[Strategy / Risk] The Alternative Future ADVANCE

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Dec 19, 2015
Alternative Future ADVANCE

Hello everyone. I am currently working on a tangent of an existing map with the author's permission.
The map this project is a mod started from is Alternative Future FINAL 1.4C by Holy_Sausage. The new map will be rebranded ADVANCE and start at version 1.0a

This is a huge undertaking for just one person, but the core systems of the map are solid and provide balanced and exciting game play. If you are unfamiliar with the map, it is a 12 player competitive PvP game of geopolitics set on Earth starting in the year 1947 and playing until modern day. Players start out as a nation or multinational alliance and are in locked positions to keep the early game balance. The map features simple systems to focus on the core gameplay and traditional combat strategies. This enables players to focus on both micro and macro as this is a very large scale game that often times pushes the limits of what a WC3 game can do. offers many opportunities including the chance to destroy the world in a fiery apocalypse.

Game Modes
The game features five different game modes changing the starting scenario, alliances, unit tech trees, and income levels.

Standard Game
The Standard game is the most played mode by far and what the inital game balance is designed around. Players start with similar circumstances around the world and the game is balanced for all 12 players to be able to wage war against nearly any nation from the beginning of the game. This mode has free alliances and everyone begins the game in a neutral state. Some areas of land is controlled by a neutral hostile player to drive expansion outside of conflicts, though disagreement over expansion into the hostile territories often lead into a war breaking out.

This mode features all traditional combat units in the game as well as nuclear weapons. There are many paths to expand your income, cores, or unit technology in addition to various apocalypse paths. These include an alien invasion, a Satanic uprising, the Zombie pandemic, Skynet and nuclear apocalypse!

Competitive 6v6
This mode is mostly just for clan games or other organized players who wish to play a competitive team game. In this mode players will decide at the beginning of the game which team they want to be on. A random option is also available. Aside from the locked diplomacy this mode will play exactly like Standard Mode does including all paths, units, and income.

Universe 4850
This mode is currently in a pre-alpha stage. It will feature 8 players starting out as traditional type nations and 4 players will begin the game as either a hero group, an apocalypse, or a villan. This mode is very loosely based off of different Marvel and DC comics lore with a mix of the geopolitics involved in a world of superheroes. This mode is currently unplayable and is being worked on as a top priority only behind the standard mode of the game.

Second World War
Second World War was the second most popular mode in the Final brand of Alternative Future. Unfortunately due to a large number of coding bugs and fundamental flaws with the mode, it will be easier to completely redo this from the ground up. The mode will feature locked alliances and specific goals in game rather than being an open sandbox style of game. The game will have units and incomes unique to the mode as well as a distinct atomic bomb from the other modes.

The Cold War
This mode will play similarly to WW2 in that it will have locked alliances. The mode will focus on proxy wars and eventual combat between the superpowers. The players can either side with either the Capitalists or the Communists and fight for one world ideology. This mode is also in pre-alpha and is currently on the backburner while I brink the other modes up to an alpha release.

Income in the game is centralized around a two minute yearly timer that's focused on Gold and Drafts while Oil represents in game food. The income is control point based with there being a large number of cities, resources, and regional capitols.

Gold: can be gained from yearly tax income, resource income, financials, and trade.
Drafts: are gained yearly based upon cities and core cities that you own.
Oil: is produced from various resources, Financial cities, factories, and nuclear power plants.

The capturable resource points in game are Iron, Gold, Uranium, Oil, Naval Oil, Diamonds, and Helium 3 deposits.

Core cities provide more income and draft income for players than a non-core does while various national capitals and large named cities provide the same income regardless of who captures them. This, along with the ability to core other nation's cities to your own adds for a varied and unique game between pro and inexperienced players alike.

Nations in Game
There are 12 starting nations in the game that each have distinct styles and unit strategies from one another and different priorities when it comes to how and when to build up your income and when to fight. Some nations favor certain archetypes over others while many have a more balanced approach to the game. That being said all nations can potentially employ the same strategies, they will just have varying levels of effectiveness.

  • USSR

The Soviet Bear is a diverse and strong nation. They begin with the potential to be a dominant nation in Europe, the Middle East, or even Asia. The Soviet's main strength are it's diverse paths and close proximity to most of the action in game. With the Slavic Confederacy path, Slavic infantry are nearly endless and an overwhelming red ball of death. The Soviets are a strong land power at the start of the game with thier income and draft potential. The soviets have the best massable tanks during T1 and T2 with the strongest during T2 and T3. Soviets are one of the only 4 nations to have artillery before T3 and one of the only 3 nations that have long range missiles after T3. The Soviet air force is subpar during T0 and T1 but really picks up speed during T2. They are the first nation to have bombers with 80% eva and have strong fighters starting at T2. The T3 bombers gain invis but lose damage and hp. The Soviets have an expansive territory to fall back in with many chokes and Russian cities provide a defensive boost. World Communism is the best path in the game and fall back plan.

