Forsaken Library

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Hidden inside of a valley is a Library that contains books of ancient dark arts. The Library is highly forsaken by mages and shamans, but looking for adventure, you take your army towards the Library and establish your camp on the outskirts of the Library. Fight the enemy off and claim the dark arts for your people!

Map Info:


Players has two options, ignore the library and its resource of gold, or fight the Guards that protects the gates and build up your army with the dark Library's assistance, the choice is yours!


*2 Extra Gold Mines to fight over for resource/map control
*1 Advanced Merchant
*4 Green creep camps (2 each)
*6 Orange creep camps (3 each)
*1 Red creep camp Guarding the Merchant
*Although there is two ways to fight your enemy, the choice is completely yours to make in this square map!

Forsaken Library (Map)

Although this map is cute, it doesn't really look that good for a melee map. Set to Substandard.