[Campaign] Trip the Darkness

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A custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged by Storm

The goal of this campaign is to create something new and exciting while not becoming overly complicated. For me, that means new stories told through gameplay that is somewhat close to what is in the original game, Warcraft 3. Yet, with new stuff to explore and do. Key things like: a new race to unravel, items with unique abilities, that's not just a bash, and so on. So, what I'm trying to accomplish in this campaign (and my overall standard for making maps) is exactly that. This means that this campaign will offer abilites and items that should hopefully leave you saying: "that's pretty neat". Besides that, I enjoy creating terrain that matches the aesthetic of a standard Warcraft 3 campaign map, with additonal attention to detail.

The campaign is ongoing, meaning all of the maps/chapters are not yet released.

The key features of this specific campaign:

Unique abilities/items
New race to play and fight
Plausible terrain
New stories
Non-absurdly placed secret paths

(1-100 completion in %)

Chapter I - Disturbances in Leafchase - 100%
Interlude - Council of the Wardens - 100%
Chapter II - Echoes of the Past - 100%
Chapter III - Insidious Affection - 100%

Interlude - (Unnamed) - 0%
Chapter IV - Path to Dawnshire Vale - 85%
Chapter V - Kill the Light - 20%
Interlude - The Black Eclipse - 0%
Chapter IV - Blood, Tears and Dust - 0%

Chapter IV Terrain
06 A.PNG

06 B.PNG
Shalis Darkhunter is an amateur Warden of the Watchers, where she serves under the famous Maiev Shadowsong. Due to sudden satyr attacks on small settlements throughout Ashenvale, Maiev has tasked Shalis with investigating upon this. Fulfilling her orders, Shalis is to travel to the small town of Leafchase. Although, her task may seem minor, Shalis will soon realise that something a lot more sinister is at work.


The general gameplay of the Trip the Darkness campaign will feel a lot like the typical campaign you would see in Warcraft 3. The campaign includes both micro and macro oriented maps. The gameplay is not meant to be hard or difficult, but not in any way be too easy either. I don't really care much for harder difficulties unless they offer something that actually spices up the gameplay in some way that isn't just larger attack waves and more hit points. So, after the campaign is finished I will properly try to work on an increased difficulty option of some kind.
The campaign was inspired by the amazing band Lacuna Coil. The campaign name itself "Trip the Darkness" actually originates from a song of theirs by the same name. Throughout the campaign you will encounter a lot of references to this band, but I doubt most people will notice unless they know the songs. If you are into gothic rhythmic metal, give them a listen.

I would also like to mention the creators of the models I use in the campaign:

High Elf Warden by Superfrycook

Spiked Ring by -Berz-
Corrupted Ancient Model Pack by Kedras666

Kirtonos the Herald by Mr Orge man

More creators will be added as their content is used.
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Really enjoying this so far and I can't wait for the Macro Maps. Here's a really simple model Idea for Ashild to emphasize her status. Tell me If you'd like to use this.
Issues for me:
Just on the first map the Maiden Gem quest has no map ping if it was meant to be that, it's a bit annoying but a good challenge. If it wasn't meant to have no Map Ping it really needs to cause I had a hard time finding it and needed to use visibility cheat or I might just be bad at playing lmao.
As I said I can't wait for the Macro Maps. I loved your style for Macro Maps; Chapter 4 as seen on your Youtube, and Battle of Darkshore. I hope you do use more Macro Maps on this campaign. Much Love!!


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