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Vanilla Experience v8f

Submitted by Maximum_Evil
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Revisit old World of Warcraft dungeons and raids in Warcraft 3!
Experience nostalgic feelings within Warcraft 3, when you pick old school dungeons and raids from Vanilla WoW.

You can pick between 18 different heroes, to fight in 6 dungeons and 3 raids.
Complete over 20 quests and challenges and obtain over 100 items.

You can play this map with any number of people between 1 and 4!

When played with less than 4 players, one or more players control multiple heroes.
For a better and easier game experience, it's advised to play with one or more friends.

  • NFWar:
    Plate Armor, Chain Armor, Leather Shirt, Battlemage Armor,


    Empty Hand

    Blizzard Entertainment:
    All ability and item icons.
  • Judash:
    Cleaver, HellHoll, Lightning Shock, Quick Slash, Grin Curse, Ink Missle, Holy Swords Fast Teleport,

    Champara Bros:
    Healing Touch, Holy Nova, Arcane Explosion, Lifeboom, Wild Growth,

    Ceiling Rays, Rays


    underground pack

    The Shaman Model Pack

    Brown Roots

    Scythy Dervish:
    Great Axe

    General Frank:
    Orb of Water



    Fatal Wound

    Orcisch Fence - Part 1

    FireTemple Keeper

    Rail Pillar



    Hell Bond

    Dark Iron Clansman

    Battle Cry:




    Black Balverine
  • Justice Hammer v1.2
    by Vladadamm

    Orb of Fire
    by calex3

    Raging Slam v1.10
    by f0rsAk3n

  • - General
    Some environment improvements.
  • - General
    Updated some tooltips.

    - Mountaineer

    [W] Aimed Shot, fixed, dealt 5x as much damage as intended.
    [E] Marked for Death now lasts only 50% of the duration on bosses.

    - Keeper

    [Q] Shooting Star mana cost reduced.
    [E] Lifebloom mana cost reduced.

    - Shadowfang Keep
    Fel Steed now also has Hoof Stomp.
    Both Quest items dont share cooldown anymore.

    - Dire Maul

    Some ogre's will now patrol.

    - Scarlet Monastery

    Torch doesn't trigger cooldown anymore when used to burn a bookshelf.

    - Blackrock Dephts
    Dark Iron Rifleman now also have Aimed Shot.

  • - General
    Updated some tooltips.

    - Totemic
    All totems except [E] Guardian Totem have their lives reduced to 3 (from 5).
    [R] Water Totem, you can no longer spam the totem's ability to have more than 1 water orb.

    - Mountaineer
    [W] Aimed Shot, armor reduction nerfed.
    [Z] Sniper Mode removed.
    [Z] Call Pet, you can now (re)summon the pet of your choice (spellbook style).
    [Z] Call Spider added.
    Bear now has Thick Fur, increasing it's armor when low health.

    - Keeper
    [Z] Owlkin Form now has Fortified armor.
    When the Keeper dies now as an Owlkin, he will return with all his abilities at the correct level.
  • - Shaman
    [Z] Elemental Weapon now has shared cooldown.

    - Summoner
    [Q] Curse base damage increased.
    [R] Ritual of Doom now shows the proper area damage done in it's tooltip.
    [Z] Summon Demon, you can now (re)summon the demon of your choice (spellbook style).
    [X] Overlord slow effect reduced.
    [Q] Legion Strike cooldown increased to 5 seconds (from 3).
  • -Assassin
    When Assassin is picked the correct potrait is now showed on the multiboard.
    [E] Magicial Daggers damage nerfed.
    [R] Shadow Rush level 1 cooldown now works properly.
    [R] Shadow Rush cooldown increased to 30 seconds (but leveling up now decreases it by 1 second each level).
  • - General
    Added Mini Bosses in the first tier dungeons (who start passive).
    Bosses no longer can use their voice lines while dead.

    - Assassin
    [W] Blade Dance can now be upgraged on level 1.
    [E] Magical Daggers can now be upgraged on level 1.
  • - General
    Fixed bug that you can random already used hero.

    - Assassin
    Model changed.
    Base stats and increasing stats changed slightly.
    Now wears Plate armor.
    [W] Poisonous Wounds removed and replaced with Blade Dance.
    [E] Vanish removed and replaced with Magical Daggers.
    [R] Preparation removed and replaced with Shadow Rush.
    [Z] Veint removed and now only Backstab remains.
    [X] Master Killer removed and replaced with Sinister Shadow.

