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Glory of the Sea

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Glory of the Sea's

By Sunreaver
Map Info:
This map uses Singelands (Pirates Route) terrain and
contains the Kul'tras Faction as a playable race. This
race is a Naval Human race with powers of the sea.
The heroes of Kul'tras have mastered the storms and
use the magic of the ocean to advance their domain.


A new Race[Kul'tiras]
Naval Units
New Items
GUI Spells (lots of eye candy)
Dialogue Race Selection

How to play:

Select Kul'tiras at the beginning and build a standard
build order. The AI does not know how to use naval
units so you need to find them and destroy them if you
are playing alone.
To play as Kul'Tiras choose Humans

Fixed Terrain
Most stuff from previous versions
Multiplayer works perfectly fine now


Kul'tiras, melee, altered human[/tr]

Glory of the Sea (Map)

Approved. I liked your troll race more, but this one is nice aswell. If you want more reviews, try joining the Grand Review Exchange.
Great race and the first one I played with trained ships. Is this part of the Ultimate Battle mod? Does the generating gold only work once for all trading ports (I hope so).

Some suggestions to improve this race and the map:
  • Show some floating text with the added gold on trading ports.
  • Airships should not have Chaos damage. Chaos damage for regular trained units is always pretty unfair.
  • Add AI support for the race. Either let the player choose which Computer players have the new race or set it randomly for Human. You can use a campaign AI script if a melee AI is too difficult to create. I have no experience with melee AI scripts. Playing against this race would be real fun. If AI cannot handle ships, you can at least train them as guarding units.
  • I think the race is a bit overpowered. At least some of the abilities seem to cause too much damage.
  • Add Gnomish Submarines (there is a custom model) and allow the AI to buy Goblin Submarines which can Submerge and fire torpedoes.
  • Add Petard Ships like in AoE2.
  • Add an upgrade/ability for cannon towers against ships. Something like extra damage against ships, so you can defend your island against them.
  • Fix choosing the race when you are not Human.
  • Maybe add some portals to islands with Goldmines for the AI to expand. I am not sure if they move workers there but I might be wrong. You could also add portals on the water for ships since the start locations are pretty far away. I played with warpten and greedisgood and the enemy AI seemed to be stuck on their island even when buying Zeppelins. You could also add small islands next to every island with a portal and shallow water between the portal island and the real island with the goldmine so the AI has to cross shallow water when attacking you and you can still use your navy.
  • Add a line break to the initial dialog title.
  • Naval Seargent portrait model is broken. It gets black after the animation.
  • Ships should maybe cost food (including the hired ones) but I am not sure. At this state you can train unlimited ships and attack every expansion on the map? Maybe it is good the way it is since ships cannot move on land?
  • Every goldmine and neutral building should be reachable from the water to be attacked by ships. Some seem to be away too far from the water. There is no point in using ships if you cannot attack every base with them. The enemy player could avoid your navy by just using the gold mines which cannot be reached from the water. Of course he has to enter your island at some point but maybe he just attacks with many air units. If the player has to fight your navy then the other standard races must get something stronger against ships I think.
  • Maybe add some amphibious unit to train in the shipyard.
  • Add screenshots and a techtree to the map description.

I would rate higher with fully working AI support for this race and the enemy really reaching me on my island.
I didn't really test all heroes but the custom abilities are really well done.