1. Knight of Arsford

    Slower Animation

    I'm trying to make a bird critter based off the hawk. I wanted to make something that adds to the atmosphere just flying around the area. Thing is, I've downscaled the unit, gave it a 'slower' movement speed and it still flaps its wings like crazy and it's so unnatural, it ruins its primary...
  2. M

    Rig & Animate Models w/ Blender

    How To Rig & Animate Models for use in Warcraft III This tutorial will show you how to rig and animate models for use in Warcraft 3 with Blender 2.79 using bones and keyframes. Necessary Files: Necessary Files Textures: (@2:00) Animation Names Warcraft 3...
  3. Ender Wiggins

    changing Z orientation of model

    Hello there, I have 0 of modeling and wanted to know if the following is something very simple to do: I want to add animations to some of the models from the game - where everything is the same as the regular animations - just the whole model is lower down (a submerged version of the model for...
  4. Gray_Fox

    [Spell] Animation doesn't play for higher levels of spell.

    Hi, I'm making a spell based off cluster rockets. The animation for it plays fine whenever the spell is at level 1, however when upgraded to 2 or 3 the animation won't play anymore? I've tried playing the animation via a trigger but that doesn't seem to work either. Giving it to another Hero it...
  5. HerlySQR

    How can I make the model desapear inmediatly when I destroy it?

    I have the model and the Magos editing tool, now I wanna make the model when is destroyed it desapear inmediatly, because removing the death effect is not enough as whe is destroyed the model stays some seconds before desapear.
  6. master Gul'dan

    Birth animation

    Please add orc birth animation to Tower (Tower Defense) and Derivatives optimized version.
  7. G

    Editing Model Rotation Messing Up Animation

    Hello. I know next to nothing about model editing. I was rotating some gate models so i could have vertical and other diagonal versions for buildings in my map and I ran into a problem. I rotated this gate: But its animations are screwed up now. For example here is the death alternate now...
  8. D

    Reforged 30FPS Model Animation

    Hi, i recently just bought reforged. and noticed that the model animation kinda looks like lagging. at first i thought it was my pc. but the ui seems smooth to me so i assume it was the models framerate. was this intended? or maybe are there any fix for this?
  9. HerlySQR

    Unit not playing death animation

    I made a unit with this model Orb of Dragons but is not playing its death animation, I tried that of add death animation tag but still, what happens? that's because it has the locust ability?
  10. ThePoet

    Dota LoD Bugs since Reforged

    Hello Hive, This help request is intended for anyone who can fix, or can explain how to fix the following minor bugs in Defense of the Ancients - Legends of Dota (Dota LoD). Also, if anyone has access to an unprotected version of this map so that said bugs can be fixed, it would also be...
  11. The_Warchief

    A Few Dissipates

    So I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Retera's, particularly when working with Reforged models. While I know how to rig a simple dissipate anim in Magos with classic models, I can't seem to figure out a similar method for Reforged. If someone who is a little more savvy with these...
  12. D


    Hi I download this model and create a morph ability but how to change unit animation "For clarity, the "Morph" animation is an all-purpose transformation, while Spell Gold/Lumber Alternate was meant to be used with triggers as individual transformations for their respective forms. Considering...
  13. F

    A precise guide about alternate animations

    Hi, I've searched on this forum (and somewhere on the net) about this, and I just find a lot of different information, not a complete guide. But everything I tried still doesn't work. So what can I read, precisely, about that? if I have a unit like this? MammothRider if there's a tremendously...
  14. Dispatcher

    Problematic WoW Dragon Animation. In Need Of Your Assistance!

    Hello guys Dispatcher here, Can anyone pls help me make animations for these WoW Dragons. I have compressed my problematic WoW Dragons in a .rar zip file inside is a total of eight dragons, each of them having different animation problems. I will be making this thread more DETAILED so ya'll...
  15. W

    Walk/run animations in cutscenes

    I need help figuring out how to have a unit walk to the next region instead of the default running. Many cutscenes do this, but the "walk" animation is not listed when viewing a model in WE. There is only one walk animation for units (apart from morph units), and it is the default running. I...
  16. Dispatcher

    Build Animation Bug on Forsaken Building

    Hello guys just a random question that's fit enough to be asked in this forum. Can anyone tell me why the Royal Laboratory model's build animation is bugged?
  17. Dispatcher

    Simple Dissipate Animation Request

    Hello hivers can someone pls Make this hero have a proper Dissipate Animation TBH this model looks a like a Hero more than a unit and can someone also remove it's "Decay Bone" AND "Decay Flesh" Thanks!
  18. Dispatcher

