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German armoured cars + assault guns

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Level 13
Mar 24, 2007
I am in need of german armoured cars and assault guns used in World War 2 for a variety of projects (oddly enough one of witch is a sci fi map?!) anyway ill try and make this fairly detailed.


Assault gun:
An assault gun is a gun or howitzer mounted on a motor vehicle or armored chassis, designed for use in the direct fire role in support of infantry when attacking other infantry or fortified positions.

Armoured cars/ half tracks:
Armoured cars: 1. A lightly armored truck used to transport cash and other valuables.
2. A lightly armored vehicle, usually mounted with a turret, used for military reconnaissance, combat support, and security.

half-track:A half-track is a civilian or military vehicle with regular wheels on the front for steering, and caterpillar tracks on the back to propel the vehicle and carry most of the load. The purpose of this combination is to produce a vehicle with the cross-country capabilities of a tank and the handling of a wheeled vehicle.

Now that we know exactly what im requesting lets get to specifics.

List of choice WW2 half-tracks and armoured cars that i would like to have:

Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (sdfkz 223)
picture: http://www.nkrmodels.com.au/icm-421.jpg

sdfkz 251 (halftrack APC)

sdfkz 222 (light armoured car)

Stug IV (assault gun/ tank destroyer)

Any of these will be great i dont care what results i get from this, be it a link or a whole model.
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