WoW: Heroes Return [ORPG] [1.2.b]

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World of Warcraft: Heroes Return is a total conversion Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game (MORPG) that inspired from original World of Warcraft franchise that developed by Blizzard. I'm trying to made the 1st ever WoW total conversion in multiplayer ORPG version (as I haven't seen any). As an ORPG, the project is designed to be played by multiplayer in order to experience a better result playing the game (especially for ORPG fans). My aim on this project is to create a simple yet fancy and fun gameplay with eye catching fantasy-like terrain and effect that able to made the players has a World of Warcraft feeling when playing the game.

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There are currently 12 available classes from original World of Warcraft available, 10 playable classes (Orc Warrior (Arms), Human Paladin (Protection), Human Death Knight (Frost), Orc Death Knight (Blood), Night Elf Rogue (Assasination), Orc Hunter (Survival), Night Elf Hunter (Marksmanship), Blood Elf Mage (Fire), Human Mage (Frost) and Draenei Priest (Holy)) and 2 iconic characters from Warcraft III history as a secret characters (Arthas Menethil (Paladin) and Grom Hellscream (Warrior)) which can be played by entering a secret code that you can get as you play the game further.
Character model and abilities concept might be changed anytime as the progress updated.

Playable Classes


Secret Characters

Instead of medievalist one, I'd go for a fantasy theme kind of terrain for the project. Some cracked area terrain on this project is inspired from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch when there's a crack on land filled with magma deep in caused by Deathwing. Here's current screenshots of terrain looks (you can check my album to see the progress of the terrain from the early alpha until it is now).
These terrain design might be change and improved from time to time as the project progressing by.













Total Conversion
With most materials (which has been massively poly reduced by myself into the lowest size) imported from World of Warcraft, to make the player experience the World of Warcraft feeling when playing the map!

Cataclysm Themed, Detailed Terrain
Explore the world from a dreamy forest, into a foggy land of the past, with a cracking lava over the lands caused by Deathwing's Wrath previously known as "The Cataclysm".

Over 10 Classes and 2 Secret Characters to Choose
Play as certain classes from World of Warcraft or as a classic character of legend. You decide your role as the new Heroes of Azeroth!

Interactive NPC
You can interact with each NPC you've meet. From talking blab, listening to a short lore, or even gaining information about some game secrets.

Custom Weapon Attachment
Bored of unchangeable weapon on previous version? You can change your weapon attachment visual now as you change your weapon. More than 30 fancy World of Warcraft weapon attachments with lowpoly revised!

Developed Creeps
Each creeps has their own status differently, as well as their own abilities (and at least 1 active ability each, so the battle ain't about only hack and slash!). Creeps type divided into 4: Normal, Dungeon, Elite and Boss.

No RPG would be complete without a dungeon, dungeon enemies drops more valuable items than non-dungeon enemies. You can go further into depth of dungeon by removing invisible pathing blocker by defeating each Bosses.

Challenging Bosses
Even more challenging and almost not possible if you challenge them alone!

Limited Item in Inventory
Like in typical RPG, Player can only carry 1 type of equipment. Backpack is also available on the map incase you're out of inventory.

More Than 200 Items
From common Tier 1 item to a legendary tier 8 item to collect with colored tooltips description, more higher the creeps classification that you kill, more higher the item tier you'll get.

And More!

Materials Resources
Blizzard Entertainment (original World of Warcraft meshes, textures and icons), Ddahe, Blackstorm, LongbowMan (WoW Models), Judash and JetFangInferno (SFXs), CRAZYRUSSIAN (Command Interface Icons), JesusHipster (CastingBar Model), AnimE (Dropped Items base model mesh), Kitabake (Armor Item attachment model mesh)

Most of the materials I'm using are: re-created, edited, geomerged, poly reduced and Re-UVs by myself for this project purpose usage in order for the finest size and able to be played multiplayer as a WoW total conversion project.

