Road Of Glory

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This is my current project. It's a dungeon/boss map.
The point is to fight several bosses. You choose a class, 4 spells and go beat the road.

Features :
It is playable from 1 to 12 players (bosses HP are adjusted depending on the amount of players).
2 classes available with 22 different spells.
6 different bosses.
A PvP arena system.
16 different items.
7 difficulty modes.

Video :

Game Datas :

Main heroes


Mage Spells

Warrior Spells

Archer Spells

  • Fire Ball : Shoot a fire ball on a target. Deal fire damage and ignite the target.
    Stage 2 : increase the amount of fire balls to 2.
    Stage 3 : increase the amount of fire balls to 3 and increase their size.
  • Ice Ball : Shoot an ice ball on a straight line. Deal ice damage.
    Stage 2 : on collision, the ball releases 5 shards dealing lesser ice damage. Also mini-stun the target.
    Stage 3 : the ball is casted over the mage and releases shards on enemies near. Eventually, the ball charge an enemy, dealing ice damage and stunning.
  • Thunder Ball : Shoot 2 thunder balls toward a direction. Deal thunder damage. The balls are unstable and don't go straight.
    Stage 2 : the balls are stable and release an electric current between them.
    Stage 3 : release a red thunder ball that deals thunder damage and purges its target and 2 lesser thunder balls turning around it and releasing an electric current. The 2 lesser balls last longer than the red one.

  • Magic Cloud : Create a cloud supporting the mage and making him fly. Also increase move speed.
    Stage 2 : the cloud's flying height can be controled with a sub-skill.
    Stage 3 : the cloud releases weak thunder balls under the mage's feet.
  • Magic Shield : Create a shield of pure magic in front of an ally that blocks projectiles. Only block elemental projectiles and also block projectiles launched by the owner of the shield. It is destroyed after a duration or when it is dealt enough damage.
    Stage 2 : the shield can be dropped where it stands with a sub-skill and no longer blocks the owner's projectiles.
    Stage 3 : the shield reflects missiles instead of blocking them.
  • Water Blessing : Increase the speed of the mage as well as the speed of its spells for 10 seconds.
    Stage 2 : also increase his spell power and last 15 seconds.
    Stage 3 : also slightly increase his attack speed and last 20 seconds.

  • Blood Drain : Shoot a cursed skull missile on a straight line. It steals life from its target and bring it back to the mage. Life stolen depends on the mage's max life.
    Stage 2 : increase life stealth ratio and return the life more straightly.
    Stage 3 : highly increase the projectile's speed.
  • Void Rift : Create a void rift dealing void damage to whoever steps on it. It lasts for some duration. Any missile that falls into the rift is absorbed to increase its power.
    Stage 2 : attract near projectiles to it.
    Stage 3 : when the rift disapears, it unleashes missiles it absorbed.
  • Holy Bolt : Shoot a holy ball on a target. Deal holy damage. Whenever it collides with another holy spell, its power is doubled.
    Stage 2 : the ball is much slower.
    Stage 3 : the ball has an increasingly power.

  • Ultima : Cast a holy explosion in target area. Deal holy damage and destroy non-holy projectiles as well. If a void missile is destroyed this way, Ultima's power is lessened.
    Stage 2 : increase the explosion area size.
  • Energy Basin : Create an indestructible basin for some time. It releases fire, ice or thunder balls on near enemies.
    Stage 2 : also release void and holy balls.
  • Not Yet Implemented

Not Yet Implemented

  • Powershot : Shoot a powerfull arrow on a straight line. Deal physical damage, knockback and mini-stun the target.
    Stage 2 : pierce through the units it encounters.
    Stage 3 : slightly follow target's movements.
  • Arrow Of Light : Shoot a holy arrow over the archer's head. Deal holy damage. The arrow redirects its course toward the target once it reaches enough height.
    Stage 2 : shoot up to 3 similar holy arrows ; the spell becomes a channeling.
    Stage 3 : also release a curative spray around the target, healing the allies around him.
  • Bow Assault : Create a bow loaded with a fire arrow. It fires on the first enemy standing in front of the archer. Deal fire damage and ignite.
    Stage 2 : also create a bow loaded with an ice arrow that mini-stuns its target.
    Stage 3 : also create a thunder arrow that purges its target.

  • Swift Move : Quickly move on the archer's right side.
    Stage 2 : jump instead.
    Stage 3 : increase damage and speed for arrows fired while jumping.
  • Multishot : Shoot an arrow on up to 2 targets in front of the archer. Use arrows from the archer's inventory. Add a side effect depending on the type of arrow used.
    Stage 2 : doesn't spend arrows from the inventory anymore and increase the target amount to up to 20.
    Stage 3 : also shoot a free arrow every 10 seconds (but doesn't add side effect for it).
  • Haste : Avoid the melee attacks on the archer for some time.
    Stage 2 : also increase his movespeed and the speed of his attacks.
    Stage 3 : also turn the archer invisible for a shorter duration or until he attacks.

