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  • Sure, use it for whatever you'd like. I'm not going to register on that site though.
    Hi Mr. Bob! I'm the Tutorial Moderator at, the StarCraft 2 modding community, and I've bumped across your tutorial "from WC3 modeling to SC2 modeling".
    I'd be delighted to invite you to post your tutorial at our community, and to welcome you there. :D
    You... You actually WANT Bob? My god, do you even realize what you may have unleashed.....

    Indeed but I would lose the links to all my images, which are long lost in some old photobucket account.
    Well I would love to post the one I have up but it's closed and I don't want to re-write them all =S
    I did, however, sign up to your site.
    Nah, it's just that after SC2 came out, the editor was a kind of disappointment, so I went back to Hl2/L4D2 mapping :)
    But it wasn't for attention or anything, it was just to apology I couldn't send a last version
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Congratulations to you too! I might stay idle for the next, depending on the theme:) But I can't wait to see your entry fro the next one:)
    YAY! Celebrating that WE GOT THIRD PLACE!:)
    Although I reaelly did not expect that:)
    Nah, it doesn't work. You have 40++ pages in your Terrain Contest thread while I only have 18 pages.

    Anyway I found your submission already, wip2 :D
    I heard you're asking about anims, so for the wind rider you could make three of them uses attack animation with different speed.
    For example, the left one has 200% speed, mid 85%, right 115%.

    You need more grass doodads though...
    Anyway, I' here because I can't seem to find your submission, my thread only has 18 pages with 40++ comments each page.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) for some reason i lol'd of your status bar, even enough to give you a rep. Seriously, i think that is awesome.
    I will be finished with the perspective very soon.
    I hope you haven't started with one yourself, as I am only a few words away from finishing it.
    I like that idea, the wicked adventure sounds more fun to read, and even write? I am not sure but I think that would be a cool idea. OF course we'll have to get the plot figured out before writing, maybe create a character bio for ach characters we plan to have.
    The more we plan out, the better it becomes. Or ateleast in my perspective.
    Finding a time our times colide seems to be our biggest problem though, I am online at mostly 17-22:30 in my time which is 18-23:30 in your time. So let's deside on a point of that time where we both work together on the plot, and the main story so that our storys are only differant as they are from other perspectives but still not too differant from each other.
    Yea... I know, I suck at humor...
    We could of course go for something unnatural. One of us could write the girls perspective and I don't really know what my favorite is. We do not need to write one perspecitve per but of course that's the easiest way.
    I'm ok with anything so, just tell me what you like and if I like it enough, or if I absoloutly love it we go for it:)
    Sadly I am no girl;( But gay lovers? Nahh.. that was a joke... nay... ot just a joke! It was a great piece of ... nah.. it was a joke..
    I am kewl with many things... aslong as it wont kill me.
    Hello, I might need a new partner.. nay.. I Believe I need a new partner, so my proposal is that if I need a new partner, me and you team up for the short story Contest? This is just a question though
    Moin moin =)

    Na it's gone because all cried "omg this stupid seas =)" bla bla - cry cry - so I left it for those kiddies, that didn't understand anything - so crying n¤¤bs =)

    Greetings =D
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