    Building Particle Emitter not showing up in game

    Hello guys i have created a build animation of a building that has no build animation and i have created it a Particle Emitter 2 and used the yellow star dim Texture and it shows up completely fine in the Magos editor but the only problem is that it does not show up in game which is quiet wierd...
  19. Dispatcher

    Help with Making Build Animation on Buildings

    Hello Guys i need help with my buildinbg build animation of this model here as you can see it is a draenei barrack by sillenesko (i think that was his name) and i made it's build animation but the "Stand","Death","Decay",Stand Work" are all messed up so can someone help me fix this problem i...
  20. Dispatcher

    Help With Building build Animation

    Hello guys i'm back i haven't been in touch with HW for i think about a week now so here i am with another Unit animation problem well..... not exactly a unit but a building as you can see in my thread title and what i have done is i made a build animation to a building using Magos editor and...
  21. InsaneMonster

    [Misc] How to: Warcraft 3 Reforged Animated Portraits

    WARNING: This tutorial can be applied only to Warcraft 3 Reforged! GOAL To animate the portraits of any character, in any map, for any dialogue (consisting of a certain sound, a certain "spoken" text and a certain "speaker" name). Note that making a custom dialogue means to link togheter all...
  22. Ender Wiggins

    blank animation

    Hi there, I have 0 knowledge of modeling, and am only asking this here bc it seems like it should be something super simple that even I should be able to do without getting deep into modeling. I have a unit model that I want to turn into a missile. all I want to do is add 1 animation sequence...
  23. Ender Wiggins

    [Solved] attack animation - doesn't match sound

    hey, I'm having this issue with a custom model that the attack animation happens way before you hear the attack sound. how can I fix this? are there fields in the OE that deal with this, or would it help to switch the model onto a different base unit? thanks!
  24. Ender Wiggins

    [Solved] unwanted channeling animation from raise dead

    hey there, I created a hero spell based on raise dead. everything works smoothly, but for some reason the caster keeps playing it's "spell" animation in a loop until it is issued a new order. I thought maybe changing the spell to be based on the item version would help, but it still happened. I...
  25. Henry_Cast

    [Spell] Helps with model animations, to use on a specific spell

    Hello everyone! I use this model Mal'Ganis the Eternal One and I was trying to use the Berserk spell and by activating the spell I want you to use the following animations: -Slam Attack, Slam Attack 2, Slam Attack 3-. In Art-Animation Names, I wrote the following: attack, slam, 2, 3. But it...
  26. Macadamia

    [Solved] SetDestructableAnimationSpeed whoes !!! (Workaround found)

    Hello everyone ! For those who read my previous posts, it seems I can't get things to work as intended since I have tried to implement my "Torrefaction" custom spell. Don't get me wrong, it is actually working, and when the Balls or Flying Balls are roasting, the countdown progress bar I added...
  27. freesouthkorea

    How to activate a stand alterante animation?

    I tried putting 'stand alternate' in the string field for the 'Art--Required Animation Names' attribute for the object of interest (whose model has a 'stand alternate' animation I want to activate). Thanks.
  28. Macadamia

    [Solved] BlzPlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale ?

    Hello everyone ! As some might have read recently, I made a custom spell that changes my attacking creeps (Balls) into "Roasting" versions. As I could not transform the unit properly with changing animation as the portrait did not change (even with Chaos or other metamorphosis spells, I opted...
  29. Dispatcher

    Building Birth Animation

    Hello guys is there a way to change a birth animation of a building to a Teleport animation like the scroll of home town teleportation item? Do i have to use tools like Matrix Eater? If so can anyone pls tell me how to?
  30. Dispatcher

    Help With Tree Animation

    Can anyone pls fix this tree Crannies Snow/y and Winter And this tree Crannies Summer and Fall To be just a normal tree I don't want the rock part behind those trees i just want the trees so can anyone pls edit that and i also want the trees to have a proper animation of a normal tree as in the...
  31. Dispatcher

    Unit Talk Portrait

    How do i make a talk animation on a unit portrait when the unit talks?
  32. Ender Wiggins

    [Spell] adding spell animation before effect, progress bar

    hey, this should be super simple but I can't get it to work. I'm trying to make a spell thats like charm but on buildings, and only comes into effect and changes the ownership of the building after a minute of channeling. the ability itself was easy to setup based on charm, but i can't figure...
  33. master Gul'dan

    Animation edit

    Please change attack -1 animation to spell and change spell animation to attack -1. Thanks.
  34. Tom_Almighty1

