1. Epilogue, The Beginning of the End

    Epilogue, The Beginning of the End

    First scene of the campaign
  2. Josuke Fuyuhito V1

    Josuke Fuyuhito V1

    Just an edit I made to Kwaliti's Arthas model, decided to change Arthas's hair color to black. NOTE: This is not the final version, just testing so feel free to criticize.
  3. WC3SC1T01 "Wasteland"

    WC3SC1T01 "Wasteland"

    Test of the new voices for the footmen, peasants, and Arthas himself. Overall the map seems to be ready. Just an issue with the 4th music I can't seem to get solved yet.
  4. WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 2/3

    WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 2/3

    As its default unit now, I added plate armor sounds from several sources (and old games) to simulate the sound they'd make. If you think they sound too loud, do tell me, for I can lower them still. Oh and btw, the "F" in the sound file stands for "Footman" and not what you may've thought at first.
  5. WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 1/3

    WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 1/3

    New Arthas voice quotes made with Elevenlabs. Now they sound a lot closer to the original and a ton less like the stoner he kinda sounded like with Uberduck. The three variations are meant to be used at different stages of the campaign. Hope you don't mind a few swear words.
  6. Arthas_smile.png


    Me when Stratholme
  7. It Worked.

    It Worked.

    Once again, thank you Hive. This will be a fine Victory screen for the campaign.
  8. Rebel Yell - Wasteland

    Rebel Yell - Wasteland

    A more polished version of the map from before using the Warcraft 3 World Editor. And yes, Uther is meant to be Duke, as soon as I can find a good AI voice for him as well
  9. Rebel Purge - Wasteland (SC1 in WC3)

    Rebel Purge - Wasteland (SC1 in WC3)

    Trying the world editor after a few years, and a rather primitive AI voice generator tech.
  10. Omniknight for my Dota map

    Omniknight for my Dota map

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo can be found here: Repainted Arthas hair by me :))) Icon can be found here:
  11. Death Knight Arthas

    Death Knight Arthas

    Kwaliti's Arthas + Stefan K.'s DK Arthas's mount + Asssvis's Arthas hair XD
  12. What a Shame (WC3 / Deus Ex Mashup)

    What a Shame (WC3 / Deus Ex Mashup)

    A re-enactment of a classic scene from one of my favourite PC games, Deus Ex (2000). Credits listed here:
  13. cOMPARISON.png


    Should I upload him as an alternative for the HD death knight 🤔 he is already finished btw 😁
  14. evil arthas no helm

    evil arthas no helm

    for map
  15. SevLlanto

    The Culling of Stratholme / Before and After

    Without a doubt, this is one of the most emblematic and remembered missions in the game. A point of no return that marks not only the life of our protagonist, but of everyone around him. I tried to recreate the reforged wallpaper of these scenes before and after, with a bit of creative freedom...
  16. Arthas forging his destiny

    Arthas forging his destiny

    The Culling of Stratholme Reforged.
  17. Rebirth of Kel'Thuzad

    Rebirth of Kel'Thuzad

    Sylvanas became an unwitting witness of how her homeland perished and how the traitor of humanity, Kel'Thuzad, was resurrected. Also next to the fallen prince was the one responsible for the failure of the defense of Quel'Thalas - Dark'Khan.
  18. EnigmaX

    [Gallery/Unfinished] Arthas - Death Knight

    Polygons with- LQ skulls: 2620 HQ skulls: 3040 created by EnigmaX Project due date: 7/10/21 ~ Thanks for watching. [Gallery/Unfinished] Arthas - Maw Wanderer & Maw Escaper
  19. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition

    Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition "The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own. - Medivh (c)" OVERVIEW "The original Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Alliance campaign, completely redesigned into a tower defense genre. The inspiration came from Ironhide Studios' acclaimed series of games...
  20. mmljm123

    [HD/Texturing] Arthas' eyes

    Hi friends, We have the model of Arthas with Frostmourne. But I don't like his eyes personally. I remember that in Reforged beta, his eyes were similar to Arthas with hammer. So could you please change his eyes to normal human eyes like beta version? Please help me. Thank you!!
  21. Evil Arthas Mounted 2.gif

    Evil Arthas Mounted 2.gif

    Based on: Model posted at :
  22. Evil Arthas Mounted.gif

    Evil Arthas Mounted.gif

    Based on: Model posted at :
  23. Arthas Death Knight

    Arthas Death Knight

    Prince Arthas in all his terrifying majesty, the walking version and the Invincible version
  24. Asssssvi's Arthas model Makeover

    Asssssvi's Arthas model Makeover

    Just toyed in photoshop with a screenshot of his Arthas model:, tried to change the face proportions inspired by the face of Murlocogist's Arthas model:
  25. mmljm123

    [HD/Modeling] Arthas The Ashbringer

    We have already a variety of Arthas models, but I can't find Arthas with Ashbringer for Reforged. So could you please make model of Arthas The Ashbringer for Reforged? If possible, I want you to use model of Arthas with hammer to make Arthas The Ashbringer!! Actually, I don't like the model of...
  26. Med. MapGuy

    [Campaign] Mathias Chronicles II: Reckoning [Released]

    Hello! I'm currently working on the sequel to the Mathias Chronicles! Based on Savage Potato's Mathias Part II released way back in 2007, this is the next big single-player campaign by me, Med. MapGuy! This campaign concludes the rivalry between the steadfast Prince Mathias and the crafty...
  27. Guillimans

    Reforged: Death Knight Model

    Hey folks as the title suggests; I wish to put in the request for an alternative Death Knight model that is as clean shaven as Arthas with some minor cloak/armour/mount/weapon tweaks to differentiate. As the current ones are all Uther wannabes (I love Uther but I also love variety).
  28. BrothForMyPeople

    I need Space Arthas model.

