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[HD/Modeling] Reforged Model Fix - Night Elves Ancients Rooted attack animation

Level 3
Nov 11, 2021
Reforged Night Elves Ancients Rooted attacks like bad -- the attack reach appears less than Uprooted attack.
Tree of Life/Age/Eternity is even worse -- Rooted attack reach appears much less and hit appears much weaker than Uprooted attack.

One of the problem is that the Root/Uproot appearance changed.
  • In classic, Rooted Ancients are scaled larger, and attack animation sway their body with a larger extent, so the attack reach looks good.
  • In reforged, Rooted Ancients have the same size as Uprooted form, but mounted to a large footing. The new Morph animation looks OK, but:
    • Ancients except Tree of Life:
      The attack animation is similar (or same?), but with the large footing and elevated height, the attack reach looks poorer and usually looks that the arms does not reach the target.
    • Tree of Life/Age/Eternity:
      Rooted Trees attack animation is changed to horizontal arm swing, which is horrible compared to Uprooted attack -- much less attack reach, and the hit looks really weak.

Could anyone please fix the Rooted attack animation in the classic way?
Ancients except Tree of Life: Similar attack animation, but larger body sway to somewhat compensate the footing.
Tree of Life/Age/Eternity: Similar to Uprooted attack animation with a larger body sway.