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Zandalari Throne of War

"Zandalar forever!"

My entry for the 35th Modeling Contest

A fearsome devilsaur mounted by a crew of trolls and a massive ziggurat-ballista.
This unit was designed as an endgame techtree-topper. It has a built-in portrait, several spell animations, and two sets of attacks (melee and ranged). Also included is a missile model for the ranged attack.
The mesh is modeled from scratch in Sketchup (sans the batrider geosets). Wrapped and animated in MdlVis and Magos. Uses in-game textures.

Art - Animation - Blend Time 0.15
Art - Animation - Cast Backswing 0.550
Art - Animation - Cast Point 0.600
Art - Death Time 2.30
Art - Projectile Impact Z 200
Art - Projectile Launch Y - 30
Art - Projectile Launch Z 270
Art - Required Animation Names - Attachments large
Art - Shadow Image - Center X 160
Art - Shadow Image - Center Y 160
Art - Shadow Image - Height 390
Art - Shadow Image - Width 390
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Backswing Point 0.550
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Damage Point 0.600
Combat - Attack 1 - Range 160
Combat - Attack 2 - Animation Backswing Point 0.700
Combat - Attack 2 - Animation Damage Point 0.600
Movement - Speed Base 220

Hand Left/Right - the devilsaur's hands
Foot Left/Right - the devilsaur's feet
Chest - the devilsaur's chest
Head - the devilsaur's head
Weapon - the devilsaur's jaws
Mount Left/Right - the commander's hands
Rear Left/Right - the riders' chests

As always, everything is open source, feel free to modify to your liking. Credits will do fine.

Zandalari Throne of War (Model)

Zandalari Throne of War Missile (Model)

General Frank
A beautifully opulent model with lots of details, great use of in-game textures and good animations. Works in-game. Great job.
Level 15
Sep 26, 2007
Whoa...! Who does this dark-skinned and red-eyed T-Rex remind you of? Me, actually! Well, only when I was using my previous pseudonymous dino avatars... and they were all Giganotosaurus, not Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Anyway, I really loved this "big bad boy". Hmm... I might even use him. Keep up with the outstanding work, @frostwhisper! It's because of you amazing modelers (especially @General Frank, @Tauer, @bakr, and many other highly talented modelers), who create high quality models, that I'm slowly returning to campaign-making for Warcraft III (I still have to revamp my whole ten-year-old-abandoned campaign), therefore I wish to thank you all for inspiring me!
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Level 10
Mar 16, 2013
So epic! Love that there are attachment points on the riders as well 👏
By any chance please do a wild Devilsaur hehe


Media Manager
Level 49
May 25, 2007
Can you make a demo map where you show off the best way to utilize this model as a unit?
Sure, have a look at the testmap I used when making the model.

By any chance please do a wild Devilsaur
I'll release an unmounted version once the contest concludes.


  • ToW_TestMap.w3x
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