  • Moon Glaive : Shoot a moon glaive doing a circular movement and going through the units encountered. Deal physical damage.
    Stage 2 : also slow the targets.
    Stage 3 : add 2 lesser moon glaive turning around the main one and dealing additional damage.
  • Soul Blast : Shoot 2 magical birds. Deal void damage.
    Stage 2 : also reduce the target's damage.
    Stage 3 : double the birds' size and reduce damage even more.
  • Impact : Shoot a demolition ball. Deal physical damage and explode on the ground, dealing additional physical damage on the area.
    Stage 2 : also knockback the units when it explodes.
    Stage 3 : ignite the ball ; it deals fire damage instead and ignites its targets.

  • Knock'n Slash : Run toward a target. Deal physical damage increased by the archer's speed. Also knockback encountered units and deal lesser damage if they are enemies. The archer moves faster and faster during his run.
    Stage 2 : zigzag toward the target instead of running straight.
  • Illusion Strike : Swiftly move with a circular pattern. The archer leaves 2 doubles behind him that attack the target using the same arrows from the archer's inventory at the time he casted. They also cast a weakened version of the archer's first spell.
    Stage 2 : create 3 doubles instead.
  • Not Yet Implemented

Blood Mage

Spider Queen

Darkness Follower

Scorpion King

Fire Lord

Blade Master

  • Fire Rain : Shoot fire missiles on each enemy within 700 range from above. Deal fire damage and ignite.
  • Fire Elemental : Summon 1, 2 or 3 elementals depending on the blood mage's level. The elementals have a weak melee attack and immolation, which ignites enemies around them. They also explode on death or when their time is done unless they are killed with an ice ability.
  • Slide Move : Create a magic cloud, not flying much high but fastly moving the blood mage on right and left sides.
  • Frost Ring : Shoot 11 ice missiles around the blood mage. Deal ice damage and stun.

  • Spider Egg : Create an egg. If it survives for a short duration, it summons a weak spiderling.
  • Curse Chain : Deal physical damage to an enemy. Also slow if there are spiderlings within 250 range around the target.
  • Hell Roots : Create a void rift under the spider queen. Any enemy stepping on it is trapped, unable to move and is dealt damage over time.
  • Egg Shot : Prepare the shooting of an high-speed egg. Deal physical damage. The preparation is a channeling.

  • Fire Spirit : Summon an elemental. It has no attack but can turn into a fire missile, dealing fire damage.
  • Dark Switch : Exchange place with another unit.
  • Ghost Form : Transform the darkness follower into a ghost. Slow his attack and make him insensible to any kind of physical attack.
  • Void Assault : Shoot a void ball. Deal void damage. The ball releases axes that deal physical damage.

  • Poison Spread : Shoot several poisoned projectiles over time. Deal physical damage and slow. It is a channeling.
  • Sand Strike : Blind the players watching the scorpion king with sand for some time.
  • Scorpion Charge : Charge in front of the scorpion king. The units crushed are dealt damage over time.
  • Bottom Attack : Hide in the ground to reapper under the target or the target location. Deal damage, stun and send the units within 250 range of the reappering point flying.

  • Lava Shoots : Change the projectile type of the fire lord basic attack making it easier to avoid. Also release fire missiles periodically on a random enemy within 600 range dealing fire damage.
  • Burning Charge : Charge toward the target position. Deal fire damage and ignite units encountered.
  • Greater Immolation : Add a strong immolation buff to the fire lord for a brief amount of time. Ignite enemies around him.
  • Fire Bath : Create a lava area on the ground. Deal fire damage over time to units within 680 range. It is a channeling.

  • Air Attack : Jump toward the target position and perform a vertical slash. Deal physical damage.
  • Whirlwind : Charge toward a target and attack every units on the blade master's path. It is a channeling.
  • Firaga : Shoot 3 fire balls on the farthest enemy within 1000 range. Deal fire damage and ignite. The missiles are likely to miss if the target is too close to the blade master.
  • Angel Sword : Create a sword slashing around the blade master. Deal holy damage and knockback units within 275 range.

Credits :
I credit all the stuff I imported (and that is not mine) whether I actually use it already or not.
Judash137: AngelSword, DeathSpell, HellHole, HellRootsBuff, ShadowBall, MagicShield and Ultima.
Infrisios: ArcaneGlaive.
Mc !: BlackHole.
Ampharos_222: BlackMage (Model & Skin).
Pike & Hueter: Legolas (Mesh & Skin).
Suselishe: FrostFury.
UgoUgo: OrbOfFire.
00110000: GoldenLight.
sPy: EnchantedArrow.
Champara Bros: RoyalArrow, BloodPresence.
Devine: BloodMissile.
JetFangInferno: LightNova.
Anvil: Furnace.
Thrikodius: ThunderShield.
eubz: BanditShield.
-Grendel: ToxicWeed.
-SkatinG_CoW-: FireShield.
Pyritie: MistAura.
Blood Raven: SwordDecoration.
Vexorian: Dummy.
DotA Modding Team: Tornado.

