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Campaign-Battle for Middle Earth Info

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Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
I have am making a Battle for Middle Earth Campaign that will:
-have a good and evil campaign
-Lots of custom Models
-Huge castle sieges for Helms Deep and Minas Tirith
-Battles not shown in the movie
-There will be a The War of the Ring part that will take place in the northern parts of Middle Earth. This part of the Campaign will be based of another game
The War of the Ring will be battling in the Shire, Bree, Rivendell, Grey Havens, Lothlorien, Sauron's fortress of Dol Guldur, Mirkwood Forest, the Dwarven fortress of Erebor(Lonely Mountain), Dale, Laketown(Esgaroth), the Iron Mountains, Fornost, Redhorn Pass, and Minas Morgul.
More info on Battle for Middle Earth II can be got here: http://gamereplays.org/bfme2/
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