The main weakness of the USSR is their immense size making them a prime target for either being ganked or outmanuvered. Siberia is almost always left undefended and accounts for a decent chunk of Soviet Income. Until tech 2, the Soviets must rely on their superior income to defeat opponents in their early wars as their units are sub-par until Tech 2 when they become good. With superior micro, a clever player can easily defeat weaker massed numbers. Soviets lack united waters and thus require navies in both the east and the west if required. Soviets also don't have much potential in the way of Trade or Financial paths of gaining income. While they start with an Eastern and Western port, they do not have much potential for securing partners. Moscow is the only guranteed Financial city and taking Istanbul or Berlin will almost always result in war. Gulags take a long time to pay themselves off and are financial trap. Above all else, the Soviets biggest weakness is Siberia.

Where to Start
The Soviets begin with a large income and the only need for expansion is to compete with the other major powers in the game. They have the option to gain +1k income early on by upgrading their oil, or could fight a war for Eastern Europe or Turkey and Iran. All of these will net about the same ammount of income. After the Soviets fight and win their first war, they can begin to upgrade tech and prepare for any rising nations that wish to destabilize Europe or Asia. They command a balanced and strong force focusing on pushing via land or sea in the early game and switich to aireal dominance come Tech 2. If you plan on fighting multiple players or simply saving gold for more expansion, the Slavic Confederacy path is great. It allows you to be agressive and competetive while saving gold for increasing income or making a large mechanized force.

  • USA

USA strength's lie in its positioning and historical strenghts. The US location - a source of security and dominance. This allows the US to have more of a relaxing state of mind during the early turns unlike most nations. This combined with few potential enemies, financial potential, and boasting some of the best infantry in the game makes the United States quite the force to be reckoned with. The US airforce produces the best fighters for the gold spent, while the bombers suck until T1 then become big, bulky, and effective. The US is the only nation to have 80% eva fighters and bombers. The tanks are great early game and decent late game. The US is one of the only nations with a long range missile at T3. When it comes to paths, American Empire is easy to pull off early game and United State provides a good late game income boost for any USA. One other thing about the US that few nations can compete with is its superoir auras. The Propaganda aura also affect's allies, and the Last Stand aura makes such a noticeable difference in battles, it's a shame it's not often used.

The weakness of a U.S would usually stem from her player's lack of reaction and presentation. The U.S has all the tools it needs to become a world power, economy, good tech, and the world's finest units. A few examples of the weaknesses of a U.S would be her pride - the U.S overvalues her units and moneyflow that she will never invade with a force of a conqueror, but a force to shock, while the player thinks vice versa. U.S will also have a tough time actually deploying and holding ground - as she as no influence anywhere in the world unless through allies. She also has no outer cores except for Israel, which is already in a horrible position. Even if the U.S does pull off a sucessful invasion anywhere in the East - as European colonies are seen by Asia, the U.S will be seen as an intruder to anyone anywhere in the world. This would turn out to a U.S getting ganked and kicked out. This means the U.S potential is very limited if she does not have influence in Asia. Make sure to get allies in the East, or expand in your sphere. Your choice. Her lack of oil is also a weakness, but you should know why.

Where to Start

  • British Empire

The British Empire is the strongest colonial power in game and can become quite the supwerpower. The British strengths lie mainly in thier vast starting colonies and thier high starting income. This allows them to expand greatly at the start of game and win early wars easily compared to other nations. The British Infantry units are all pretty mid-range with the ability to produce US infantry via the British World path. The Indian Colonial Infantry are easily massable and a good asset in the East. The British Navy is almost always unmatched in terms of size giving them the power to protect thier land anywhere. British tanks are decent early game while getting much better in the late game. The Fighters are also sub-par early game and improving by a huge magin come T2. The British Bombers have good firepower and evasion, but with lower hp than most. The British don't reciece much in terms of specialsbut the 00-Agents are worth noting. While expensive, they are actually not bad for a battlefield role rather than an espionage one. Flagships are exclusive to the UK and have great anti unit attacks but cannot attack buildings.


