animation help

  1. Dord96

    [Spell] victory stand spell

    hello i want to use the victory stand animation for some spells but when i do it after the spell is dun the unit countinu to loop the victory stand is there some thing in the trigers to help with this ?
  2. Santiago Astor

    Reforged Animated Portraits

    Hi! I made this test map following InsaneMonster's tutorial about Reforged's speaking portraits. In the map, I tried to make a custom model based on Grom Hellscream to move his mouth when speaking, but I just can't get it to work and I'm doing my best to follow every step properly T_T The test...
  3. BallsSucker

    Alchemist animations pikes and cloud.

    Hello. Going streight to the grain: MAIN 2 QUESTIONS 1.- How could I find the "animations" of the alchemist PURP contour from reforged and the peaks from the morph classic alchemist (both in photos): 2.- I know how to extract on retera, but the MAIN problem is that I don't know if those are...
  4. vindorei

    Need help with building model animations

    I made this chapel model with TC for my Gilneas Worgen map, but I don't know how to add decent birth\death\damaged animations to it, can someone show me the way? tutorial link or direct answer is much appreciated!
  5. Omduil

    Proper Art-Animation Parameters for Imported Models

    Hello people of the Hive. I was wondering if there is any easy way to line up the art animation parameters in the object editor (e.g. blend time, backswing, run speed) with an imported model's animations. Do these correspond to something I can view in say.. Magos' Editor? Is it something only...
  6. TheBarmyBrit

    Model unable to animate, please help

    I am new to modelling for Warcraft 3 after years of experience with Blender. I managed to import the model just fine, however, I am unable to transfer animations to the model, nor work out how to animate it from scratch. Can anyone please direct me to how to do either of these, please assist me...
  7. prizraknadache

    Model Stretching if convert from MDL to MDX

    Hello! I ripped some models from Heroes 7, and when i save them in mdl with NeoDex in 3dsmax 2017, they look perfect, but have a quite big file size. So, when i try to convert in to mdx the animation starts strethcing out. I meet that error before, but don't remember how i did fixed that...
  8. master Gul'dan

    Animation edit

    Please add priest's portrait animations to peasant wretched model.
  9. DexterFstone

    help to use model

    Hi I Download Ember forge model but I don't how to use on animations plz help
  10. FSK

    How to activate a stand alterante animation?

    I tried putting 'stand alternate' in the string field for the 'Art--Required Animation Names' attribute for the object of interest (whose model has a 'stand alternate' animation I want to activate). Thanks.
  11. Edeias

    [Import] Custom Model doesnt move

    Hello there. I hope, this post is in the right section. Im really not sure... Anyway: I have been working with the Reforged World Editor for some time now, and have decided to use custom skins. Most I have found here would replace the normal model, but I would like to have both in the same map...
  12. Rykon-V73

    Problem with walking dragon model

    Made 4 units using the walking dragon model. 2 of them fly and 2 of them are on the ground. To make the ground version, I added: Art - Required Animation Names stand,alternate While the ground versions move and attack perfectly, when they cast a spell, they revert to...
  13. blanabasjim

    Stag attack animation plays once then bugs

    So in the reforged editor the Stag Critter has attack animations, and if I set him up to attack while computer controlled he’ll do his animation once, then just sort of t-poses and continues attacking but the animations are bugged I guess? Is this just a bug with reforged? There should be a...
  14. Otherknownoise

    Protrait Animation Problem

    Hi. I was trying to add protrait animation to original firepit model by War3ModelEditor. I saw the animation played normally but there's only one animation for unit and protrait in the game, I don't know how to fix it.
  15. Tyross

    Unwanted Birth Animations

    [Solved] For those that are reading this because you googled it and had a similar problem; The animations could be called using JASS code without the unwanted birth animations; call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(udg_Unit_Animation, 2) where udg_Unit_Animation is a variable set on casting and 2...
  16. Antar36

    I need help with model (animation)

    I need help with animation model. The Skull mask is not with head all the time. It's just running away. Especially during the animation of death. When all the time is in the air, not next to the face. I want to improve all the animations, but I do not know why I am asking for help. I used...
  17. master Gul'dan

    Animation summoner

    Summoner hero: Please add hero glow and dissipate sea witch animation to naga Summoner model.
  18. chongoyuto

    Animation of a Skill in an Enemy

    Hello, I am new in this forum and hope that they help me to solve a problem. The point is that I want to achieve that the enemy reproduces an animation on having been affected by a skill or buff. Example Paladin uses " Ties you air " in a Hero, this hero reproduces the animation "Walk". I hope...
  19. Mekanical

    How to play "Spell" animation when harvesting gold on haunted mine

    [PROBLEM SOLVED] I made a custom worker based on acolyte but the model doesn't have the "Stand Work Gold" animation, so it harvest gold but does nothing except the stand animation on the haunted mine. My goal is to play the "Spell" animation of this unit instead ... First, I tried to add the...
  20. Mandriel

    Add Building animation?

    How do I add a building animation to a building that doesn't have it? Adding the undead construction animation to the Demon Gate for example. I have the Model Editior installed if that helps.
  21. Mandriel

    Stuck in animation, animation keeps looping

    I am making a map with custom races and uses Medivh as one of the heroes. I want to use "Stand First" as his spell animation, but whenever he casts spells (unless he attack or is given any other orders directly afterwards) he is stuck in that animation. It keeps looping. Any idea how I can make...
  22. BossGengar

    Animation help

    Alright, I'm pretty sure there is a general answer for this. Alright I want some bones/geosets to shrink and then disappear altogether in an animation. I've seen it on other models on this site. What's a good way to do this?
  23. Nebilac

    Corpse moving to the center of the map

    I decided to try out editing models for the hell of it. All went fine until I tried it out in World Editor. Only problem is that when the unit dies, its fleshy corpse disappears and teleports to the center of the map. But the corpse isn't actually there, since when I do Raise Dead, it will spawn...
  24. BossGengar

    Birth and Death animations for Skeletal Felguard

    Hey! I have a poll on my Skeletal Felguard thread regarding adding a traditional skeleton birth and death animation for the model. The majority said yes, and I was hoping I could get an animator to add these animations. If someone could do it that'd be great! :D
  25. NelsonLaJe

    Add Animation

    Someone can add a Cannibalize Animation on this 2 models?
  26. Abelhawk

    Some questions on animation

    I have a few questions I've never been able to answer for myself all these years of working on Warcraft III maps. I've made workarounds, but I think it's time to answer them once and for all. Sorry if there's already a tutorial on this somewhere on here; I couldn't find one. The questions are...
  27. Mister_Haudrauf

    Animation Help

    Hey guys and girls, Question: Is it possible for a unit to use the 'bone_turret' trick the cannon tower uses? I'm basically trying to create a Chariot: One leads the horse while another unit attacks with a crossbow.