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Alchemist animations pikes and cloud.

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Level 3
Nov 5, 2021
Hello. Going streight to the grain:


1.- How could I find the "animations" of the alchemist PURP contour from reforged and the peaks from the morph classic alchemist (both in photos):
2.- I know how to extract on retera, but the MAIN problem is that I don't know if those are animations, part of textures (don't seem to) or wtf are they.


I converted the reforged model to classic, but I can't put the purp effect it has on reforged, and it seems not to be integrated with the textures.
For the pickes I can't find what and where are located either, because what I want to do is to have the already converted reforged model in classic with the purp cloud and to add the classic peaks going out and in to the model.

Thank you very much for your important help, really anything can help. If something is missunderstood write it down so I can reply to you.


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