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Villager in robe - 40 animations

This is an edit of .KC's 40 animation villager, done by request

i've notified .KC, if he is bothered by this i'll take down this model

removed the standing corpse and pickaxe geosets that weren't being used in any animation. also removed keyframes outside of animations,
reduced filesize: 359kb to 102kb

Update2: further edits to satisfy the raging crowd
comparission: old>new

40 animations, animations, weaponless, villager, priest, mage, wizard, rpg

Villager in robe - 40 animations (Model)

Villager in robe - 40 animations (Model)

Frankster : Although it is not really your model, I can use some usefulness in this model. Works in-game and performs well. Approved.




Moderation: 15:37, Sunday 15th January 2012
Frankster :
Although it is not really your model, I can use some usefulness in this model.
Works in-game and performs well.
Level 13
May 11, 2005
Smaller in file size then the original and so very useful and it has custom clothing, approve it!

Idea: Perhaps to add to the complexity of the model from the original and help get approved maybe make the robe team coloured?

i don't care that much about this model, frankly i think the villager model is ugly. i did this to fulfill a request and thought others might find it useful, so i uploaded it.
i'm pondering doing a rpg set with a human adventurer and several replaceable textures for armors, based of the priest model that i think is much better proportioned, but i'm currently busy with other stuff, so don't hold your breath
Level 4
Jul 19, 2009
I think the model is a fine addition, and frankly I'm glad there is a bit of variation to the general use of the "VillagerMan" model. I think this villager looks more ancient (ie. greece, rome etc.) and would work good as a good hoplite unit. Unfortunately, there are no animations for spears specifically, and so (even though the spear was the main weapon of the ancient world, warcraft has no units using them) you should use the "channel" animations for that purpose. Also, another unfortunate thing is that only "flesh" and "channel" swing with their right hand and so some shields will not work with this model, being due mainly to the fact that Blizzard seems to make most of it's animations left handed ( I know it's odd but their are "right handed" shields on THW's database). I do realize that these "bugs" are not your fault however and that Blizzard is to blame. As everyone else has said the new sleeves are nice and I can't see any bugs aside from an odd wrap around places, but this is only noticible upclose around the waist, and my villagers will be wearing plate :). Plus ingame it is unoticable and with how odd blizzard made some of it's skins (and the meshes, footman is a good example), this is definately at least a 4/5. Good job for a simple, yet useful edit. EDIT-Oh yea and +rep for such a useful model, that I will probably use in hundreds of maps.