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[Altered Melee] Unit Ability Ideas

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Level 7
Nov 11, 2011
Good day! Just recently, I've finished my unit line-up for my Naga race in my project called Tidal Ascension. Somehow, I've managed to come up with the other units but I really need some ideas from you guys.

The units are:

  • BTNSeaWitch.BMP
    This unit is notably a basic from the campaign one. I thought of retaining the first autocast skill, which is Parasite cause it's very useful. Right now, I need some ideas about its secondary and tertiary skills. They aren't really that helpful and they often seemed unbalanced.

  • BTNNagaSummoner.BMP
    It's basically the Naga Summoner without the weapon. Like any other support spellcaster, it should somewhat have buffing or healing skills. I've thought for awhile, then an idea would pop into my mind then quickly vanish. It's something about being unique or stuff without straying too much from the Blizzard style.

  • BTNSeaTurtleRed.BMP
    Okay, so this is really rather a refreshing idea. The model it uses is from this and the system is this. I just reskinned the original model to fit the whole Dragon Turtle thingy.

    This unit has one innate ability, which is to be able to transform from being a mobile lumber processing unit into a light ranged siege. I feel like this guy needs to have a certain upgrade in his siege form because I purposely gave him like 18 attack base.

  • BTNWarTurtle01.BMP
    I forgot when I got the model, but I'm pretty sure it was made for PoC. Credits to whomever created this awesome model!

    This is a Third Tier melee/siege unit. And plus, it transports units (only Mur'gul Reavers, which are primary units in earlier game). I don't know if I need this big guy some useful abilities (it has really slow movement and attack movement BUT great damage), but somehow though I might consider an upgrade for both this and the Turtle Caravan for something like this. I still don't know what would its purpose be (like maybe some attack bonus or invisibility sight), but the icon is really cool.

  • BTNNagaWardancer.BMP
    Model is this (don't worry I already asked Misha about editing his model a long time ago) and the icon is made by Apathetic. He's a very nice guy but sadly it was since last year his last visit.

    This is a lesser version of the Naga Myrmidon based off the Wold Rider unit. It's not siege; this unit is for anti-spellcasting. For now, he profits from an upgrade called Torrential Seal (icon is this), which adds attack bonus and enables some passive abilities for the Blademaster (Critical Strike, Evasion, and Feedback). I sort of plan him to be like that of the Spell Breaker but I really have no idea how so I think I'll have your ideas guys for this.

    Guys, the name Blademaster is really heroic so I think I also need your suggestions about its name.

  • BTNNagaMyrmidon.BMP
    Although quite simple, this is really hard for me. I have practically no idea what would this unit's ability be. The Myrmidon is supposed to be soaking up damage. Oh yeah, about the Torrential Seal upgrade, it has Bash, Cleaving Attack, and Resistant Skin passives.

  • BTNSeaDrake.BMP
    Model is this. The icon is provided by Apathetic (icon not his but from an old map of him).

    This is the ownage unit. Blank space here.

  • BTNWindSerpent.BMP
    Oh! How can I forgot the Couatl? It's really important that this is the ShopCaster and the ShopFlyer. As for its abilities, the campaign was like abolish and stuffs. But since I already got the Blademaster, I also need your help on this.

Here are the archetypes below if you need them:


Shrine of Azshara

Naga Siren. Caster[2]
Naga Oracle. Caster/Support[2]
Couatl. ShopCaster/ShopFlyer
Slithereen Lair

Naga Blademaster. Melee[2]/Support
Naga Myrmidon. Melee[2]
Sea Dragon. Ownage[3]
Turtle Hatchery

Turtle Caravan. Siege[2]
Turtle Bunker. Melee[3]/Siege

  • The map, Tidal Ascension is about 35% complete. That's really good news for me so please support me on this!
  • Unit count is still 11, so if you have any ideas for the final 12th, then please do!
  • Typing BB Codes are really painful.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Siren: Support spells like curse or temporary mind control.

Summoner: Ethereal form, obviously. A, well, summoning ability for Murlocs/Murguls and healing wave.

Turtle Caravan: Give it the Battle Stations ability (maybe not siege range, but definitely a terrifying anti-air unit) for its slaves.

Blademaster (Secutor maybe): Have his attacks steal mana and an interrupting ability (remodeled Silence, perhaps).

Myrmidon: Give him a mana shield that recharges faster in water.

Sea Dragon: Crushing Wave.
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