Forum Resources
Ddahe Cafe, Warcraft Underground, Hive Workshop, XGM

Special Thanks
Blizzard as a World of Warcraft developer and also for their World Editor engine

Forum Special Thanks
Hive Workshop

Original Artwork for Loading Screen
Blizzard Entertainment (Unknown Artist Name)

Music Theme
Castaways (from WoW: Cataclysm Game Soundtrack)
Composed and arranged by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree and David Arkenstone (Blizzard Entertainment)

Site Reference
WoW Head, WoW Wiki, Wikipedia (various NPC cameo references)

Project Changelog
Due to trapped in dungeon issue, you now load your character on Ressurection Point instead
Additional Ability: Mage - Flamestrike health restore issue fixed
Legendary: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest crafting issue fixed
Potions cooldown increased from 5 seconds into 9 seconds
All Bosses attack cooldown has been reduced by 1.5 seconds

Siphon Essence now stackable
Rogue: Kidney Shot has been replaced with Shadow Blades
Total 21 Active Additional Abilities for each Classes now has [Q], [W] and [E] hotkeys implemented

Damage-Type and Armor-Type Damage table now implemented
Item Bound to Player now implemented, other Player unable to take it
Crafting Feature implemented, you now can get item tier 4 above up to legendary tier 8 item by crafting
UI border changed
Whole Drop Item table revised
Gold bounty reduced by 50%
Boss bounty now global receive
Fixed pathing blocker missing on Nerubian Kingdom
Added Ambience Sound in Molten Core
Player PvP currently deactivated
Invulnerablitiy effect on city removed
Ressurection time has been reduced from 20 to 5 seconds
You now ressurected with 10% health and 10% mana
Starting Gold reduced from 2000 to 500
Mana Cost now not increased along with ability level
New Loading Screen and Map Preview cover
New Icons and some icons revised
Sailing to Jejunia/Evergreen now require to be level 20
Blood Mage, Frost Mage and Holy Priest base dattack damage and base attack speed reduced
Model: New Shields and Books attachments
Model: Weapon Dropped Item mesh revised and re-UVed
Model: All Swords attachments model resized
Model: All Dagger attachments model resized
Additional Abilities: Added Divine Fury and Mass Dispel to Priest Class
Additional Abilities: Added Charge to Warrior Class
Additional Abilities: Added Flamestrike and Deep Freeze to Mage Class
Additional Abilities: Added Outbreak to Death Knight Class
Additional Abilities: Added Arcane Shot to Hunter Class
Additional Abilities: Added Adrenaline Rush to Rogue Class
Additional Abilities: Warrior taunt cooldown has been reduced from 20 to 5 seconds
Additional Abilities: Paladin Spirit Link mana cost has been reduced from 60 to 10
Additional Abilities: Rogue Stealth mana cost has been reduced from 100 to 20
Holy Paladin: Crusader Strike base damage reduced from 106 to 75
Holy Paladin: Holy Light base heal increased from 100 to 200
Holy Paladin: Holy Light cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
Blood DK: Scarlet Fever base attack speed rate increased from 5% to 18%
Blood DK: Heart Strike base damage reduced from 93 to 62
Blood DK: Vampiric Blood damage bonus scale per-level reduced from 1 to 0.5
Blood DK: Death Strike base damage reduced from 514 to 253
Frost DK: Obliterate base damage reduced from 103 to 71
Frost DK: Icy Touch base attack speed reduction increased from 5% to 10%
Frost DK: Icy Touch damage reduction base reduced from 5% to 2%
Frost DK: Frost strike base freeze chance increased by 1%
Frost DK: Frost strike now also deals bonus damage
Frost DK: Pillar of Frost base damage reduced from 516 to 243
Arms Warrior: Hamstring base damage reduced from 104 to 72
Arms Warrior: Hamstring base movement speed reduced from 10% to 5%
Assasination Rogue: Burst of Speed has been replaced with Sinister Strike
Assasination Rogue: Mutilate base damage reduced from 102 to 70
Assasination Rogue: Envenom base damage reduced from 317 to 76
Markmanship Hunter: Aimed Shot base damage reduced from 108 to 76
Marksmanship Hunter Evasion changed with Careful Aim
Survival Hunter: Cobra Shot base damage reduced from 101 to 69
Survival Hunter: Exhilaration base heal increased from 100 to 200
Frost Mage: cone of Cold base damage increased from 83 to 102
Frost Mage: Frost Armor cast time now set to instant
Frost Mage: Frost Nova base damage increased from 324 to 543
Fire Mage: Combustion base damage increased from 122 to 154
Fire Mage: Scorch base damage increased from 36 to 47
Fire Mage: Inferno Blast base damage increase from 330 to 558
Holy Priest: Binding Heal cooldown reduced from 5 to 2 seconds
Holy Priest: Circle of Healing cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
Holy Priest: Circle of Healing base heal reduced from 150 to 100
Holy Priest: Circle of Healing heal scale per-level reduced from 80 to 50
Holy Priest: Inner Will now no longer has cast time
Athas Menethil: All abilities rebalanced
Grom Hellscream: All abilities rebalanced
Secret Characters now can't be Saved
Following Items has been revised