Anachron: NumberOne, NumberTwo, NumberThree and NumberFour.
Mr.Goblin: TripleShot.
xDeathKnightx: SilverBow.
kola: SilverArrow.

I would enjoy a good loading screen. PM me if you are interested in making one :).

Changelog :
[B]23 feb 2013 :[/B]
- First release here

[B]24 feb 2013 :[/B]
- Bug fixes
- Few balancing

[B]10 apr 2013 :[/B]
- Enabled bosses to be used outside the arena
- Added 3 new spells : Water Blessing, Multishot and Haste
- Replaced Void Sphere by Blood Drain
- Added a burn effect to most fire spells
- Added a stun effect to some ice spells
- Added a purge effect to some thunder spells
- Changed Ice Ball target type from unit to point for stage 1 and 2
- Changed the stage 3 of Ice Ball
- Magic Shield can now be casted on an ally
- Balanced some spells and boss HP
- Changed the way Ghost Form is coded
- Changed few special effects

[B]10 apr 2013 :[/B]
- Optimized the map
- Multishot range increased a bit and fixed stage 3 not working
- Bosses from the arena no longer have difficulty-related bonuses
- Increased Darkness Follower's movespeed
- Remade the attack in Ghost Form as it previously was
- Dark Switch can now target allies
- Other bug fixes
- Various balancing

Non-optimized version

Boss, Bosses, Dungeon

Road Of Glory (Map)

Approved - "It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness."Road Of Glory (No Version/s Stated) RateScorePercentLetter 5/591-100A RateScorePercentLetter 4/581-90%B RateScorePercentLetter 3/575-80%C RateScorePercentLetter...




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- "It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness."
Road Of Glory (No Version/s Stated)









"Road Of Glory" is a Hero Arena game where you choose 3 types of class type may it be a warrior, archer, or mage you set your way into using powerful spells, defeating bosses and unlocking them.

"This is one of the boss fights that I have fun with, the controls are very user-friendly, no much materials to confuse or complicate the matter and simply dive in the fight and so fort."



"Terrain is very blank and so much space probably for the boss fights but since the terrain is meant for the game play itself, then there's no much problem shown here"



"Overall no much problem I have encountered in the game, everything went smooth and no fatal or any bugs found in the game."

Total Score:

Feb 24, 2013

- has reviewed map
Level 16
Mar 27, 2011
Looks very interesting. Appears theres some very interesting mechanics. For example, the sandking burrowing. And the dust cloud which reduces visibility of your teammates and the boss himself. I'd recommend a map preview image though. The current looks ugly.
Level 11
Jul 11, 2010
Many thanks for approval :goblin_good_job:

I'll have to polish it, but since I'm late for the heroes and their spells and their items, that would be my priority (at the moment, I have some exams to care about so I'm slow :s).

Map previews and loading screens are usually my weak point ^^. I have absolutly no idea of what to put instead of the ugly minimap.

I added the credits on the map description as well. But keep in mind that not every imported stuff are used yet.
Level 11
Jul 11, 2010
Thank you Hell_Master and ldragogode297.
HammerFist132, I'm looking forward your idea. It would be great to know what kind of preview screen I should make :ogre_haosis:

Updated the map.
The 2 main heroes have now 11 spells each (they only miss 1 ultimate each). I also enabled the heroes you can pickup in the arena to go fight on the road (they are available once you killed the boss and only for the player who dealt the finishing blow).
There are surely bugs cause of their abilities, let me know if you find one.

Of course, you can't use both your hero and your boss-hero at the same time.

Also, there is a bug I'm aware of : if you buy stuff from the shop with a boss-hero, you just end up loosing gold. So don't do that ^^

Enjoy (please :p)


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Level 11
Dec 2, 2012
Hello Tirlititi, I quite liked your map, Road of Glory. It had very nice mechanics and boss fights. I really liked how you needed to be in a certain range of NPCs to talk to them, and how their dialogues weren't instant. Some of the character's dialogues had typos though. For example, when Xanxus is introducing himself, he says "dongeon." The word should be "dungeon." I liked how projectiles didn't go through doodads. I loved how the player had the "change ability" skill and how he could really customize his or her hero. You gave each ability a detailed tooltip too. It seemed as if none of your abilities were just regular warcraft 3 abilities with different effects and a different tooltip. You had really nice, custom abilities. I really liked the element system as well. It put a cool new spin on the gameplay. Your terrain wasn't the best, but you still impressed me. One other feature I really liked about your map was the reviving units. Lastly, your bosses. They all had very unique and polished spells. Every one was unique, and every one was hard.
I love your map Tirlititi.
I give you +rep and a
(Get that map preview for a 5/5!)