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10 Hero Siege Helms Deep

Level 6
Apr 17, 2008
10 Hero Siege Helms Deep map continuous...

First time I played this map in Battle.net and I saw the potential in this map.
Taehunpark is the real author and he will always be the author. I have only edited it!

Maybe you will now think that I have stolen it but I edit only because of my love to Lotr and the dissapointed 10 Hero Siege Helms Deep players. Because this map was very very bad condition.:cry: All who have played the old version said it and mostley they leave in the game because of the very poor quality.
All said that this map has potential but no one did anything. So I did it...

A changelog will be added but I think if I will show it to you it will has more than 1 page changelog text in normal standard front!
Play it and see and make your own thoughts about it. But all who played the new version+ the old and compare them said that I have done my job good.

If you want I can upload some screens about the new systems I added in the game(Like the new hero choose system, boss attacking waves and the whole stuff)
Map isn´t finished yet. The balance is ok but the heroes(skins. models, abilities, spells) have to be improved. Also the terrain isn´t finished.

Now test it and give me your feedback:thumbs_up:

GL & HF :grin:

1. Update:
Since the the Wc 3 patch 1.23 you will have maybe have problems to play this map.
So I have add 2x the same map as Attachment but 1 with other name so 1 should work 100%.

Changelog(Beta 10):
- Added 2 new attacking events(Ballistas attack after 8 and 13 min!)
- New ladder model
- Increased difficulty
- Improved balance
- Improved terrain

Changelog(Beta 11):
- Fixed some bugs
- Improved balance and other things

Changelog(Beta 12):
- Fixed many bugs
- Balanced hero spells
- Fixed some attack triggers
- Fixed tooltips
- Added some new things

Changelog(Beta 13):
- Removed some unnecessary areas
- Improved terrain
- Balanced the game
- Fixed some bugs
- and much other things...
- Game should now work without any problems!

Changelog(Beta 14):
- Improved hero balance
- Improved terrain
- Added some new things
- Fixed many exploits, bugs

Changelog(Beta 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 , 21, 22, 23):
- Map should now be good playable; no laggs and continuous enemy attacks, no attacking trigger problems! :grin:
- Improved hero balance
- Improved terrain
- Added some new things
- Fixed many exploits, bugs
- New units, upgrades

The version I edit was created for WC 3 with 80 Kb 10 Hero Siege - Helms Deep 1.5 - Warcraft 3 Maps - EpicWar.com


  • 10 Hero Siege - Helms Deep 2.00 Beta 23.w3x
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  • Damn WC 3 Patch 1.23.w3x
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