1. The contestants were to create water structures for the 20th Terraining Contest. Choose one in the public poll!
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  4. We're hosting the 15th Mini-Mapping Contest with YouTuber Abelhawk! The contestants are to create a custom map that uses the hidden content within Warcraft 3 or is inspired by any of the many secrets within the game.
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    1. Nestharus
      That post was my reasoning as to why I don't think that the linked list resource should be approved in its current state ;o.

      I try not to respond to anything off topic and always try to stay on topic. This is the reason I'm not responding to your post on that thread =P.
    2. karland90
      okay. im fine with waiting.
      although i might not include your system in the final version ^^"
    3. karland90
      maybe you would send me a pm about your studies? i am somewhat interested about the twolevel mapping also, especially if it goes beyond just using air pathing as that tutorial(?) in wc3c (i think you talked about that one, right?).

      thank you ^^
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    Kirin Tor
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