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Top ten most asked questions

Discussion in 'General Mapping Tutorials' started by Ralle, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004
    from battle.net

    How do I allow heroes to go past level 10?

    From the main window, use Advanced->Gameplay Constants. Find and adjust the field called Hero Maximum Level.

    How do I allow heroes to gain experience from creeps past level 5?

    From the main window, use Advanced->Gameplay Constants. Find the field called Hero XP Gained - Creep Reduction Table. Each number in this list corresponds to the percentage of experience the hero will gain from creeps at each level. To make heroes always gain full experience from creeps, set the list to have a single entry of "100".

    How do I change the Starfall art? - or - Some abilities have art that doesn't appear in the Object Editor. What's up with that?

    Updated for 1.13!
    Many abilities have "buffs" and/or "effects" associated with them for persistent effects. These are listed under the ability fields Stats - Buffs and Stats - Effects. You can modify the data corresponding to these in the Object Editor Buffs/Effects tab.

    For example, to modify the Starfall target art, you need to:
    - Look at the Starfall Stats - Buffs field, and see that it uses a buff called Starfall (Target)
    - Go to the Buffs/Effects tab, and find Starfall (Target) (use Edit->Find to find it quickly)
    - Change the model file in the Art - Target field under this buff

    How do I give my map a custom minimap image in the game setup screens?

    Make sure your image file is a 32-bit TGA file with dimensions of 128x128 or 256x256 pixels. Import your image file into your map, and change its path in the Import Manager to be war3mapPreview.tga, with no directory.

    How do I give my map a custom loading screen?

    Load the map Maps/FrozenThrone/Scenario/(4)Monolith.w3x, and read the instructions in the Custom loading screen trigger comment in the Trigger Editor. Essentially, you need to export the custom loading screen that Monolith uses, then modify it and import it into your own map.

    How do I transfer units/heroes/data between maps or games?

    In single-player games only, you can use the Game Cache triggers to transfer information between maps or games. For more details, see the full Map Development FAQ post, and search for "map cache".

    In multi-player games, there is no officially supported method for transferring information.

    How do I protect my map so it can't be opened in the editor?

    While map protection is not officially supported, a simple and common method of doing so is to remove the binary trigger data file from the map. This can be accomplished by importing a blank text file into the map, and changing the path to war3map.wtg. Once this is done, the map will not open in the editor, as the trigger information will be gone. However, since triggers are generated into the map script file when the map is saved, it will still work in the game. Make sure you back up your map before applying any sort of protection, or else you yourself will be unable to edit it again.

    I downloaded a map, but it gives me an error when I try to open it in the editor. What gives?

    The map has most likely been protected, either using the steps described above, or with a third-party map protection program.

    How can I use triggers to detect when heroes learn custom abilities?

    Updated for 1.13!
    As of patch 1.13, the Hero Skill parameter UI will allow you to select custom abilities, so this is now just as easy as working with standard abilities.

    How do I limit training of custom heroes?

    Updated for 1.13!

    - To limit training to one per hero type, specify the limit explicitly for each hero type with the trigger action
    Player - Limit Training Of Unit-Type
    - To make the custom hero count as a hero for use with the action

    Player - Limit Training Of Heroes
    It needs to be considered a dependency equivalent of the special hero code ('HERO').
    These special equivalents can be modified from the Advanced->Gameplay Constants dialog in the main window.
    Simply add your custom hero to the list under Techtree - Dependency Equivalents - Hero.


    The above answers assume you have The Frozen Throne expansion set. If you don't have it, get it! The editor is significantly more powerful in The Frozen Throne.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2006