Where to Start
The British Empire has the most options of any nation in the game at the start. They possess a great starting income and the most spread out nation. They usually either want to focus on colonization on one region in the world, using their dominant income to end any early wars before they begin. Asia is the most promising in terms of potential income, but that involves the most potential enemies. Another option is to invade the middle east in the first few turns of the game with ships and using Cyprus as a base to repair and build troops. Africa, or South America are both potential targets as well. These will yield less, but both are easy enough fights for the UK early on. With a navy and Infantry support or vice versa, the UK can be quite a destructive force early on. As time goes on you lose your edge in the air and other nations catch up on the ground as well. Pick your battles wisely.

  • European Union

When it comes to the EU, the paths have more of an effect than any other nation for changing units and cores. Purple begins the game in a mostly condensed position in Europe having only France and the Soviet Union directly competeing for land in the area. They start the game with stronger tanks, fighters, and Special Forces than both red and DG giving them an advantage in tech early on. Europe is small and has good choke points for prolonged conflicts. As you reach T1, Nazi soldiers and fighters/bombers are needed to keep up with other nations in the game. The two Italian paths increase Rome's income by 400g and isn't a bad investment before going Nazi. The Nazi Air Force is strong during T1 with good fighters and decent bombers. Nazi tech sees it's next improvement with stealth bombers during T3. Purp is the only nation with 2 stealth bomber options. German tanks are decent all game long. Purple has many great bases that can be fortrified depending on thier playstyle. Purple also benefits from having options also with colonies in Africa, South America, East Asia, and Pacific

Where to Start

  • India

India is usually seen as a lesser nation in the game. This can work in thier favor having other nations undervalue your units. India has good Special Forces during the early game allowing for a decently quick expansion with some micro. The Indian Infantry is thier main strength. They have the Divine Presence upgrade which gives +85 hp for a mere 3750. This turns India's Colonial Infantry into fighters tougher than Islamic Gurellias. With a commander, these infantry can get you very far in the game. Kali-Ma adds buffs infantry spam well. India's Air Force and Tanks are very weak until T2 comes along. This leaves them to focus on Infantry, Trade, and Industrializing for the first half of the game. India starts with 3 ports & many potential trade partners. After T2 hits, India's tanks and fighters no only catch up with the rest of the world, they become better than most. This trend continues with India's tanks while India develops a faster, but weaker fighter. The Hal Tejas is a good scout and nuke/bomber hunter. India's position makes them quite secure from any land based attacks.


Where to Start

  • China
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  • Arab League

The Arabs are a very strong central nation and is oftentimes seen by many as one of the easiest to play. While the Arabs have a varied range of strengths, they are often times overshadowed by the awesome power of the Islamic Gurellia. These are the only infantry in game to have havy armor and can withstand much more damage than standard infantry. The tanks of the AL are top notch with a mix of Soviet and US technologies until T3. The Arabs have artillery at T0 and gain Ballistic Missiles at T3. Arabian fighters are above average during the entire game while the bombers are piss poor. In addition to the Gurellias, the AL can train Irmams which grant an atk speed aura to allied units. The arabs begin the game with more oil than any other nation and a decent financial base. They have the potential to be a major contender without much expansion and are always seen as a force to be reckoned with. The atk speed aura of Arab cities is great for defending or attacking and adds to thier tool set. The Arabs also are one of the two nations who can build terrorist airliners dealing huge damage.

The biggest weakness of the Arabs is their weak starting income and their central position. Many nations look to green with wanting eyes seeking to take one of Arabia's many riches. It is hard to balance a profitable green while facing many wars, and you are often making the decision of being militaristic or being peaceful and risking being invaded early on in the game. As the game progresses it begins to be easier to defend Arabia, but green lacks any decent bomber and as such, cannot face a large navy without very heavy losses. Other than these minimal things, the arabs can handle a suprising number of attacks and or ganks when they get thier upgrades. A rich Arabia is a strong Arabia and a one of the greatest powers in Eur-Asia. A minimal yet annoying thing about the AL is that they cannot make ufo's unless they steal the tech from another nation. This just adds to the tension the AL brings and tendency for many wars.

Where to Start
The Arabs are right in the middle of many larger expanding nations. They need to act quickly to secure a large ammount of the neutral lands around them before other players do. The first turn, your primary goal should be securing Istanbul and the Suez canal. Pay close attention to any nations that are building in or near any arabian lands early as that is when you are the weakest and players are most likely to attack. As you begin to expand, you need to begin upgrading your infantry as early as you can. The attack upgrades are much more helpful than the hp upgrades, but both are welcome. Once all cores are secured, the Arabs can begin to become a world power. They have many oil reserves and financials that can provide a great boost to income. The Arabs are primarily a land power and can steamroll anyone they have a land border with.

