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W.I.P plox by Mr.Goblin

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the dwarf looks really good but also a bit too hairy :ogre_hurrhurr:

hehe when you live in the cold, no choice but to grow some hair :D

and Glad to see you back around the hive mate :D


and small update
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
Hey Mr. Goblin do you want my dwarf avatar I had before as your avatar?
Just wondering, and good work as always. :3

I know, haven't been showing a lot of drawing lately... well, I don't have photoshop anymore, and my tablet's pen is broken... so, yipi yeah!

read the description here = http://mr-goblin.deviantart.com/art/DEVICE-So-zuh-Introduction-299334705

on an other note, I have been making ALOT of sketches... will keep you updated, I might make a sketch dumb somedays.. or something :D
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He reminds me of

Nice job! :D

Well, I admit, Rafiki is one of the characters that inspired So'zuh...

The character of So'zuh comes from the mix of Rafiki, Diablo 3 monks, and Dumbledore...

he will be one of the dark characters part of Device... his story is actually a really sad one. But of course! I won't tell you about it....yet. :D
Oh, he has a hood now. Cool stuff! He looks more interesting and less generic now. ^^

He also looks more like a strange humanoid than a monkey-man now.

Yuup, I admit too, that's why I made the change... :D
beside, it doesn't affect the character not a bit, since what is important about him is mostly his story and his psycology and what not.
Level 6
Apr 11, 2010
Now that is good :D I myself disliked the versions before, because the monkey just looked like a combination of other already existant characters (for example, the first concept reminded me of the baboon in Lion King because of the staff, and the fact that it looked like a pretty wise monkey^^), thus I believed you could do better and more original :) The hood kinda changes everything in a good way, keep these comin', they are getting better by the wip! :D
Mok'nothor women look scary... Too much 'bald' forehead. D:
If you mix the hair of the first one with the face of the second one, it would look awesome!

Don't worry about it, these were the first sketches, merely some try-outs.

And the beast looks cool. Why does it have a red patch of fur? Any specific reason?

Thank you very much! Well, this is just a distinctive traits of the males, they have a bigger skull formation and vivid red coloured fur on the top of their head.

Why red? well cause red and white is cool..

Why the head and why so colourfull? Well it's basically a defense mechanism, having that short of vivid red: they attract eye sight attention from predators, so the babies aren't focused on. Because, if the predators are aiming for the babies, a charching red spot is easy to see from far away, thus drags your attention towards the powerfull blow the male is about to do and thus makes the predator look for males before babies. It's a psycological treath mostly!

Trust me, in real it's sooooooooooooo much better! D:

I hate how my camera takes all the paper grain and multiply by 100

anyway, that's the new Design for the Qalak'Talou the top predator in Tilik'to the land of the Mok'nothors. What he has in his grasp is a baby Equa'losk, which are like the 1/3 of an adult.

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