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    [r]Modeling Contest 24
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    (Post) fuuuuuck, If only I joined 3 months earlier to respond to this. Dwarf Fortress is the greatest.
    hey, if you don't intend to finish the model, could you at least give us a wip, so we could eventually finish it (possibly with spider animations). I hope you work in 3dsmax though
    So, I managed to kill two bears. I killed one first with 3 arrows and gave a deathblow to his skull. But another came and whack me from behind. I fell prone and pass out.
    I woke up several hours later, and found out that the bear is killed beside me (I didn't die! The bear didn't give me a deathblow) and my bulls (two of them) are injured. I was happy (even though I suffered massive bloodloss and still didn't die and 40% injury.) I skinned them and only made TWO walls of kota. Wtf?
    Also I ran out of clothes to make bandages. I had to rob several hunters who willing to join me and I pierced them in the head with one shot kill.
    Hunting stags were too much for an injured hunter (47% penalty). As soon I shot an arrow and missed they got out from my vision. Luckily the bears wield 300+ lbs meat for me to survive without hunting for now.

    <span style="font-size: 22px">[rainbow]GREETINGS

    Due to your prior interest and activity
    in our modeling contests and your
    active status, we would appreciate
    your opinions and input in choosing
    the next modeling contest theme!
    Just follow the link below.

    [c]<span style="font-size: 15px">Help us decide what our next modeling
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    Sounds good.
    Actually, I prefer hunting a bear or a pack of wolves. They wouldn't run and their attack couldn't hit me. I usually met wolves in the bog or swamp.
    What is the quickest way to get a ritual? I want Oath of Iron but my starting character is an Islander. I remember the fastest way is to sleep outside in the forest when it is night.
    Hiding doesn't work for me no matter how naked I am. My mobility is high but still fails at hiding. When I am close there I always stepped on a branch.
    So, I stopped hunting because passive animals were too hard to hunt than the aggressive ones. No matter how much I run naked or use Oath of Iron Javelin (old 3.12b story) they always managed to outrun me or even survives with over 5 javelins impaled to their head. Foraging doesn't give me much nutrition, I will be dead before I can catch any fish. Trapping takes three days+ and searching for a bear is too hard.
    So, I become a cannibal instead.
    I'm too poor :)
    Building a cabin was always a problem for me. It took like 5-6 hours to chop 7 trees with Woodsman's Axe and some hours to build one wall. I also run out of foods (friggin' 200lbs reindeer! I can't hold that much.) before I can finish even 3 walls. Any suggestion?
    My char, it's bit too imba (yet too heavy) because I wore woman, man clothes, and armors together. Green coverage in anything!
    It's a cool game. But I didn't have money to bought it. I did raid some Njerpez camps with 13 days lifespan though.
    So, how's your character?
    yeah, I've got vista too, I would be too happy if you asked him :D and all I need is campaigns and also the world editor.
    sounds good, jass is handy too =D

    so what would you like me to do for your project?
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    (Post) Yea, I remember those times as well. Shame it died out though I still have a laugh thinking about how much over quota wc3sear.ch was :grin:
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