    Disable Ability Animations

    Guys is there a way to disable ability animations? Like how Windwalk or Beserk does, no animation. I am using 1.31.
  35. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Two headed unit (=+1 head import) and water doodad animation slow - please

    So I tried to import and fuse a head from one WoW model to another with little success. I need the imported head to act somewhat in tandem with the original one like how the two headed ogres act. The issue is it looks weird and the head acts as if it weren't attached because of its animations...
  36. urachi

    Reforged Doodad (Wall Door) Opening Animation

    Any idea on how to make the model: Wall Door (Tilesets: Cityscape, Dalaran, Dalaran ruins), that comes along with the new castle wall models, have an <open door> animation trigger? My guess would be that there is no animation yet and you'd have to make one by yourself via the model editor.
  37. majistey

    Animating in Blender

    After following Fingolfin's guide which includes a link to an MDL exporter for Blender, I only have one problem: exporting a model with animations quite frankly doesn't work. Is there a way to properly animate in Blender for Warcraft III models? If not, what are my alternatives? Can I import a...
  38. InsaneMonster

    [General] Tree animation missing in-game

    Hi everyone, I was playing around in the World Editor and noticed trees animations are actually there and showed up both inside model preview and when placed on the terrain itself. However, there is no way that I've found to make them play such animations in game. I am dumb or it's somehow bugged?
  39. TastyBamboo

    Animating a Texture (like blinking eyes)

    How do you animate a texture like blinking eyes on a model? Specifically, I have a model that I convert in Blender from an SMD to a MDL. I add the regular animations and textures and tags. It looks okay. But how do I animate something consistently looping like flickering fire or blinking eyes...
  40. Diegoit

    Show/Hide model parts in X anims

    Hello ppl, im here today to see if some1 could pls tell me how can i do this. Show/Hide model parts in X anims Example: Peasants gold bags, they r just showed if the Peasant is tagged as Gold Help pls
  41. venger07

    Devil Wings Animation

    Hi there! It's been a while since I posted a request here in Hive and I wish someone could help me with adding animation on this model. It would be really cool to have this model animated similar to the game in MU. Any help would be very much appreciated! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  42. DanmakuUmineko

    [General] Dummies using models with no animation names have become invisible

    It's as the title says. I'm making a map, and I've used a dummy with the locust ability and given to them the model of the death animation for naga buildings (the water splash). I've made an ability that creates this dummy, and they weird thing is that it worked. It used to work. The model was...
  43. The Grumpy Hobbit

    Current modelling meta

    Hello there Hive community. I have returned after a long time back to modelling and wanted to ask you what programs do you use for texturing, because Magos World Editor does not work anymore with the 1.3 patch file storage pattern and in which program do you animate models? I currently use...
  44. S

    [General] Can I use a building construction animation for a mine unit model?

    I would like to use the night elf building construction model for a disease cloud based land mine spell. If I set the mine unit's model equal to tree of life for example, it will play the birthing animation for the length of the animation before turning into the finished structure model...
  45. Thiiago

    Gryphon Rider grounded

    Can someone add to an Stand and Walk animation from wolf (timber wolf.. spirit wolf.. any wolf...) on Gryphon Rider ? ps: don't need delete the normal flying stand / walk animations of gryphon rider.
  46. xYours Trulyx

    Walking animation problem

    So I made an edit of a model where he uses an axe instead of a ball and chain. The walk animation does not suit the axe, because it appears as if he's using it as a cane. I wanted to make it look like he's dragging the axe, but I'm very bad at it and the result is very jittery. I'm hoping...
  47. master Gul'dan

    Talk animation

    Hey Please add original wc3 blood elf worker talk animations to ujimasa hojo blood elf and high elf worker. Model link: Worker (Elf) and Derivatives
  48. xYours Trulyx

    [SOLVED] Add a death animation to this model.

    Hey. I need this aura model to have a death animation. Right now, it stays visible even after it dies/destroyed. Help will be greatly appreciated. ( The model creator, Daelin, has not been online for over a year. )
  49. blanabasjim

    Add animations to tree request (please!)

    I tried myself and I somehow just ended up changing the model to the other tree as well? o.O This tree is breathtaking and I think everyone on Hive could benefit from this as well! Not sure if you need and MDL or MDX so here's both lol!
  50. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Wall End Lantern fire off request + gate doors direction switch

    Hey, sorry for the trouble. Is there a way to make gates open their doors in the other direction than in the game's default which is facing south? I assume the models have to be rotated in a model editor somehow? For the second request, there's this structure doodad which doesn't have any fire...