The Forsaken

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Wind Waker's Journey
Map Info (Story)
As the High Elves fought against the orcs and humans on the lands and the vast deep seas of Azeroth, building thousands of boats and ships to defeat the intruders, they built a ship, this was no ordinary ship, not only could it cast spells and talk; it had a brain of it's own. Sylvanas, leader of the High Elves named this sacred ship the Wind Waker. After many years of victory on the shores of Azeroth, the Wind Waker met a unknown Warlock, the Warlock told the Wind Waker of a treasure called Rupture, the greatest treasure in the world - said to grant all wishes to the one who has it. The Wind Waker set on his journey to find this treasure, leading him to the Booty Bays; after a great battle between the elves and orcs on the seas, the Wind Waker sets his sail towards Lordaeron - alone, the home of the High Elves. From there is where our real story begins...

4 Chapters and 1 Interlude (Cinematic) Upcoming chapters are still in progress...

Different varieties of map types
Different types of gameplay including Exploration, Regular Melee Map, Teamwork Maps
(Even more to come!)

This is my first campaign and also my first time dealing with cinematic stuff.

Please, PM me or send me an email at [email protected] For bug reports, spelling errors, or balance suggestions. Big thanks!
I've already plans changing the first chapter, because it's kinda primitive.

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The Forsaken (Map)

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