Revised Sword: Trainee's Sword (T1), Broad Sword (T1), Scimitar (T1), Cutlass (T2), Steel Sword (T2), Swiftwind Blade (T3), Protector's Sword (T4), Mystic Sword (T6), Silverwing Defender (T6), Ashbringer, Scarlet Blade of the Light (T8)
Revised Staff: Trainee's Staff (T1), Arcane Staff (T1), Darkwood Staff (T1), Ruby Wand (T2), Tanglewood Staff (T2), Sunstrinder Staff (T3), Wand of Eternal Light (T4), Runestaff of Nordrassil (T6), Distant Land (T6), Exodar Life Staff (T6), Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest (T8)
Revised Axe: Trainee's Axe (T1), Battle Axe (T1), Hillborne Axe (T1), Bardis (T2), Cresent Axe (T2), Elunite Axe (T3), Terokkar Axe (T4), Ethereum Nexus Reaver (T6), Legacy (T6), Wicked Edge of The Plane (T7)
Revised Bow: Trainee's Bow (T1), Rapid Bow (T1), Titanium Compound Bow (T1), Nightstalker Bow (T2), Hawkeye Bow (T2), Golemheart Longbow (T4), Black Bow of the Betrayer (T6), Siren's Cry (T6)
Revised Mace: Sulfuron Hammer (T6), Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros (T8)
Revised Right Dagger: Trainee's Dagger (T1), Flesh Piercer (T1), Razor Blade (T2), Vendetta (T2), Heartseeker (T5), Twilight Mist (T6), Golad, Twilight of Aspects (T8)
Revised Ring: Ring of Pride (T1), Dametria's Signet (T1), Attractive Ring (T1), Chaera's Ring (T2), Evasion Ring (T2), Mood Ring (T2), Gold Ring (T3), Spider Ring (T4)
Revised Plate: Breastplate (T1), Imperial Plate Chest (T1), Adamantium Breastplate (T2), Brigade Chestplate (T2), Holy Plate (T3), Splintsteel Armor (T4), Lord's Plate (T5), Breastplate of Radiant Glory (T5), Chestguard of Eternal Vigilance (T5), Harbringer Breastplate (T5), Meteor Plate Armor (T6)
Revised Cloth: Nightsky Robe (T1), Plain Robe (T1), Sage's Robe (T2), Twilight Robe (T2), Embrace of Madness (T5), Shadowblaze Robe (T5), Merlin's Robe (T5), Skyweaver Robe (T5), Lightwarper Vestments (T6)
Revised Mail: Refunge Armor (T1), Fel Iron Breastplate (T1), Chainmail Armor (T2), Light Mail Armor (T2), Soldier's Armor (T2), Genesis Mail (T6)
Revised Leather: Leather Jacket (T1), Huntsman's Armor (T1), Hyena Hide Jerkin (T2), Wild Leather Vest (T2), Azure Serpent Chestguard (T5), Gatekeeper's Embrace (T5), Windrunner's Tunic of Triumph (T5), Cloak of the Silent Assasin (T6)
Revised Shield: Kite Shield (T1), Shield of the Lesson (T1), Jade Shield (T1), Hunting Buckler (T1), Stormbinder Aegis (T2), Grunt Shield (T2), Combat Shield (T2), Bear Guard (T2), Enduring Shield (T5), Chiselgrip Shield (T5), Elementium Stormshield (T6), Ward of Incantations (T6)
Revised Book: Diary (T1), Novel (T1), Encyclopedia (T2), Book of Survival (T2), Nilminer's Notes (T5), Testament of Hope (T5), Tome of the Lost (T6)
Revised Left Dagger: Flesh Piercer (T1), Gladius (T1), Razor Blade (T2), Vendetta (T2), Heartseeker (T5), Twilight Mist (T6), Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages (T8)
Following Items has been removed

