Minas Tirith development

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Jun 7, 2010
Development thread will be used to showcase our progress with the Minas Tirith expansion to LOTR Battles. This expansion aims to provide a different experience from our existing helms deep recreation, which shall remain in the same map. You can then choose which battle you wish to fight. We've had some major setbacks but the project is finally back on track and expect a beta release in the coming months, definitely before Christmas.

The helms deep scene will be upgraded as well with more players supported, hopefully 12, at least 10. More RPG elements will be added and you will fight alongside the heroes instead of being them as that is rather imbalanced and old. Minas Tirith will differ from Helms Deep in that it will feature more urban combat and defending an actual populated city rather than a bunker. We also feel it will be more strategically orientated (aka a lot more teamwork required).

Screenshots follow though there is not too much to show at this point.


Thank you, see you in a couple months. Suggestions are welcome, email notification is enabled to post away.
Not open for further replies.