1. fllwr9141

    [HD/Modeling] Reforged Model Fix - Night Elves Ancients Rooted attack animation

    Reforged Night Elves Ancients Rooted attacks like bad -- the attack reach appears less than Uprooted attack. Tree of Life/Age/Eternity is even worse -- Rooted attack reach appears much less and hit appears much weaker than Uprooted attack. One of the problem is that the Root/Uproot appearance...
  2. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] Adding a Slam animation to this custom Infernal model

    I'm not keen with adding animations, or transferring existing animation to a different model. Since I think any golem unit could have a slam attack/spell animation, I was wondering if anyone could transfer that animation to a similar-looking unit, the Infernal. But the compressed ZIP file...
  3. coconut

    [Solved] BROKEN ABILITY IN 1.34

    After patch 1.34 ability "breath of fire" now broken, anyone know how to fix it? I also advise you to check all other abilities
  4. Wc3 Tutorial

    do you want to learn how to animate? now its your chance!! i give free and Personal lessons of 3d animating in MDLVIS and/or 3ds max

    Hey Guys, iam Dennis or maybe you know me as Wc3 Tutorial. I offer you free lessons of animating for Warcraft 3 in MDLVIS and/or 3ds Max. I will teach you the basics of animations What a good Key Pose is. Iam gonna give you personal lessons, we can work over your Rig and correct bad Bone...
  5. J2Krauser

    Weird special effect behaviour change overnight

    Hi. So, this is sort of a weird one because I technically solved the issue already, I'm just trying to wrap my head around what's going on. We have these effects that have "no animations" or rather they have one single animation they play once. Real example is Thunder Clap; it claps once, done...
  6. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Channel animation looping indefinitely

    Hi. Keeping it short: Channel-based (ANcl) ability, Follow Through Time is set properly. But since there's a requirement for using it, it gets canceled at EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_CAST if the requirement is not met. This is done by ordering the unit to "stop" and that's all. This causes the...
  7. Angry Garthos.gif

    Angry Garthos.gif

    As promised here:
  8. Dancing Ogre

    Dancing Ogre

    My laptop died yesterday, on a borrowed laptop now and probably lost a map project I spent over 170hrs on So I made something funny to kill the time and cheer myself up a little
  9. Retera

    [3D Art] How to Add Gold/Lumber Animations to Any MDX

    How to Add Gold/Lumber Animations to Any MDX In this tutorial, we will describe how to add Gold/Lumber animations to any MDX file. Throughout the tutorial, let us try to do two models at once so that we can compare and contrast how this process may differ for a model that is a humanoid and a...
  10. Omduil

    Proper Art-Animation Parameters for Imported Models

    Hello people of the Hive. I was wondering if there is any easy way to line up the art animation parameters in the object editor (e.g. blend time, backswing, run speed) with an imported model's animations. Do these correspond to something I can view in say.. Magos' Editor? Is it something only...
  11. hbxycjx

    [HD/Modeling] Straight Back NE Archer Model Requested

    There are currently straight back versions of BE archer and ranger on forums and they look pretty nice. Pity I never find one of NE archer. I tried to duplicate the animations of BE archer to NE archer model, but the game just cannot load it normally. So I think I’ve got no alternatives but to...
  12. StonemaulMidget

    [HD/Modeling] Hanging Cage Door Misplacement

    Hello, this is StonemaulMidget, Just now, I've been at work making the authentic Hanging Cage, which is a pre-existing destructible housing orcs and humans and Lost Ones, so that the whole post moves forward carrying the cage with, and not just the main post acting like an arm piston and the...
  13. Stand Ready Animation

    Stand Ready Animation

    Finished Stand Ready animation of Qiraj hero.
  14. Animation Replication (Walk).gif

    Animation Replication (Walk).gif

    A similar venthyr run cycle animation with my custom made Qiraji Lord model
  15. Animation Replication (First Attempt).gif

    Animation Replication (First Attempt).gif

    Trying to replicate venthyr run cycle animation with my custom made Qiraji Lord model
  16. Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Stand Animation

    Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Stand Animation

  17. Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Attack Spell Animation

    Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Attack Spell Animation

    The Psychic Tower powers up its rods as it prepares to capture the minds of nearby enemies.
  18. Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Death Animation

    Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Death Animation

  19. Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Buildup Animation

    Psychic Tower - Edition 1.0: Buildup Animation

    Building... Construction complete!
  20. Animating with MdlVis featuring Ushiwakumaru

    Animating with MdlVis featuring Ushiwakumaru

    Them: MdlVis is an Obsolete platform, switch to a better one! Me: No, I don't think I will~
  21. Psychic Tower: Work in Progress № 9

    Psychic Tower: Work in Progress № 9

    It's finally spinning!
  22. Knight of Arsford

    Slower Animation

    I'm trying to make a bird critter based off the hawk. I wanted to make something that adds to the atmosphere just flying around the area. Thing is, I've downscaled the unit, gave it a 'slower' movement speed and it still flaps its wings like crazy and it's so unnatural, it ruins its primary...
  23. MrModify

    Rig & Animate Models w/ Blender

    How To Rig & Animate Models for use in Warcraft III This tutorial will show you how to rig and animate models for use in Warcraft 3 with Blender 2.79 using bones and keyframes. Necessary Files: Necessary Files Textures: (@2:00) Animation Names Warcraft 3...
  24. Cheshire

    changing Z orientation of model

    Hello there, I have 0 of modeling and wanted to know if the following is something very simple to do: I want to add animations to some of the models from the game - where everything is the same as the regular animations - just the whole model is lower down (a submerged version of the model for...
  25. Gray_Fox

    [Spell] Animation doesn't play for higher levels of spell.

    Hi, I'm making a spell based off cluster rockets. The animation for it plays fine whenever the spell is at level 1, however when upgraded to 2 or 3 the animation won't play anymore? I've tried playing the animation via a trigger but that doesn't seem to work either. Giving it to another Hero it...
  26. HerlySQR

    How can I make the model desapear inmediatly when I destroy it?

    I have the model and the Magos editing tool, now I wanna make the model when is destroyed it desapear inmediatly, because removing the death effect is not enough as whe is destroyed the model stays some seconds before desapear.
  27. master Gul'dan

    Birth animation

    Please add orc birth animation to Tower (Tower Defense) and Derivatives optimized version.
  28. Gumberbunbder

    Editing Model Rotation Messing Up Animation

    Hello. I know next to nothing about model editing. I was rotating some gate models so i could have vertical and other diagonal versions for buildings in my map and I ran into a problem. I rotated this gate: But its animations are screwed up now. For example here is the death alternate now...
  29. deamorta08

    30FPS Model Animation

    Hi, i recently just bought reforged. and noticed that the model animation kinda looks like lagging. at first i thought it was my pc. but the ui seems smooth to me so i assume it was the models framerate. was this intended? or maybe are there any fix for this?
  30. HerlySQR

    Unit not playing death animation

    I made a unit with this model Orb of Dragons but is not playing its death animation, I tried that of add death animation tag but still, what happens? that's because it has the locust ability?
  31. ThePoet

    Dota LoD Bugs since Reforged

    Hello Hive, This help request is intended for anyone who can fix, or can explain how to fix the following minor bugs in Defense of the Ancients - Legends of Dota (Dota LoD). Also, if anyone has access to an unprotected version of this map so that said bugs can be fixed, it would also be...
  32. The_Warchief

    A Few Dissipates

    So I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Retera's, particularly when working with Reforged models. While I know how to rig a simple dissipate anim in Magos with classic models, I can't seem to figure out a similar method for Reforged. If someone who is a little more savvy with these...
  33. DexterFstone


    Hi I download this model and create a morph ability but how to change unit animation "For clarity, the "Morph" animation is an all-purpose transformation, while Spell Gold/Lumber Alternate was meant to be used with triggers as individual transformations for their respective forms. Considering...
  34. FranzLiszt

    A precise guide about alternate animations

    Hi, I've searched on this forum (and somewhere on the net) about this, and I just find a lot of different information, not a complete guide. But everything I tried still doesn't work. So what can I read, precisely, about that? if I have a unit like this? MammothRider if there's a tremendously...
  35. Dispatcher

    Problematic WoW Dragon Animation. In Need Of Your Assistance!

