Thread Subsciption Bug?

Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
Hello there...
I dont really know about this thingy, but it apperaed to reveal itself today, for like 20min ago. Suddenly, the "new thread subscription" is showing 45 of my subscriptions as a new one, without having a connection to the todays date.

Now, don't say. Restart your browser, remove all cookies and temporary internet files and such. I did all that. It's still there.

I think the problem occured after I was changing in my details (edit your details).


Appearantly when looking at "new threads" the date is starting at 07-11-2008 and sooner.
If I show all threads however, it looks like it's normal: Todays date and so on.


Any ideas?

Edit: I happend to make this post when X.e.r.e.x was posting his. Sorry for that.