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  1. Evilhog

    Samwise Didier retires from Blizzard

    We get Metzen back, but we lose Sammy. Damn... I wonder if it has anything to do with Microsoft's acquisition of Blizzard.
  2. Trevojan

    What about Warcraft IV?

    Good day to everyone! I feel like it's time to show some ideas that I've been boiling since I started following this site when I was younger. But first I need to tell you where all this came from: I started playing when I was 8 years old, and I had no idea how an RTS worked. So, because I...
  3. Evilhog

    So why aren't you working on a Starcraft 2 custom campaign, %username?

    In case these things need explanation: -4th option in the poll ("Blizzard's policy on user-made custom content sux (all your UMS belong to Bobby K.") - SC2 Editor EULA states, that all custom content created for SC2 with its official tools automatically belongs to Blizzard. They are free to use...
  4. darkravenbest

    Reforged map cloud

    Hello! I know maybe im late with this topic and it was discussed many times, but i couldnt find any clear information on this subject. As long as i know when you host your map on battle.net its will be uploaded to their cloud, and downloaded directly by other player, which want to join you. I...
  5. Evilhog

    Chris Metzen returns to Blizzard

    Man, this week just cannot get any better!
  6. Weird Dreadlord texture

    Weird Dreadlord texture

    As a follow up to the previous media piece, here's the texture (slightly rescaled and recolored to fit in with more with the default skin) put on a model. It's a real quick edit, I was just curious as to how it all would look like
  7. "BE_Armor" texture from BE menu screen

    "BE_Armor" texture from BE menu screen

    Obviously notice the weird Dreadlord face - it's neither from the regular nor campaign Dreadlord model
  8. Argent Crusade

    Argent Crusade

    "Rise up Argent Crusader the hour of justice has come" -Highlord Tirion Fordring Credits goes to Blizzard , Ujimasa Hojo , Stefan.K
  9. Screenshot_3.png


    -Greetings im Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore. Credits to Blizzard , tillinghast , Asssssvi , Ujimasa Hojo ,Explobomb
  10. Wayshan

    Jeff's departure from OW

    I am not sure how many of you guys are into Overwatch, but Jeff Kaplan just left Blizzard. His personal note seems to be somewhat abridged. For a person with such communication skills, it sure seems weird. The entire statement basically says everything and nothing; it's a corporate way of...
  11. pyf

    New official Diablo II and Diablo II: Resurrected Forums

    Time to add them to your bookmarks. Diablo II (2000) - Blizzard Forums Diablo II: Resurrected - Blizzard Forums
  12. anrere

    [General] New(ish) editor rules and blizzard-owned 3rd party content

    With the new editor rules rolled out in reforged where you cannot use 3rd party content, how does 3rd party content not present in wc3 but owned by Blizzard stands out? Ex : Sound bites from WoW or WoW cinematics, WoW icons, Wc3 Reforged Icons, Sc2 Icons... Can I use them in my custom map...
  13. Peach Schnapps

    So blizzard owns my map now?

    I'm just curious if I was doing this half out of a love for world editor and half to have a prototype to pitch or show off for a kickstarter or something of the like, isn't this sort of rendered pointless considering from what I understand Blizzard owns maps created in World Editor nowadays? Do...
  14. Jarrin Derrick

    The Reforging of Blizzard's Legacy?

    Good video documenting blizzard's development, release, and fan reaction to WarCraft III reforged.
  15. Midoo

    Complete boycott of Warcraft III: Reforged

    It's no secret that this release has been absolutely abysmal. But what worries me is that the majority of consumers will generally get mad about something and then completely forget about it after a few weeks. This is gonna be just like Diablo 3 all over again. >Blizzard releases a buggy...
  16. TheEndOfAnAge

    The End of an Age

  17. Appreauntis

    What game do you wish blizzard had made?

    I have been following all the reforged news and with anticipation am hoping for a good release with plenty of support afterwards! With Reforged coming out soon, I thought I would ask what your favorite dream Warcraft game or even just Blizzard game would be? For me, that game would be, if...
  18. Reznor

    Blizzard Campaign Mash-Up

    I had this idea when I was in the shower for a mashup of all the lores of the classic Blizzard games (Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo). The story I brainstormed is basically that the prime evils open a portal to hell in Northrend, allowing the demon armies to come out and set sail for Lordaeron...
  19. LionsBlood

    Major bug found with import manager.

