Wolf Lord

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Heroic version of the Orc Shaman, created for the Modeling Contest #25.
Uses in-game textures, has portrait camera and animations.

Please do not edit without my permission and give me credits if you use it.

Suggested art stats:
Blend Time - 0.22

Cast Point - 0.8
Run Speed - 240
Walk Speed - 240
Death Time - 3.7
Damage Point - 0.4

Projectile Impact Z - 60
Projectile Launch X - 30
Projectile Launch Y - 10
Projectile Launch Z - 60

Link to icon made by UgoUgo:

25.08.2013 - Made wolf shoulder pad smaller; Added SFX to Spell and Spell Slam and edited other SFX; Improved minor stuff on some animations; Other stuff I forgot;
12.12.2013 - Added link to icon.

Shaman, Wolf, Lord

Wolf Lord (Model)

09:56, 12th Dec 2013 BlinkBoy: Approved.
Level 17
May 22, 2010
His right hand looks a little weird though like a massive block and his feet look like stones.

His right hand(and left they are the same) looks like a block because technically that is what it is, I could have made it with fingers and such but it would waste faces for something that is not really noticeable, still if someone else notes that as an issue I will change it. His feet are covered in thick fur I can see how that might look like stones, but there is no way to change that since I want them to be furry.

its nice but...can u change the Orc face? so many models with orc and troll faces....

He is an orc so I am pretty limited to what his face can be.




A wondrous model indeed! :D It's really nice and the portrait. 10/10
Level 23
Oct 20, 2012
You should also make a separate model, a projectile, that he uses in his Attack Slam / Spell Throw animations :p

This is a great model, though.

Yeah, maybe include it as the _portrait model? Oh, and maybe add the wolf effect in his spell anim (when he shout and stuff)

Anyway, I just looove those attack animations and I really like the mods you made on this model. GJ.
Level 17
May 22, 2010
^Not a bad idea. By the way, SERIOUSLY work up a better screenshot(s) of that guy, you are failing to showcase his most awexome-traits; the SFX.

It called Wolf Puch, it is a real shame that the shamans use a wolf motive and not a falcon one:ogre_haosis:.

You should also make a separate model, a projectile, that he uses in his Attack Slam / Spell Throw animations :p

This is a great model, though.
Both animations are supposed to be used in melee, but still it might be useful to have the FX usable as a projectile I will make one.
Level 16
Jul 16, 2007
I love this model. You should definitely win with this, there is decent competition going on, but in my opinion this has absolutely related to the theme the best! Good luck and of course I already gave you rep for this! I hope you do win! :)
I can see there have been quite a few changes made but I've noticed a slight... weirdness about the back of his head, the hair where it leads into the fur on his back. A darker texture to differentiate the hair from the fur maybe?

On a side-note play his animations on very fast in the view in 3D mode especially stand ready and stand channel, it's hilarious.
Level 10
Mar 17, 2012
THE MODEL IS GREAT! :thumbs_up:

If You'll make a model of 2-3 fist weapons (cestus, claws or chakram...) for his size - I'll credit to you as a best modeler I've eved met! :ogre_haosis::ogre_haosis::ogre_haosis:
Level 4
Jul 24, 2013
this model is Awesome!but if u add more animation on it to be awesome....buts its already awesome...