    - Shadow Demon
    [E] Dark Void now distinguishes friendly units who are healed with a green flame and enemy units who receive damage with a purple flame.
  • - General
    Fixed the revive system (didn't always work properly).

    - Cultist
    Fixed [E] Shadow Barrier having shared cooldown with his [Z] passive.

    - Shadowfang Keep
    Archmage Arugal will cast Shadow Ritual less frequent on Easy mode.

    - Wailing Caverns
    Mutanus the Devourer on Easy mode will leave 2 heroes awake to obtain the rune.
    Mutanus the Devourer will cast Nightmare less frequent.
  • Much added content and many improvements in this version!
    - General:
    Added Onyxia's Lair as third raid!
    Your party now have 3 lives to begin with, each time your party wipes it can revive and pick a new dungeon to try. Fallen heroes will be revived at the start of each dungeon or raid.
    You no longer revive infinitely.
    Bosses have more health.
    Quest Bosses and big mobs now drop items.
    Quest Bosses redesigned (abilities, models, etc.)
    Added Boss Challenges!
    Added Quests to the tier 2 dungeons! (Therefore 3 new bosses)
    Boss Quests now also rewards 1 essence.
    You can now random a hero (gives an additional item).
    Changed some ability icons.
    Plate armor shows the proper icon.
    Shops won't disappear after 30 seconds upon entering a dungeon, but will disappear after 5 seconds when engaging in combat for the first time in the dungeon.
    Boss Loot now stays for 2 minutes (instead of 30 seconds), can be shortened to 5 seconds when some types -ready.

    - Items:
    Added some active abilities to some items.
    Items now cost more gold the higher the level.
    Ankh of Reincarnation now costs 1 essence.
    Bananas & Chicken Wing gold reduced.
    Bunch of Bananas & Big Chicken cost increased.
    Health and mana restored from the shop items increased.
    Cooldown from the item shops have increased to 60 seconds.

    - Heroes:
    Most single target abilities now also reduce their cooldown each level.

    - Crusader:
    [Q] Mighty Blow now also stuns non-boss units.

    - Barbarian:
    [W] Battle Stomp & [E] Colossal Charge damage based on his Strength is reduced.

    - Engineer:
    Model changed.

    - Shaman:
    Model changed.
    Can now pick his element in a spell book fashion.

    - Deathbringer:
    most abilities have their base cooldown reduced.

    - Shadow Demon:
    [Z] Sacrifice removed and replaced with From the Void.
    [X] Corpse Harvest removed and replaced with Creeping Aid.
    [W] Shadow Curse cooldown slightly reduced.
    [R] Howl of Agony cooldown increased and duration decreased.

    - Mountaineer:
    Single target damage overall reduced.

    - Cultist:
    Abilities mana costs slightly reduced.
    [Q] Darkness Bolt removed and replaced with Soul Blast.
    [W] Soul Releash removed and replaced with Shadow Barrier and repositioned at [E].
    [E] Hollow Ghoul repositioned to [W] position.
    [R] Risky Bargain removed and replaced with Black Abyss.

    - Cleric:
    Model changed.
    [Q] Holy Bolts heal slightly more and cooldown slightly reduced.
    [R] Divine Well replaced with Mindbender.

    - Summoner
    [R] replaced with Ritual of Doom.

    - Arcanist:
    Model changed.
    [Q] Missle Barrage channels slightly faster.
    [W] Destruction Ray fixed.
    [E] Mana Storm removed due the cause of immense lag, replaced with Telekinesis.

    - Keeper:
    Model changed.
    [E] Lifebloom fixed.
    [E] changed: when you cast [W] Healing Wave while the target has [E] Lifebloom active it instantly activates Lifebloom and resets [E] Lifebloom's cooldown.
    [R] Mark of Nature removed and replaced with Innervate.
    Owlkin [W] Rootburst removed and replaced with Sunfire.
    Owlkin [R] changed so it benefits the entire party.

    - Razorfen Kraul

    Willix the Importer quest can now be obtained at the start.
    Flame Burst finally fixed (Geomancer).

    - Shadowfang Keep
    Archmage Arugal now also has Hatred Impulse.

    - Wailing Caverns
    Druid of the Fang now has a different healing ability.
    Druid of the Fang (Snake Form) now also spits venom.
    Raptors can now jump on their attackers.
    Verdan the Everliving second phase changed a bit.

