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May 24, 2005



v1.04f [2020-04-14]
- Add commands -r (ready), -c (clear), -i (intro), -a (achievements), -h (hints)
- Rework some code to reduce & organise it
- Fix desync from Q (Arrow of Ranger)
- Fix Columns & other graphics problems from Reforged
- Fix Quests

v1.03 [2020-04-10]
- Fixed desyncs

v1.02 [2018-10-13]
- Fixed a bug with broken gold/crystal gain when playing alone on a non-default player slot
- Reworked upper right corner area
- Fixed a crucial bug that destroyed the hero selector when trying to move it during the intro
- Fixed a bug with monsters being stuck in the water during wave 7
- Engineer Stasis spell cannot be casted on invunlerable targets any longer as this could lead to issues
- Hopefully fixed an issue with invulnerable 1/1 monsters after a player had left
- Some small fixes

v1.01 [2018-05-29]
- Added camera zoom levels (-cam 0,1,2)
- Columns are now rendered transparent to improve visibility
- Trading of epic presents should be impossible now (to prevent cheating, was still possible in 1.0)
- Added vote option to skip cinematics (-nocinematics, -nc)
- Updated information in quest log (incl. link to community discord)
- Hunter pets are now displayed with hero icons to better track their health
- Added quick commands: -s (save), -r (ready), -h (hints), -c (clear)
- Reaper achievement now only considers damage done to hero units (excluding barricades and darven towers)
- Some small fixes and adjustments

v1.00 [2017-01-15] --> map is now out of beta
- Trading epic presents is no longer possible because it could be abused for item duplication
- Dead teammates now share vision so there is a better chance to find and revive them
- Fixed a bug that Visara could sometimes teleport players into the water so they got stuck
- Fixed a bug that prevented Cthulhu from dropping any items
- Health of Repair-Bots now depends on difficulty and it increases on higher difficulties
- Some small adjustments

v0.99 BETA [2016-05-27]:
- Added legendary rings
- Bonus crystals are granted on end boss kill if all achievements had been completed
- The merchant now sells repair bots which can repair mechanical objects (incl. Eternal Wardens and Sentry Turrets)
- Added the -rdy command which allows to skip waiting times between waves if all players set themselves as ready
- Increased Engineer attack range
- Slightly reduced monster movement speed bonus on higher difficulties

v0.98 BETA [2016-04-19]:
- Fixed a bug that no trash mob items where dropped after the first boss encounter
- Player units are now paused during cut scenes (heroes, pets, eternal wardens, etc.)

v0.97 BETA [2015-08-20]:
- Some small adjustments and bugfixes

v0.96 BETA [2015-04-12]:
- Reduced total number of waves from 10 to 9
- It is no longer possible to play multiple heroes at once in singleplayer mode because this option could be abused for cheating to gain infinite gold & crystals
- Removed collision for heroes and most monsters so that they do not block each other any longer
- Added minimap visualization of dungeon layout
- Some small adjustments on some hero spells

v0.95 BETA [2015-03-09]:
- Reduced total number of waves from 12 to 10
- Increased monster count for some waves
- Added more information to save codes and simplified file system structure
- Added ancient crystals to Visara loot (depending on difficulty)
- After beating the game, the final merchant now has some extra gear in stock (depending on difficulty)
- After beating the game, the time until the outro has been increased so there is more time for shopping

v0.94 BETA [2014-12-25]:
- Added the new difficulty mode "Deathwish" (DW is slightly harder than the old Insane mode, while Hard and Insane are now in-between Normal and Deathwish)
- Added monsters that exclusively appear on higher difficulties
- Added 4 completely new monsters: Necromancer, Snake, Slime & Imp
- The power of Eternal Protectors, Riflemen and Ancient Towers now properly scales up on higher difficulties
- Barricade health now scales with hero level
- Crafting system simplified so that single items now can be transformed into different, random items of equal class and rarity
- Improved code of death/revival system, hopefully fixing a rare reanimation-bug and corpse-remaining bug after players left the game
- Fixed a bug with the map ping not being displayed in some waves
- Fixed a bug with charges of barricades and power stones not being properly saved
- Fixed a bug after wiping during the Roryn boss battle so that the following boss battle was skipped
- The Slayer's Fury abtility now also significantly increases dodge chances
- Big changes in the Cthulhu wave design
- Some small fixes, changes and improvements

v0.93 BETA [2014-10-25]:
- Multiple changes towards a more fast paced gameplay
- Big item system improvements; weapons and armor now have a much bigger impact on hero power, however, equipment is harder to acquire
- Difficulty modifiers have been adjusted to fit the new item design
- Various changes/improvements in hero spells and cooldowns
- Added ancient dwarven defense towers which can be activated with power stones
- Added buildable barricades
- Added a new Hunter pet: the Elk (healer/supporter)
- Added a new Engineer gadget: Claptrap the mechanobot
- Barney and Mordred are now Minibosses appearing at end of wave 9, resulting in a more fluid gameflow
- Wave 10 and Roryn Boss Fight have been merged to create a more interesting battle; this reduces total wave count to 12
- The scoreboard now displays the total count of remaining monsters, instead of monsters currently on the map
- When the Engineer dies, golem and turrets are now destroyed
- Multiple small bugfixes and adjustments
- Old savecodes won't be working properly any longer