    The checkbox for custom import path was removed, now i cannot change the pathing of my imports. It happened when I imported a whole folder of models/textures. Is there a way to reverse this? I have tried restarting the editor and everything besides actually reinstalling the game. If anyone knows...
  20. HerrDave

    New Update Moved the Editor

    Good news, the World Editor still exists, it's simply been moved. It seems the new update moved the World Editor and changed the way it works a bit. However, the old trick of making a folder called [War3.mpq] with a .txt file called UI containing a line which would enable you to make sharp...
  21. HateCrew

    My unity models

    Chaos Warlock.png something like this... and many models like it... soon for sale on unity store, watch out for rebirth studios :D DISCLAIMER no that model is not made with blizzard assets :D
  22. JustTom

    Ability Help (Non-channel Blizzard Applying Buff)

    I am working on a blizzard ability that doesn't require channeling. The ability works and deals the correct damage using dummy casts in the trigger; however, I cannot apply a cold buff consistently. The buff, Chilling Touch, only applies the very first time the ability is cast then never again...
  23. Marcraft22

    Warcraft 3 Legacy Installer (1.21b - 1.27a)

    Hi people, This year is being a very special one since Blizzard has shown renewed interest for the Warcraft 3 community, making up new game updates as well as giving continuous support for both the core game and the editor. Unfortunately, Blizzard does no longer distribute old versions of the...
  24. Payton Tate

    AoE Entangling Roots

    So, I've seen plenty of threads asking about this but I've never seen a thread actually explain how to do it, I had the idea of using the Blizzard ability and swapping out the slow effect with an Entangling Roots effect, and that seems to be what most people attempted. The roots will be applied...
  25. Marcraft22

    [Capture the Flag] [Isometric Shooter] Parsec: Orcs vs Humans (Alpha Released)

    Parsec is a multiplayer class-based 10v10 capture-the-flag game which takes advantage of the last features introduced in the patch 1.29, like the native mouselook function (instead of the traditional point and click gameplay), in order to create an unseen isometric shooter experience where skill...
  26. deepstrasz

    Hive melee maps for official ladder?

    Community, if melee maps made by our members would make it to Blizz ladder, which do you think would be the best? Please, post links of the melee maps you like best. Thanks. I'll start with some: I've also started threads on the official forums...
  27. diabloIIIROS

    Warcraft 3 Creates 2 of every folder and map!

    I got this problem when I put a map in the maps folder, then open Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT it creates another map/folder of it (makes the list really long). I got the game located in " This PC > Documents > Warcraft III Public Test ". The game used to be located my (D) drive but I moved it because...
  28. pyf

    When faulty detection routines in Antivirus software lead to bans

    Is it old news? Is it new news? Is it prophetic news? Is the post below about Diablo 2? About Warcraft 3? About any video game? Does said post make any sense at all? Is the one who wrote it a trusted source of information? ... ... ... you decide. Source
  29. BLazeKraze

    Blizzard icons large version.

    Aiiyyyoo guys, I don't know if this is the right section to ask about this thing. So guys, I'm exploring throughout the internet to find something useful to icon makers who wants to imitate or simply make a warcraftish icons. So I found one big icon from blizzard — Jaina icon. I don't know where...
  30. AndresMachado

    Warcraft 3 multi-player games hosting!

    Hey HIVE community, For everyone to know, my user on Battle.NET (oficial), is Ands737 and realm: US East. Add me there so we can play properly. Also, there's a party I've created for WC3 gaming purposes on EVOLVE for all the players that doesn't have a battle.net account. Add me on Evolve...
  31. Wardota2 Gamer

    Blizzard or Valve

    Blizzard or Valve ??????????????????????? Hello guys another thread by Wardota2 Gamer here and I have been thinking where you guys are inpired by there games such as Warcraft III which is made by Blizzard a game where you can creat make your own the game is disigned for you to learn how to...
  32. D

    StarCraft: Reborn Station

    Since we have no dedicated SC1 sub-forum, I figured I'd leave this here. I've had a bit of extra time this week and decided to revisit the SC1 editor and have a bit of fun with the old school easy-to-use tools. I ended up with this after 4 days of messing around. If you want some more...
  33. pyf

    Download StarCraft Anthology for free

    https://us.battle.net/shop/en/product/starcraft https://eu.battle.net/account/download?show=classic Quoting Blizzard and MajorGeeks.com: "StarCraft is a military science fiction media franchise set in the beginning of the 26th century, centering on a galactic struggle for dominance between...
  34. A Void

    Halloween Fun at Blizzard Entertainment

    Here at Blizzard, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! Costumed employees and their families trick or treat through the decorated halls and show off their creations. Below, we feature some of the epic costumed families as they visited this week and along with some of the great employee...
  35. A Void

    Goodbye, Battle.net! Hello... Blizzard

    Officially releasing with the original Diablo, Battle.net has been the staple service of Blizzard's catalogue of classic games since the late 90's - but its days are now numbered with Blizzard set to move on from the name in the new future. While its clear to have already happened with the...
  36. pyf

    StarCraft 1.17.0 Patch - Pre-release

    Disclaimer: all the info below is a CnP from bnetdocs.org, with additional small bits and pieces from teamliquid.net. This is not an official release yet. Use at your own risk. Make backups. These files were first spotted on July 22: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/broodwar/patches/PC/BW-1170.exe...
  37. Darkfish

    Request: Rocket Rain of Fire / Blizzard Projectile

    In the spells of Rain of Fire or Blizzard they have a model in the "Buffs" section which is just a singular projectile of a fire rock or ice chunk. I'd like a model that is something similar but instead, a rocket.
  38. xvarts