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Warcraft 3: Ability Draft


Hey girls and boys,
this project is my turn on the popular Dota 2 mode for the Warcraft 3 melee gameplay.

Now some explanations for those who are not familiar with the game mode:
  • Players are given three random heroes.
  • Players take turns selecting abilities from a pool, given six seconds for each choice.
  • Different from Dota 2, the pool does not consist of the given hero abilities,
  • rather than the whole ability pool of all 24 heroes.
  • Each player selects three normal abilities and one ultimate for each hero.
  • The maximum number of non AI-players will be 4 due to the current layout of the pick window
  • and the overall pick time.
  • Only non AI-players will use the A.D.-heroes.

Limitations of the current build:
  • only 4 non-AI players possible

Special Thanks
  • Crigges - general help
  • WaterKnight - optimizing
  • Frotty and peq - WurstScript
  • Gorgonage - alpha testing
  • HammerFist132 - Button Model

(Disclaimer: Don't save these maps with the World Editor.)

Echo Isles - AD 0.6 (Map)

Lost Temple - AD 0.6 (Map)

Melting Valley - AD 0.6 (Map)

Secret Valley - AD 0.6 (Map)

Turtle Rock - AD 0.6 (Map)

Twisted Meadows - AD 0.6 (Map)

Level 13
Mar 6, 2008
Hi thank you.
This version of Ability Draft is an exact copy of the Dota 2 mode. It is part of the idea to have a given set of heroes where you have to adapt with a limited pool of abilities.

I am a big fan of limited random experiences.
I was working on a different approach where I wanted to make a booster draft mode like in the card game Magic the Gathering. But sadly, due to the lack of time of me being self employed and a father, I abandoned the project (temporally) with a really messy code.
If I return, it would be like starting from the beginning. It's not like I wouldn't enjoy it but I don't see my return in 2018 yet.

Hope you are not too disappointed
Level 1
Dec 20, 2018
I love this idea, but I can't seem to get it to work. The maps show up in my maps folder, but not my Warcraft 3 game client. has anyone else encountered this kind of problem before, and if so, how did you fix it? any help would be much appreciated, because I really want to try this game
Level 1
Oct 7, 2019
hi! with the latest version of the game this crashes 90% of the time. is it possible in any ways that you could fix it?i love this mechanic!