Helms Deep Hero Defense 4.0

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Level 9
Jun 7, 2008
Experimental 4.0.

Imported stuff, made imported stuff not shoot arrows out from their stomach, balance and gameplay improvements. Spells still vanilla but better balance and synergy and added convenient hotkeys. Maybe just maybe I should add cooler custom ones but don't see much point besides just giving it a new 'not original' feel.

Stable but crappy version here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/lotr-defense-helms-deep-v3-3-a-148178/#post1362655, fixed everything made it playable but not very fun. Improving the gameplay value to at least a 3/5 before releasin this before the board.

Thanks and appreciate constructive criticism :cool:

EDIT: The board has decided... not to decide. So all the blame is on me if it fails. Release is tomorrow....


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