Removed Sword: Silver Sword (T1), Long Sword (T2), Darkthorn Piercer (T4), Crusader's Glory (T6)
Removed Staff: Apprentice Staff (T1), Magician Staff (T2), Avalanche Staff (T5), Archmage's Staff (T7), Staff of Life (T7)
Removed Axe: Strike Axe (T1), Ravager (T2), Warbringer (T6)
Removed Polearm: Javelin (T1), Spear (T1), Halberd (T2), Stonereaven (T2), Diabolic Skiver (T3), Ruthless Shiv (T4)
Removed Mace: Skullcrusher Mace (T4), Bloodskull Destroyer (T5), Serenity (T5), Crystal Spire of Kalabor (T7)
Removed Right Dagger: Mythril Dagger (T1), Assault Dagger (T2)
Removed Ring: The 1 Ring (T1), Prairie Ring (T1), Heavy Silver Ring (T2), Tarnished Silver Ring (T2), Skull Ring (T5), Ritssyn's Ring of Chaos (T6)
Removed Shield: Faerleia's Shield (T1), Trainee's Shield (T1), Wooden Buckler (T1), Buckler (T2), Shield (T3), Blackrock Shield (T4), Aegis of the Scarlet Commander (T5), Blackskull Shield (T5)
Removed Book: Royal Guide of Escape Route, Strategy Guide (T1), Battle Manual (T2), Book of Magic (T2), Book of Zeref (T6), Heartbound Tome (T7)
Removed Left Dagger: Mythtil Dagger (T1), Assault Dagger (T2)

- Added Backpack feature
- You now can't save potions and scrolls
- Potions cooldown now increased to 5 seconds
- Potions recovery amount increased
- Elixir removed
- Load now can be only up to 300 seconds
- All Abilities Mana cost reduced by 20-30
- All Abilities Cooldown reduced drastically
- Tooltips "Additional Abilities" on each abilities now changed into "Buff"
- Starting Health and Mana has been reduced by 1/4
- Classes Ultimate Damage has been reduced and level skip requirements increased from 5 to 10
- Arthas' Exorcism now also inflict Blind which cause target a chance to miss on each attack
- Protection Paladin's Crusader Strike now also inflict Damage Break
- Protection Paladin's Divine Bulwark now only affect on self
- Assasination Rogue's Mutilate now also inflict Movement Break
- Marksmanship Hunter's Blind caused by Aimed Shot now only affect on single target
- Avatar effect has been reduced to 5 seconds
- All Creeps has been revised
- Creeps now drops runes instead of potions
- All rings item now has active Mana Recovery ability which recover 5% max mana
- Fixed Inventory System
- Fixed some wrong tooltips
- Fixed some Players pick range issue
- Fixed Arthas model potrait and hand attachment


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WoW: Heroes Return [ORPG] [1.2.b] (Map)

06:37, 1st Apr 2014 Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 3/5 (Acceptable). See moderator's review regarding the map:
Level 1
May 30, 2014
Do you know about the bug where you can be invulnerable outside the city i can repeat it always but did you fix this already??? because i got bored play wc3 rpg when it become so easy to play when you find a bug
Level 1
May 30, 2014

