LOTR Battles: Helms Deep

Level 9
Jun 7, 2008
The first in my LOTR Battles series.
Deleted the old map, till it is complete, this is it.

Everything should be working, minor tweaks here and there, depending on what the pre-release critic I asked to review says. I'll then try to do everything reasonable within a week or so before release.
Note that as it has to stay canon to the real LOTR, its hard to add in custom spells and more gameplay elements.

This project was formally known as Helms Deep Hero Siege, but due to new directions the project is heading, especially the scrapping of quests and deciding to create a series of LOTR Battles maps which earn lumber for the upcoming LOTR RPG, this is it... we've been put on that RPG project and this is just one of its 'instances/raid/dungeons'. Meaning you play the rpg, but to get bonus stuff, you can play the Battles series.
Of course, we don't expect the RPG to be done anytime soon, but either way, adding more battles maps will be good enough for the short term outlook.

The save/load code will work throughout all the battles series maps and eventually (maybe years later) the RPG.

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