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Yamato Armoured Vehicles (And bonus)

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The Lore

Kyushu Tank
The Type 4 Kyushu light tank forms the bulk of the Yamato's tank battalions. Developed with speed and firepower in mind, the Kyushu is a formidable vehicle and its autocannon is versatile against a plethora of ground and air targets.

Kaizen Tank
The Type 6/7 Kaizen medium tank was developed to replace the Kyushu light tank. With superior armor and armaments, the combat tank can fit many roles. High cost, complicated manufacture and intense training made a widespread adoption near impossible. Nowadays the Kaizen serves at defending key locations.

Daimyo Tank
A command tank by its true definition, the Type 9C Daimyo heavy command tank is a rare sight on modern battlefields. Quite speedy for its degree of armor, the tanks primary objective is to observe the battlefield and relay commands to troops. Weaponry encompass a medium cannon and a pair of anti-air rocket pods.

Kazoku Tank
This high-tech hybrid tank/artillery vehicle forms the pinnacle of plasma generating technology. Being able to anchor itself on the ground and divert additional energy to the cannon, the Type 8-X can burn through even the heaviest armors.
[I made this model because I wanted to replicate the Japanses 'Laser Tank' from UMW. The unit in the maps use my old Bloodelven Arcane Annihilator model. It is a good choice, but I felt that I can do something more fitting - but I went with a plasma cannon instead of a laser.]

“Buzzsaw wheel”
Developed for the use to use in ambushes and demoralizing missions, the Type A-Y combat robot is armed with flamethrowers, rocket pods and can use its nano-sharpened circular blade to defeat enemies.

Boyar Tank
Known as the T-73 Boyar heavy tank this vehicle is an advanced prototype and not much is known about it. It is armed with a heavy cannon, a pair of autocannons, a swarm missile rack and front-mounted microwave emitters. This tank is rumored to be said to be deployed into combat zones where the battlefield is too rough and the conditions are too adverse for more common armored units.
Have fun with this model!

Yamato Kyushu light tank (Model)

Yamato Kyushu light tank icons (Icon)

Yamato Kaizen medium tank (Model)

Yamato Kaizen medium tank icons (Icon)

Yamato Daimyo command tank (Model)

Yamato Daimyo command tank icons (Icon)

Yamato Kazoku plasma tank (Model)

Yamato Kazoku plasma tank icons (Icon)

Yamato Buzzsaw Wheel (Model)

Yamato Buzzsaw Wheel icons (Icon)

T-73 Boyar heavy tank (Model)

T-73 Boyar heavy tank icons (Icon)

Great bundle of tanks, as usual! I liked those imperial flags on the tanks. Also a unique design on the wheeler. Works in-game. Approved!