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  1. Acolite333

    Help understanding AI and creating custom Scripts

    So I was looking at a few different guides and tutorials on how to create a custom AI for games, and I really want to make my own little mini campaign in Reforged for my friend and I to play. The only problem is I am a complete novice when it comes to AI scripts and a lot of the guides that I'm...
  2. master Gul'dan

    [Trigger] New map

    Hi friends, I need testers to test my new map to find its problems. It isn't complate version. Also, if anyone would like to help me in making ai for it please send message for me.
  3. SenPie69

    Help for an AI sample of map? (similar to moba's)

    i know, pardon my audacity...but im not the type to create/learn from scratch without someone's material references (i copied this sample map of this guy a a year ago [oct] and it detects the AI's but the AI doesn't seems to work) oh also i revamp my own way after using this as reference~ im...
  4. master Gul'dan

    [Script] AI

    Hi friends Please make an ai for this map March of the Scourge, for player 2 human. thanks.
  5. ElderTreant

    [JASS] How to get location of ally's army

    Hi guys, I'm going to make AI stick together by lead them to other ally's army. I have made every unit of AI follow their army or their heroes. It worked pretty good. set u = FirstOfGroup(g) ...... // Follow their army call IssuePointOrder(u, "move", GetLocationX(army_loc[main_army])...
  6. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [AI] Turret AI works well most of the time but freezes now and then?

    Hello all, I'm most of the way there on this one, but I can't quite figure out the last bit. My map is similar to League of Legends - there are lanes that you go down, destroying turrets on the way. Like League of Legends, I want the turrets' AI to prioritize attacking minions/non-hero units...
  7. Xrytos

    Custom AI stops working partway through map

    Hello all, this is my first post on hiveworkshop so bear with me. I'm trying to create AI for a map i'm making with a simple JASS script, and controlling it through commands in the GUI. Here is the section of the script that controls the attack behavior: And here is the trigger that tells...
  8. Basti

    [Trigger] Creep Spawn System. Problem: Units fleeing from the Lane

    Hey everybody, I had some time to experiment with lanes etc and I used the tutorial of DoOs_101 and played around with it a bit. here is the Link: Multiple Creep Spawn System I only did the code for one lane to test it and will do the others afterwards. Basically it should become a castle...
  9. matin45

    [General] AI

    Hello, I want to create a AI for my map Battle Lines that you can find it's link below my post in signature, but I don't know what I want, I can create a fully random card casting for it, it's very simple but it's really good? I hear your suggestions
  10. Koko Kwikwak


    can someone help me to do a trigger that makes an ai to choose my custom hero in altars from melee game???? please help me, I'm a sore loser...
  11. EmpressKerrigan

    How to fix melee ai acting randomly

    I have been working on a custom map that uses normal Ai enemies, the undead and the orcs, and aside from running melee ai script for all computer players, i have not touched the ai in any way, and all i have given them is starting towers and a unit or two. whenever i test or play the map...
  12. Epic Producer

    [General] AI help

    Recently I started working on my campaign and cant seem to figure out how to do Attack Waves, also the building order. I have read maybe ALL the tutorials but I cant figure out how ;-;. +REP The Campaign is attached, and I dont know how to do attack waves. The AI i have worked on is on The Map...
  13. InSaNe_97

    [General] JASS, I need help for simple AI.

    Greetings. I am learning JASS so I need a bit of help. I am asking public to make Me a simple AI in JASS. That way I will be able to much easier understand things and finish My map. AI: 1. B and A in 180 r. while B is running "2" |then| Order B to attack A for 2s *. 2. B and C in 140 r. |then|...
  14. BalanceDruid7

    How do I turn off AI targeting

    AI targets the lowest attacking enemy in range. How do I turn it off? Trigger "Malee Game - Run malee AI scripts" doesn't help. Don't see anything in AI Editor either. Any ideas?
  15. jk4t63p4f


  16. FreeReign121

    [General] How to access original campaign map AI?

    I opened up one of the Reign of Chaos maps " Orc 03: Cry of The Warsong" in world editor. I would like to study and potentially tweak the AI in this map. But I don't know how to access the AI script listed in the trigger editor using the AI editor.
  17. Mandriel

    How to make Computer use Custom skills?

    How do I make the AI use custom skills for both units and heroes?
  18. Mandriel

    AI Workers won't enter gold mines

    I am making a map with Custom races, one of them is Naga. I altered the Night Elves to make them. However the Night Elf workers; the wisps, can't use a gold mine before it's entangled. The Mur'gul Slaves can. But since I have basically only altered the Wisp's model file to the Mur'gul Slaves the...
  19. yram44

    Channeling Ability to cast?