:vw_unimpressed: Do you know about the bug where you can be invulnerable outside the city i can repeat it always but did you fix this already??? because i got bored play wc3 rpg when it become so easy to play when you find a bug :vw_unimpressed:
Level 13
May 25, 2004
Do you know about the bug where you can be invulnerable outside the city i can repeat it always but did you fix this already??? because i got bored play wc3 rpg when it become so easy to play when you find a bug

so you got bored cheating... I would agree, because I would be bored due the lack of effort to win. I suggest perhaps try doing it the legit way, might not be so bored. :goblin_wtf:

I do agree to fix the bug though. :goblin_yeah:
Level 4
Jan 19, 2012
u really should implement save/load with .txt files at wc3 folder, most maps do it nowadays and that brings more players into the game for sure
Level 13
May 25, 2004
Think like human. Not all people are safe. If we are at Internet Cafe and then save the code. After u leave. Don't you worry about that others will steal your code and then delete that .txt file? I disagree
steal your warcraft 3 code for this map,
delete your txt file,
and then rule the world with YOUR chR!


wait.. you weren't serious right?
Level 5
Dec 20, 2007
Great terrain, i never play any ORPG like this before. keep up the good work, i'm really looking forward your project :ogre_haosis: Also, ++reps

After i played around level 10, this map still have a long way to go:

If i picked items on ground, it should go directly to inventory unlike now, i have to get my weapon in box then pick it then throw it and pick my weapon back.

More skill , ex: at this level u can choose these 3 skills and level up it, to gives player more choice [at every x lv, new skills can be selected]

More weapon, i got only same weapon over and over, weapon should have many effect , not just only +damage, +str,agi,int ---> idon't see what is different between axe, twohand, spear, javalin [can't throw, only melee]

Loot system not really good, people can pick your items . . . and when boss killed, ppl loot my items or even last shot and steal my reward and honor point.

Monster: very few monster, when we begin a quest with kill this leaf ---> we lastshot each other and mad about it.

Map: too small , Quest: 1-2 quest only, pls put more

Town; Can we save birth point at that town? Some town, i don't know how to healing my hp/mp.

That's all for now.
Last edited:
Level 4
Jan 19, 2012
Think like human. Not all people are safe. If we are at Internet Cafe and then save the code. After u leave. Don't you worry about that others will steal your code and then delete that .txt file? I disagree

are u serious? lol just copy the code or mail it to you or whatever, if u really think thats a problem, and others cant use ur codes anyway, thy are atached to account names...
Level 12
Jan 21, 2008
Hello, thanks for the compliments.

1. There are actually plenty of items, but the rare one only dropped by dungeon creeps, elite and bosses. Normal creeps only drop a common item (with well.. obviously common bonus status). The difference between weapon type are the bonus status they give; str for axe, int for staff and so on. More rare the rarity of item (purple and orange), the greater the bonus they give.

2. Currently there are only 4 quests at the moment (1 for legendary item), but they are repeatable and can be taken as much as you want until you hit certain level, this is why I didn't put many quests. Not to mention I haven't put a storyline quest on the map as well.

3. Town Save Position aren't available yet, and there's some NPC which restore Health/Mana faster (fountain effect), mostly are Paladin and Priest NPC.

4. I forget about that invul bug, in the next version I would remove city invulnerability instead.

5. As for save text, I'm not plan to implement it at the moment, but maybe in the future, it will be.
Level 4
Jun 13, 2014

Hey first of all i wanna say amazing game i really love the direction you are going with this.
I actually love it so much i made this account to post this.
like all games in progress there are some things that can be improved :D
For Example

One of the Main issues is that most classes only have 1 damage or active ability making them boring to play and most dps classes have a defensive passive which isn't needed. Adding more Active abilities instead of passives makes the game more interesting.