    I once saw Arthas model with Marine skin but I can't find it now. Does it still exist in HWS database?
  29. W

    personal thoughts on Shadowlands: Bastion

    the path should be broadening the heart instead of the vengeance, guess this angel-like being asking for Uther to revenge after is not even an angel-like being herself. when Uther said "for justice" instead of for the vengeance he should free Arthas since the justice path is not to take people's...
  30. hugonh

    [Variety] Map

    I would like to know if its possible and suggest to add some neutral units, like a camp with some hero lvl 15 with massive heigh. Its boring always same units in neutrals, maybe randomize camps! Thanks!
  31. Arthas(WIP)


  32. BrothForMyPeople

    Arthas with Sword texture skin

    Where can I find it in casc view? I've found only 'Arthas' and 'Arthas1' files in 'textures' folder. The first one is Arthas with hammer, the second one is probably skin for 'Arthas with guitar' doodad.
  33. BuenosAiresOrcishClan

    Warcraft III: Avengers

    So, I was thinking (when Reforged comes out) to create some custom story (beggining from RoC) where 2 orcs, 2 humans and 2 night elves form a team like the Avengers. Who would you put as the starting 6? My choices are: Thrall, Grom, Arthas, Uther, Illidan & Tyrande. If you wanna throw some...
  34. Rare from XGM

    [Campaign] The last Guardian of Lordaeron

    Here I wanna present you my project, which I've been doing for almost one year. About me I'm a modmaker from Russia, there are many maps and campaigns in my portfolio. I decided to spread my audience and start translating my campaigns into English. This project will be my first step to...
  35. DatNeck


    I didn't know memes were allowed. Now I do. Hence, I made one xD
  36. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Battle for Azeroth

    Battle for Azeroth is a very heavily custom lore campaign that is designed to be the ultimate project of Team Nightfall as a replacement to Wrath of Kael'thas which was abandoned earlier.. "After the events of World of Warcraft - Legion and Sargeras' imprisonment; the cruel Void Lord...
  37. sagi5533

    [Campaign] Arthas Campaign - Orcs (Prologue)

    Hey guys, it has been more then 1 year since I've uploaded the Undead campaign and it takes me some time to work on the Orcs campaign.(work, study and other stuffs ) Just to let you know that I didn't forget you I've uploaded a video with the Prologue of the campaign so you guys could watch it...
  38. titans_zealot

    A curiosity about the lore (Fall of Silvermoon)

    In the Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos undead campaign "fall of Silvermoon" Sylvanas approaches your base early on when you start, and Kel'thuzad mentions that Sylvanas reminds him of Arthas (of course in a all knowing tone) and that they are both persistent. Now this could be just a little poke...
  39. Zektr

    [Campaign] Rise of Lordaeron

    Rise of Lordaeron Plot The kingdom of Lordaeron is in ruins. The Undead Scourge marches trough the land and destroys everything that stands in it's way. King Therenas is dead, Prince Arthas now belongs to the enemy and last heir of the throne, princess Calia Menethil, has been sent to safety...
  40. Yours Truly

    Arthas with no Cape

    Like the title says. I need someone to remove the cape from the Arthas model. Help will be appreciated :)
  41. Cuore

    Which one's the best Arthas model for you?

    Arthas as a human has been portrayed officially by a bunch of 3d models, and has spawned some official Blizz characters that draw massive inspiration from him: Mengsk Jr and Anduin are the closest ones. Which one of these best represents human prince arthas as you imagine him? (for the sake of...
  42. Arthaswip1


    The 10,000th arthas in thw. This is my Arthas. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Before God I swear this creed. My Arthas and I are the defenders of my country. So be it, until victory is Lordaeron's and there is no enemy. Based off of cinematic deathknight Very early phase of dev.
  43. Tokankh

    Talk animation of models

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english, I'm french. Not long ago, I've tried to remake a cinematic of Warcraft 3 with World Editor : But I have a problem, my models haven't a talk animation, so it's difficult to know who's speaking and I don't want to keep the cinematic interface. How can I...
  44. deepstrasz

    Easy to make Illidan skin please

    Hi you guys. I would really love it if someone could edit the Evil Illidan skin to add a cauterized cut on his right front chest. Here's where you can get the reference from: (0:40 onward). Note that in the video the wound is not cauterized/healed. I need it to look as if it's not bleeding...