the battle of glory

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This is a little 6 min film about humans glory


the battle of glory (Map)

23:16, 23rd Apr 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
pls read the submission rules before you upload map.

What sir -Septimus- is too kind to say is : "This map is gonna get rejected, kid".
And yes, take his advice and read the rules, since the Hive probably had it with people like me going : "Improve Description" - "Add Screen-shot" - "Add custom *insert generic W3 reference here*" etc.

- Rating : N / A
- Voting : N / A (should be removed and then re-uploaded)
Next time please read rules before posting! You can post thread in Map Development forum so people can see and check your work, they will tell you what to upgrade/improve etc. You can also check many tutorials here and learn!

If you have to ask anything about word editor just post thread here World Editor Help Zone
For triggers and Jass (or vJass) Code here: Triggers and Scripts Forum
and like I sad post unfinished map here: Map Development Forum

EDIT: Map isn't reported only because I already report one so I don't want to be bad dude -.^

(That don't mean that someone else wont report it)