    - Dire Maul
    Satyr's deal less damage overall.
    Servant's will occasionally spawn to heal Immol'thal when he's low on health.
    Immol'thal Eye has a slow aura, but damage aura's range has been reduced.

    - Scarlet Monastery
    Renault Mograine new model.
    High Inquisitor Whitemane new model.
    Scarlet Zealot & Scarlet Purifier have their level increased from 4 to 5.

    - Blackrock Depths
    Changed Fireguard Destroyer model.
    Fireguard Destroyer now also has Fire Breath.
    Added Dark Iron Golems to the dungeon.

    - Naxxramas

    Changed Naxxramas environment and Kel'Thuzad boss fight a bit.

  • - General:
    Fixed a few bugs and typo's.

    - Wailing Caverns:

    Added some new plants.

    - Scarlet Monastery:
    New model, Scarlet Zealot.
  • - General:
    Ankh of Reincarnation now revives you after 4 seconds with full health and mana points.
    When you accept quests, you'll now receive a message with information about it.

    - Wailing Caverns:
    Increased the collision size of Skum by 280 to 320.
  • - General:
    Fixed a bug that you can't pick a dungeon when playing with more than a single person.
  • - Shadowfang Keep:
    Wailing Guardsman and Baron Silverlaine are invurnerable when not visible for the players (so you dont accidentally aggro them).
    Increased the health of Waling Guardsman from 400 to 750.
  • - General:
    Added a Information, Tips & Hints and Credits tab in the journal (F9).
    Heroes who die without an ankh, will respawn at the entrace of the dungeon or in the boss room.
    Added a death counter on the multiboard.
    Fixed a bug where a slower player cant pick a hero anymore.
    Now there's more delay between pop up dialogs.

    - Razorfen Kraul
    Fixed a issue, where the player has no collision anymore.

    - Shadowfang Keep:
    Wailing Guardsman and Baron Silverlaine are no long invurnerable.
    Reduced the base health of Wailing Guardsman from 700 to 400.
    Reduced the base health of Lupine Horror from 350 to 250.
  • - General:
    You now face less enemy units in Easy Difficulty, to make it easier for new players!

    - Wailing Caverns:
    Verdan the Everliving now has a second phase.

    - Scarlet Monastery:
    Changed Renault Mograin's model.
  • - General:
    Added Naxxramas as second raid!
    Fixed a few item buy descriptions.

    - Tier 1:
    Added for each first tier dungeon, 2 Quests to complete!

    - Shadowfang Keep:
    Changed Archmage Arugal's model.

    - Wailing Caverns:

    Mutanas the Devourer now summons slimes, instead of smaller snakes.
    Added a special effect on the rune, when it spawns.

    - Blackrock Depths:
    Decreased the attack damage of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan & Fireguard Destroyers.
    Decreased the spawn rate of Blackrock Reservists, when fighting Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.
  • - General:
    An Ankh of Reincartnation can now be bought after each boss fight, it's free!
    No more insults when you die or leave the match ;)

    - Shadowfang Keep:
    Removed Archmage Arugal's curse, in which he takes control of a friendly hero for a short period.

    - Wailing Caverns:

    Removed the Stalacmite on the ceiling.
    Mutanus the Devourer base health is increased from 2000 to 2500.
    The maximum amount of mobs spawned by Mutanus the Devourer is decreased from 12 to 10.
  • Uploaded.

Vanilla Experience v8f (Map)


What's your favorite dungeon within my map?

  1. Razorfen Kraul

    0 vote(s)
  2. Shadowfang Keep

    3 vote(s)
  3. Wailing Caverns

    3 vote(s)
  4. Dire Maul

    3 vote(s)
  5. Scarlet Monastery

    7 vote(s)
  6. Blackrock Depths

    3 vote(s)
  1. Maximum_Evil


    Nov 28, 2009
    Thank you for your kind words :)

    I didn't want to copy everything directly from WoW, but I could create a hero with rage type mana perhaps in the future (he probably won't be able to obtain mana items 'tho).
  2. FranzVader_CZ


    Jan 27, 2019
    Great job! Dungeons looks perfect and also it is not easy to play. Maybe put more wow-like heroes there but doesnt matter still a lot of fun.
  3. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    The spell Arrow Rain deals friendly damage,I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not.

    By the way,your another map An Ogre's Misson,along with tons of customs maps were broken in patch 1.31+.Wc3 just crashed during its loading time and no one knows why.:(

    I'm afraid we have to endure the incompetent of Blizzard's classic team at the moment,waiting for a stable patch,with luck,in the near future.