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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
    . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
    . . .|~~::~~~~::~~| . . .
    . . .|~!!~~~~~~!!~| . . .
    . . .|<(><)><(><)>| . . .
    . . .|}{}{}{}{}{}{| . . .

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

    . . . . . . .\ &&& /. . . . . . .
    . . . . . . ./<span style="font-size: 15px">*&*</span>\. . . . . . .
    Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . . , . ., . ., . ,. . . . .
    . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
    . . .|~~::~~~::~~| . . .
    . . .|~!!~~~~~!!~| . . .
    . . .|<(><)><(><)>| . . .
    . . .|}{}{}{}{}{}{| . . .
    Cam on ban da tham gia VMC Spell Contest #1. Chung toi se tien hanh cham va cong bo ket qua som nhat khi co the.
    Let's be friends again :D

    I am really sorry about overreacting before. Please forgive me.
    cuộc sống của ông thiếu... "tone" nên dù ông có n.chuyện 1 cách đàng hoàng như 1 ng lớn thực thụ đi nữa thì ng ta cũng chán và chẳng ai thèm tin (hay trò chuyện với) ông =))
    Just want to drop by to tell you that the fixed system is uploaded and you have been credited properly.
    If you insist that is the case then, well, whatever you are saying pal.

    Trust has always been a major issue in relationships after all. Oh and btw your robot tone never changes. Not a change that I was aware of to be exact. Scratch that. My bad for not noticing. So it seems like you talk to people with a variety of manners? Well, that contradicts what you said earlier. You /can/ talk with emotions but you choose not to unless a condition is met. Guess you can see what I am getting at?

    About the misunderstanding thing, do you know the folklore "The boy who cries wolf"? You know the one with a young boy working as a shepherd who cries "Wolf!" twice to trick the villagers and then wolves comes for real afterwards? The poor guy can only stand and look at the slaughtering helplessly as no one believes his cry and goes to his side. Yep. No implications of course. Just wanna share a conjecture of my own.

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing your words and, possibly, honest thoughts. Hope you will find someone that you can open up to.
    There is always this certain seriousness in your speaking tone. I am 100% sure that only adults have it.

    Sorry if I offended you somehow. Just want to share my thoughts.
    Eh? I am sorry but last time I checked, it is in integer.

    Please investigate carefully before you report a bug. Thank you.
    tui thấy để ông tự minh oan cho ông thì ông khai quịt cmn tẹt ra hết đi cho rồi, giấu giếm làm gì cho mệt =))
    tên, tuổi, ở đâu, làm gì,...?
    cái map của tui sao rồi ông?
    ông coi lại dùm cái skill troll 1 với paladin 1
    skill troll 1 thì nó ko chịu set level của Bash = level troll 1 (mặc dù đã thử nhiều cách, có lẽ bị lỗi ở đâu đó)
    skill paladin 1 thì pong làm gì mà nó lag... ui nó lag tung màn hình. lúc cast thì nó đứng đứng tí (nhều unit là nó lag dữ hơn nữa). 3 4 lần đầu thì lag lag, sang lần thứ 6 7 thì thôi luôn... nó dis war3 và hiện bảng có "dấu X đỏ đỏ" luôn! @@
    Anh khong can dien kich nua. Em biet anh la sv nam I CNTT roi. Minh khong nen giau giem may viec do lam gi voi nhau. Dau co gi ma phai giau chu :)

    Cai bug do thi bo tay thoi :p That ra cung khong gi ghe gom lam.

    Trong Bonus Handling Code la CSS_AddBonus. Trong Standalone Bonus la ClearBonus, GetBonus. Em xao anh lam gi :p
    Anh noi tieng Viet dc ko? That la ko hieu y cua cai reply ban nay.

    Vi Chua, dung xai PM ><
    About your issue. There are something about attack speed you may not know. It is capped at 400 and -80. Therefore obviously a value change that is higher than 400 won't take effect. And I don't understand what you mean by take effect when attack or pick up an item? I tested and it works just fine.
    It is in the Bonus Handling Code section.

    About the so-called bugs:
    1/ It is a test trigger. I don't really bother to fix it. It is not even part of a system. Anyway will take a look.
    2/ You are doing it wrong there. The function adds, not sets. Input a negative integer instead.
    3/ Wrong bonus type. 4 is for Intelligence. 1 is the correct number for attack speed.
    Well it is based on binary algoritm. I will demonstrate now:

    1/ Input bonus value of 9.
    2/ Loop from the highest of value 2^17 to 2^0. The first value that is smaller than 9 is 8 (2^3). Add the bonus to it. We then substract 9 by 8 and we get 1 (2^0). Continue to loop and we get 2^0 as the equal value. The remainder is 0 and we are done.

    Let's do another run with 2013.

    1/ Input value
    2/ Loop -> find 1024 as the first smaller value -> Add ability -> 2013-1024=989. Continue to loop we get 512 -> Add ability -> 989 - 512 = 477. And so on till we get a remainder of 0.
    Ban co the recruit mot so thanh vien nguoi Viet cho group minh tu cac forum khac duoc khong? Cu recruit duoc mot ban minh se tang 2 rep :)
    No problem bro. Vietnamese helps Vietnamese :)

    Anyhow, wanna join in the group's discussion? Huy kick-started a topic.
    Something of your own choosing. Like your project, your resource, etc. Well we are a bit short on members so I guess off-topic chitchat would be the best choice. If you don't want to, it is okay. No hard feelings bro :)
    Thank you. Please participate in discussions if you want to. Oh and recommend the group to your friends also :)
    We are lacking in members at the moment so contact more of your friends if possible.
    Chào mừng các bạn đã đến với Social Group The Vietnamese Modding Community, một nơi tự hỏi của các Warcraft 3 modder người Việt ở The Hive Workshop. Mục tiêu chính của chúng tôi là giúp đỡ bạn với những vấn đề liên quan tới modding cũng như hỗ trợ các dự án (projects) của War 3 của mapper Việt Nam trên mọi phương diện. Tiếng Việt là ngôn ngữ được cho phép ở đây nên các bạn không cần lo lắng về những khó khăn trong giao tiếp bằng tiếng Anh. Nếu bạn là người Việt Nam, hãy tham gia cùng chúng tôi!

    Nếu bạn muốn tham gia, xin hãy liên hệ mình để chứng nhận bạn là một người Việt Nam. Các bạn sẽ được tham gia ngay sau đó.
    Anyway I think you are better off asking someone else. I am really lazy when it comes to long codes :)
    Could you explain more about your system? I am not really familiar with your coding method.
    Okay guess I will take the initiative by introducing myself then. I am currently working as a coder and writer for some projects around here. However, I don't have any project of my own as my terraining skill is zero.

    About coding, I only code in JASS2 and plan to learn vJASS in the future.

    Thanks for reading.

    Oh and btw I am a bit overfriendly because it is a really rare occurence to meet a Vietnamese here.
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