v0.92 BETA [2014-06-15]:
- Overall balance adjustments towards more fast-paced gameplay (monsters have less HP, but deal more damage)
- Difficulty factors changed to 1.6 (Hard) and 2.4 (Insane)
- The difficulty scaling depending on hero count has been improved / readjusted
- Monster total count scaling for players reduced, resulting in shorter games
- Added a crafting system
- Armor system improved
- Multiple new items, incl. legendary armor, and various changes to existing items
- Reduced chances of finding crystals in barrels to avoid first round only crystal farming

v0.91a BETA [2014-04-12]:
- Added new rare minibosses
- Some small bugfixes

v0.91 BETA [2014-04-04]:
- The Reaper now becomes vulnerable at end of wave 7
- Cthulhu wave design changed (back to the roots)
- Various small bugfixes and improvements

v0.90 BETA [2014-03-31]:
- Hero levels now can be permanently saved
- Max hero level set to 10; levelups have a bigger impact now
- Total wave count reduced to 13
- Added some new monsters, removed some old ones, and various small other changes in monster design
- Old save codes won't work any longer, sorry!
- All values & modifiers for difficulties, drop chances and the score system have been changed
- Weapons redesigned; weapons now enable some character specilization (i.e. they have different pros, cons, affect particular spells, etc.)
- Added armor item class
- Rings now have more different and interesting effects
- Picking up items loaded/generated by other players is no longer possible (to prevent abuse/cheating)
- You can only successfully load once in a game
- Improved hero designs; sharpened hero profiles
- Fixed a bug so that whiping between rounds sometimes didn't caused a wave restart
- Fixed a bug so that the game did not restart when a player left while the others were dead
- Fixed a bug that caused a game crash in some very rare situations
- The power of monster special abilities now properly scales with the difficulties
- Main bosses now drop crystals on death
- Horn of Berethil changed from being legendary to a rare consumable (increasing the chances that players are actually able to use it)
- Call of Cthulhu wave changed; added underwater effect and new monsters
- The bag now can be easily swapped with the 'B' key
- Intro improved and extended
- Players retain control during cutscenes (so they can chat etc.)
- Various small changes, improvements & bugfixes

v0.89b BETA [2014-01-15]:
- Hotfix: Fixed bag removal bug

v0.89 BETA [2014-01-14]:
- Crystal drop chances now depend on game difficulty
- Engineer: Increased sentry gun health, gattling damage, reduced repair times, reduced shield CD
- Ranger: Added trueshot aura for falcon
- Slayer: Decreased savage strike and jump damage
- Improved score modifiers for difficulties: 0.5 (easy), 1.0 (normal), 1.5 (hard), 2.0 (insane)
- Unselected heroes and wisps are now removed after the first wave
- added a -roll command
- some small bug fixes

v0.88 BETA [2014-01-11]:
- Fixed a bug so that monsters sometimes grouped in the middle area after a player had left the game
- Insane is now more difficult (see table for more info)
- Hunter: Increased pet summon cooldowns
- Priest: Increased Holy Circle cooldown
- Added berserk ability for Undead Dwarfs
- Increased movement speed of bosses
- Reduced monster total count in chapter II
- Multiple small adjustments
- Various small bug fixes

v0.87 BETA [2014-01-09]:
- To prevent cheating in the game, if you want to play singleplayer, you need to start the map as a 1 player local area network game (playing as SP custom game is no longer allowed)
- Engineer Fix: Sentry gun kills now add to the board and the guns scale up correctly on higher levels
- Hopefully fixed multiple bugs that appeared after a player had left the game
- Fixed a bug with the weapon attack damage modifiers not working properly
- Difficulties now slightly affect monster movement speed
- Repairing warden statues no longer costs resources
- Fixed the recent intro freeze bug
- Boss health now proportionally scales up with hero count
- Various other small bugfixes

v0.86 BETA [2014-01-06]:
- Big changes made to Chapter II
- Walls now block line of sight
- Added new commands (-achv, -clear)
- Difficulty modes now affect item chances

v0.85b BETA [2014-01-05]:
- Difficulty system improved: difficulty now also affects monster damage

v0.84 BETA [2014-01-05]:
- Added 4 difficulty options to choose from (easy, normal, hard, insane)
- resource exchange no longer allowed
- fixed a crucial bug with monsters from barrels that sometimes spawning at unreachable places
- some small fixes

v0.83 BETA [2014-01-04]:
- monster cap slightly reduced
- chests no longer always spawn crystals
- some small fixes

v0.82 BETA [2014-01-04]:
- Slayer Savage Strike power increased
- Some small adjustments

v0.81 BETA [2014-01-04]:
- Fixed a bug so that save codes of other players are no longer recorded to HD
- Barrels now always contain something
- Added destructable chests containing crystals

v0.8 BETA [2014-01-03]:
- First public release
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