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  • Please use the yellow Edit button at the bottom of your posts and add text there instead of writing one post after another of yours unless it's an important update.
    You have my permission to use my jackal model in whatever way you want - but just so you know, the "weapon" attachment point was not meant for the actual weapon. That is what the hand attachment is for. The weapon attachment is for the custom muzzle flare which i attached to the model thread. It is also important that the weapon and shield are attached to the right arms, since the "hand, left" attachment is located at the middle of the arm, where the shield is supposed to be.
    You know what? I am so infernally tired of your nagging that i am going to do something i've never done before: i am linking you every single halo-related resource i ever made. Some of them are crap, some might be unanimated or unusable, but i'll let you judge. Here is the link.
    I do have a custodian! And also a covenant com node antenna and supply box. I think i might have sent them earlier. Also there is the big pack of doodads and stuff which i sent to the UTM team, if you don't already have it, i can send you that too. As far as unit models go, i have a half-finished warthog (complete except no anims and no crew) and an Elite with only a stand and walk anim (and the walk anim is pretty wonky). Some day i will finish my brute and marine aswell, but it is nowhere near finsihed
    doesn't matter about the quality just about the size of the model, i only have 1 mb left to spend.
    oh, sure thing! :)
    Do you know how to do model editing?
    I think I might have something, though not anything as good as the powerplant model. Hold on.
    You have my permission. How you want to make it work depends on what tool you are using for modeling.
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