    Hello guys Dispatcher here, Can anyone pls help me make animations for these WoW Dragons. I have compressed my problematic WoW Dragons in a .rar zip file inside is a total of eight dragons, each of them having different animation problems. I will be making this thread more DETAILED so ya'll...
  36. Wlarius

    Walk/run animations in cutscenes

    I need help figuring out how to have a unit walk to the next region instead of the default running. Many cutscenes do this, but the "walk" animation is not listed when viewing a model in WE. There is only one walk animation for units (apart from morph units), and it is the default running. I...
  37. Dispatcher

    Build Animation Bug on Forsaken Building

    Hello guys just a random question that's fit enough to be asked in this forum. Can anyone tell me why the Royal Laboratory model's build animation is bugged?
  38. Dispatcher

    Simple Dissipate Animation Request

    Hello hivers can someone pls Make this hero have a proper Dissipate Animation TBH this model looks a like a Hero more than a unit and can someone also remove it's "Decay Bone" AND "Decay Flesh" Thanks!
  39. Dispatcher

    Building Particle Emitter not showing up in game

    Hello guys i have created a build animation of a building that has no build animation and i have created it a Particle Emitter 2 and used the yellow star dim Texture and it shows up completely fine in the Magos editor but the only problem is that it does not show up in game which is quiet wierd...
  40. Dispatcher

    Help with Making Build Animation on Buildings

    Hello Guys i need help with my buildinbg build animation of this model here as you can see it is a draenei barrack by sillenesko (i think that was his name) and i made it's build animation but the "Stand","Death","Decay",Stand Work" are all messed up so can someone help me fix this problem i...
  41. Dispatcher

    Help With Building build Animation

    Hello guys i'm back i haven't been in touch with HW for i think about a week now so here i am with another Unit animation problem well..... not exactly a unit but a building as you can see in my thread title and what i have done is i made a build animation to a building using Magos editor and...
  42. InsaneMonster

    How to: Warcraft 3 Reforged Animated Portraits

    WARNING: This tutorial can be applied only to Warcraft 3 Reforged! GOAL To animate the portraits of any character, in any map, for any dialogue (consisting of a certain sound, a certain "spoken" text and a certain "speaker" name). Note that making a custom dialogue means to link togheter all...
  43. Cheshire

    blank animation

    Hi there, I have 0 knowledge of modeling, and am only asking this here bc it seems like it should be something super simple that even I should be able to do without getting deep into modeling. I have a unit model that I want to turn into a missile. all I want to do is add 1 animation sequence...
  44. Cheshire

    [Solved] attack animation - doesn't match sound

    hey, I'm having this issue with a custom model that the attack animation happens way before you hear the attack sound. how can I fix this? are there fields in the OE that deal with this, or would it help to switch the model onto a different base unit? thanks!
  45. Cheshire

    [Solved] unwanted channeling animation from raise dead

    hey there, I created a hero spell based on raise dead. everything works smoothly, but for some reason the caster keeps playing it's "spell" animation in a loop until it is issued a new order. I thought maybe changing the spell to be based on the item version would help, but it still happened. I...
  46. Henry_AC

    [Spell] Helps with model animations, to use on a specific spell

    Hello everyone! I use this model Mal'Ganis the Eternal One and I was trying to use the Berserk spell and by activating the spell I want you to use the following animations: -Slam Attack, Slam Attack 2, Slam Attack 3-. In Art-Animation Names, I wrote the following: attack, slam, 2, 3. But it...
  47. Macadamia

    [Solved] SetDestructableAnimationSpeed whoes !!! (Workaround found)

    Hello everyone ! For those who read my previous posts, it seems I can't get things to work as intended since I have tried to implement my "Torrefaction" custom spell. Don't get me wrong, it is actually working, and when the Balls or Flying Balls are roasting, the countdown progress bar I added...
  48. FSK

    How to activate a stand alterante animation?

    I tried putting 'stand alternate' in the string field for the 'Art--Required Animation Names' attribute for the object of interest (whose model has a 'stand alternate' animation I want to activate). Thanks.
  49. Macadamia

    [Solved] BlzPlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale ?

    Hello everyone ! As some might have read recently, I made a custom spell that changes my attacking creeps (Balls) into "Roasting" versions. As I could not transform the unit properly with changing animation as the portrait did not change (even with Chaos or other metamorphosis spells, I opted...
  50. Dispatcher

    Building Birth Animation

    Hello guys is there a way to change a birth animation of a building to a Teleport animation like the scroll of home town teleportation item? Do i have to use tools like Matrix Eater? If so can anyone pls tell me how to?