...
  7. AkosiK3N

    [Cinematic] Project Piece of Peace (PPP) #1: Interlude

    Hello guys! This is my first project and I would like to show my first creation to you. This is the very first version of my map. It is an interlude so you only have to watch it. If you have time, please watch this and give feedback to me. It would be very important so that I can improve my map...
  8. AkosiK3N

    Project Piece of Peace (PPP): Tests and Feedbacks

    Hello! Ako si K3N (My name is K3N). I'm currently working on my very first project and I need someone to test and maybe help me with campaign creating. I am good at creating a story. And somehow know how to create a map. If you are interested, you can send me a private message. Thanks!
  9. InsaneMonster

    Size of media

    Hey there! In the beta, I can see the videos I embed in my project page to be one in top of the other, instead of being side by side. This is because the size of the project page is much lower, width wise. I think a way to reduce the size of the embedded media preview could be very useful to...
  10. Darkneos

    [Defense / Survival] The Keepers Struggle

    Greetings. After some weeks of making the map, re-do all over again since new editor crashed my map and blocked me out, i managed to pull out a playable early beta of my first map. The Idea: Four players will pick a hero, these heroes are divided by roles (Tank,DPS,Caster and Specialist) the...
  11. smithyjones

    Looking for Feedback on my model

    Hello Everyone, I created a model that is supposed to be an alternative to the normal Water Elemental in Warcraft 3. I intend to submit this to the 'Models' section and hopefully get it approved. I'd like some feedback on my model before I submit this to the Models forum in case I need to make...
  12. Cheshire

    need feedback on map layout

    hey all, I made this altered melee and would be happy to get some feedback on the functionality of the layout. other feedback will also be readily accepted. thanks!
  13. deepstrasz

    Diablo IV suggestions & comments

    My main concern is the game being a Diablo II reboot, mostly in terms of gameplay. Classes/Characters We know of the three classes which are basically 3 from Diablo II (+Lord of Destruction): the Sorceress, the Barbarian and the Druid. They said the Druid doesn't have fire spells anymore...
  14. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Campaign] Looking for Feedback on new Project - "Dungeon Explorer"

    So i recently came back to w3 modding after a long time and decided that its finally time to stop doing half assed projects which never get finished and actually see something to an end for once. I decided to do a campaign with a series of WoW-like dungeons where the player instead of...
  15. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Finished] The Creation of a Quilboar Building-Set

    Like the Title says: This is basically a Thread created to discuss and give ideas/feedback about the buildings. The Buildings in question should resemble their Wow appearance with a little Warcraft 3 in it. I have created a Mainbuilding as a 'sort of' Teaser. While i do know of @Edge45's...
  16. Sapprine

    [Campaign] I need feedback...

    My One Map Campaign called Founding A Nation is still in development and coming along nicely so far. Making this 256x256 campaign is tiresome work, especially because I'm doing this alone. But it is time I'm going to ask some feedback... Here are some Question Polls that you may answer by...
  17. DatBoi

    [Miscellanous / Other] I need your opinnion

    Do you guys like this? Its the center of the map, the objective of my map, middle is the artifact that the miners have to retrieve. Preview by DatBoi posted Jul 2, 2016 at 3:01 PM It uses EXACTLY 874 doodads, custom doodads, and all doodads in there are edited to fit perfectly.