-(Frost DK / Paladin) Icy Touch and the Debuff from Crusader Strike over ride each other. (I would suggest replacing Icy Touch with another damage attack or rework the debuffs)
-(Frost DK) Frost Strike needs to deal damage and have an increased chance to go off to make it feel more useful or just replace it with an active ability. (I would suggest 15% + 1% per ability level and Damage + Damage per ability level with a 1 second stun.)
-(Fire Mage) Molten Armor (Immolation) on Fire Mage is almost useless and drains the mages mana too low. (I would replace it with a damage ability preferably an aoe)
-(Frost Mage) Frost Jaw on Frost Mage should deal damage the ability in its current form isn't useful enough and rarely gets cast.
-(Rogue) Burst of Speed on Rogues is not useful enough as the game doesn't require you to be moving around constantly and is only useful for running to town or in between monsters. (I would replace it with another damage ability to keep rogues interesting preferably a backstab that required the rogue to be behind the target)
-(MM Hunter) Evasion isn't useful for a ranged damage class i would replace it with another damage ability maybe a rain of arrows type ability, a pet or if you want to really push for a defensive type ability Chimaera shot is a MM Hunter Specific instant shot that deals damage and heals the MM Hunter for 5% of its max hp on WoW.
-(MM Hunter) Aimed Shot should be a casted ability like in WoW this will also make the spec a little more fun to play by giving the class an instant and a casted damage ability.
-(Survival Hunter) Cobra shot should be a casted ability like in WoW this will also make the spec a little more fun to play by giving the class an instant and a casted damage ability.
-(Advanced Abilities) Taunt should have a shorter cooldown something like 5 seconds.

-Advanced Abilities need a keybind. (I would suggest F for the Advanced abilities menu and C for the active ability in it.)
-The Entire Map should NOT be visible if you do not have vision on it.
-Honor should save.
-Potions should have a short cooldown maybe 15 seconds.
-When you load you should probably load in to the nearest town from where you saved not the exact location you saved at. (This will make it impossible to abuse loading and saving during boss fights)
-More quests please :D
-Hunters and Death Knights should not be able to use shields. I would buff bows to compensate.
-Death Knights Should be able to dual wield
-Warriors should be able to dual wield or use a sword and shield.

-The bosses are amazing the only thing i would suggest is adding some very punishing but avoidable mechanics. (For example it shows where an aoe is going to appear and 3 seconds later it hits there doing a majority of the persons life or a boulder slowly rolls across killing anyone hit. This creates something players need to avoid)

-I would try to create more mob groups that have multiple creatures instead of just 1 so you can do more AOE type fights.

Amazing game me and my friends will continue to play it as the updates come. ;)
Also i have a ton of dungeon / boss / skill designs if you ever need some ideas or wanna bounce some off me pm me i love to design things and i will give you any designs i have to shape in to whatever you want.
I would even be willing to help with the map in any form possible even if its something as simple as making items.
Last edited:
Level 12
Jan 21, 2008
Hello, thanks for alot of feedbacks and suggestions. I like your ideas especially on heroes improvement, since only few people reporting their opinion about heroes, so it does help me alot for improvement in future update.

The map mechanic itself is still in progress so at the moment you'll only see a few quests, not saved honor and such. The reason why the map visible is because I did activating unshade for visual purpose on all of the models materials so they looked weird when the game has fog of war, so I was made the cam locked instead but removed after knowing people preferably normal cam. Boss target notification are also sound great, I'll see what I can do about it and the other suggestions. :)
Level 13
May 25, 2004
Ah, get it. It is possible, ofc. But many of times is needed for poly reduction stuff on each materials, without reduction the size would be filled in no time.
I only mentioned it since it was a project of yours, I love what you have created!
I only suggested something like what you have already created. If you really want to know what I recommend, Scrap the Hero Battle idea, make a full fledged single Player campaign.
that would truly be epic!
Level 13
May 25, 2004
Level 12
Jan 21, 2008
Hahaha good, I thought I'm the only one to think about making Ashbringer campaign. I have no motivation to starting a campaign atm, if so, Ashbringer Campaign would be what I wanted to create the most. But since Chaosy and Heinvers campaign has Ashbringer story featuring in it, I'd better wait and play instead of making my own.