Trouble installing WEU.

Level 17
Nov 26, 2007
Hello there everyone.

I'm trying to open up an old map that uses WEU functions. That's all fine and dandy, right? I'll just install WE Unlimited and then use the "Integrate WEU" option in JassNewGen, like the sticky suggests.

Except no matter what I do WEU does not install properly!

Everytime I install it and try running WEU Enhancer, I get this error:


WEU Editor simply doesn't open at all.

I know what the problem is, I think. WEU is not finding my Warcraft 3 game or folder. I know this because I opened the WEU folder, and all of the sub folders (UI, Scripts, Units...) are completely empty. There's nothing in them! And the WEU Configuration file also has all the fields empty.

When I open JassNewGen editor and try Grimoire > Integrate WEU, the option simply isn't there, which means JNG isn't detecting WEU installed either.

I've tried reinstalling Warcraft 3, rebooting my computer before and after installation, installing WEU in different directories multiple times, still nothing.

Could anyone help me with this issue, or possible tell me how I can manually link WEU to my Warcraft 3?