Tiki Mask

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The Tiki Mask is widely spread in Witch Doctor and Shaman societies.
This mask in particular has seen much use by Tauren shamans.

The "official" icon for this item can be found here:
Tiki Mask Icon

Tiki, mask, witch, doctor, troll, feather, horns, helm, helmet, hat, decorated

Tiki Mask (Model)

16:56, 13th Aug 2015 Misha: Dis mask be some good mojo, mon! :>
Level 24
Jan 25, 2011
Again. Thanks for all the comments :)

Booyah, finally new helmets for the masses! Great work Solu, as always!

The filesize is a boner-kill, though. Is there no way to make it smaller?

I have tried removing as much geometry as I thought possible.
I fizzled with the idea of removing most of the inner part of the mask (the part which is against the villager's face) but I still want the mask to look good if it is used in a third person map or at close ups.

To retain the level of detail the mask has, quite a few polygons must be preserved. If you look at the mesh on the mask itself (both front and back) you can see it is quite messed up.
This is due to optimizing and it not noticeable in game.

I have uploaded a corresponding icon here:
Tiki Mask Icon
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