    Hi i have a question?? 1. Can custom channeling abilities cast by the ai with triggers? Because i have some spells that i can make the computer ai heroes to cast. I only change their base spells. But almost all my custom channel spells cannot be casted by the ai, even though i change their...
  20. Darkmace100

    AI spell order

    Ok so i have a little problem with the AI. I managed to make them level up custom abilities(based on existing ones) using this: (picture is down it failed to use the link) It works just fine and they do use the abilities but i would like to change the order in which they level them because as...
  21. Yusuf123

    [AI] AI Trigger help?

    How to load a melee AI for an enemy computer team in a campagin? So i tried running the map via campaign and there's no AI, when enmy units stumble upon an enemy they just auto-attack, they don't use spells or items. I tried running the map on its own and the melee ai works. So how do i load a...
  22. Cheezeman

    [General] Give more CPU time to certain player?

    Hey. I got a problem with my map. There's a computer controlled player that handles all the enemies. The game regulary spawns in units for this player. If my user-controlled players can't kill them fast enough, they can grow quite numerous. When there are around 100 enemy units on the map...
  23. ElderTreant

    How to disable AI reinforcement

    Hi guys, I have just known AMAI and I very enjoyed it. With this amazing tool, I can custom AI strategies and AI behaviors. Now I have my own Warcraft AI battle. One thing still annoying from the original is AI reinforcement. When the AI fail a battle, they will send their troop to that...
  24. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    HELP :(

    By any chance could someone possibly work with me collab or just give me a couple of pointers on making like a rpg map with triggers and making enterable houses,dungeons,caves guard AI balanced leveling and xp system the whole general idea behind it is that all the franchise characters from...
  25. Mr. Ozil

    [Trigger] Why is my AI not creeping?

    I've been trying to get an AI-controlled hero to farm creeps within a contained region for a while. Here is my latest failed attempt and I don't see why the trigger is broken. Farming Central New Copy Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Central Creeps <gen> contains...
  26. Mr. Ozil

    [Solved] AI Hero to pick up items

    First post and a I'm a bit of a mapmaking noob so bear with me. I want my AI controlled enemy hero "Black Arrow" to pick up items/power ups etc. while farming creeps in my slightly sloppy, highly improvised single player DOTA style map. I don't know how to get Black Arrow to wait until the end...
  27. twojstaryjakcie

    [Trigger] Help with AI for my map

    Okay, so I've been working on a simple map and it's an income based strategy with rewards for killing enemy units. It's for 2-4 players and it's a FFA scenario. The problem is, I can't work out how to make an AI script that lets Computer player make units and fight. It's a WiP, but I don't want...
  28. VileBishop

    Some help with the AI

    Hello there, For some time now I've been working on a simple idea, and it wants to include basic AI Take for example Reign of Chaos Orc campaign Chapter 3, each faction sends groups of units that alternate in size to attack the player or another computer player, then if a computer dies then the...
  29. NetherDragon

    [General] Need help for custom races, also AI

    So here is the problem: i created "custom" races for the ai to control, i used the ai editor for this. They worked almost flawlessly, but that was because i used default stuff, slightly modified. So the races that did manage to work were: high elves, chaos orcs and corrupt elves. But then i...
  30. Nowow

    [Solved] Movement trigger problems

    Hello everyone, I've been scratching my head at this problem for a while: In this paste there's a test map for an AI script and some auxiliary triggers. In the map, blue player is supposed to act in a similar way to Illidan's player in the last TFT mission, i.e. blue player's paladin is going...
  31. sarumanthecursed

    Creating an Ai for a Custom race

    Hey all >:D As the title suggest I would like to know how to create a fully working custom ai for my Nerubian race (I know this endeavor would be done over night), However I have absolutely no idea on where to start I've checked out the Ai editor but my race's training system is unique so i'm...
  32. PrinceYaser

    An AI maker needed

    Hello guys! I really need an AI maker for my campaign. This will be a great help for me and I will give you reputation as far as I can and will be credited, also his name will be on this campaign forever. So, help me guys with your AI making knowledge! Waiting for your replies...
  33. DarkZorua8000

    AI for Naga

    Hi there how can i add a custom AI to Naga ??? just asking
  34. eats humans

    [Unsolved] Creating a Bully-AI system

    I have been working on a certain project for some time now. The primary problem is AI. Background--- ever played kodo tag in wc3? ever wonder why it was never ported over to sc2? well, it's because the AI works differently, and the 'bugs' exploited in that game, in order to create the...
  35. Homor

    Recruiting AI programmer for Scarlet Crusade Map

    Hi all. I'm here because I need some help from a kind person. I'm the author of "Scarlet Crusade: The Finest Hour." It's a map I'm really proud of, but the one thing I've never been happy with is the lack of enemy AI. I can't do AI for shit, and it would be great if someone would help up setting...