  • Latin Alliance
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  • Japan

Japan relies mainly on thier naval and air prowess to accomplish thier goals. They begin the game isolated from much of the world in East Asia. Most of the lands around Japan are neutral leaving them free to expand unhindered. The ninjas allow Japan to expand quicker than almost all other nations. Japanese infantry is above average but they lack Spec forces until they go one of thier two paths. Rising Sun is good for an economic boost and helpful defense of the islands while Korea is great for a land based power. Japan can produce 2 battleships from Tokyo that help give them the edge at sea. The Air Force is somewhat divided as Japanese fighters, while massable have very poor stats until T2. They produce the best fighters at T2 which remain good into late game. The Japanese Bombers are the best in the game from T1 on and the best stealth bombers as well. Japan also has terrorist airliners. Japan's tanks until T3 are slow and expensive, but strong. The T3 tanks are weak, but Giant Robots are very tanky and also have AA. Pride Aura is a beneficial buff provided by infantry.


Where to Start
Japan starts with one tiny island and low income. Luckily they have a shipyard. Japan can choose to either start and early war against expansionists or become a great empire herself. Korea should always be the first point of interest for Japan, as they are core cities. The absolute fastest way to expand as Japan is to utilize the splash damage of the weaker irishima battleship to kill city spawns while a transport ship filled with 10 ninjas follows behind and takes the cities after the spawns are killed. If you become faced with an imperialist and wish to force them out early, a well balanced navy is key to success. If you can win a major victory in an early naval battle imperialists will not return until much later, if at all. An early fight with china requires maintaining naval supremacy. You need to take the coast and bleed them out until they peace, or you can attack with overwhelming force.

  • Brazil
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  • French Empire

Le France is like a mix between UK and Germany. They begin as a modest colonial power owning much of the Saharan Desert with colonies in South America, Asia, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. They have the potential for a turn 1 Battleship or Carrier. France is very defensible and condensed with Paris being worth 500g/turn. The French tanks start out good but fall in power with each Tech. The French Air Force is lacking a T1 fighter, but is good overall. GR-7's allow france to be flexible with what they want to do in game and the Eurofighters help dominate the skies late game. The French paths are useful and they can all stack with eachother. Napoleonic Infantry and Special Forces are much stronger than most surrounding nations. France usually has only one big potential enemy, being Africa. The French Economy is usually decently strong with the help of French ports in Europe and Africa. France is often times seen as a weaker nation so people may undervalue the French military machine, but it can be a great and powerful force throughout the entire game.

  • African Union

The African Union is the most powerful nation in the south. They start with a semi-isolated position away from the major wars of the world. The African Union benefits from having cores all over Africa and cheap but good infantry. They can easily become a superpower if they hold all of Africa and the continent is only accessible over land via two small choke points. The AU has a mix of all the better technologies and could be seen as the jack of all trades. The Recess Forces are great early special forces and the tanks are above average. The African air force doesn't take off until T1 but come back with 4 star fighters and bombers. The Fighters continue to improve to T3 while GR-7's remain relevant. The AU has only one main potential enemy being France. African tech easily overpowers france at T1. Of AU's paths, -cradle is the strongest and 2nd best path in the game. The double income really helps and unlike USSR, the AU usually does not get ganked for going cradle. Another benefit of cradle is the massive draft bonus leading to the biggest potential for UFO mass. AFRIKA OP!


Where to Start
The AU begins the game with the lowest income in the game but a lot of potential. They are on a head on collision course with France. The AU needs to act fast to secure it's rightful African lands from Imperialist scum. The quickest way to expand early as the AU is to make Reces Forces and focus on the resources in the congo and on the way to South Africa. The AU can use the landmark buff to their advantage when killing the spawns in South Africa. After you have secured the tip of South Africa along with the resources in the congo you could do a couple of things depending on how agressive the European powers are. You might be albe to get away with just demanding the lands from purple and teal in Africa. DG is usually much more abrasive to the idea of giving and war is usually required. To defeat France, utilize your commander and trenches. Gurellia infantry and upgrades are your friend.

In Game Units
Every nation in the game has a unique unit set. Some may have a common fighter or bomber but aside from that the units and play styles for them are different.
For a detailed list of all units, their stats, and a breakdown of how they compare to others in game: click me! (links to a google spreadsheet)

  • Basic Infantry
Infantry are the most basic land units in the game. They can be used for almost every purpose and are usually cheap and numerous. Basic infantry squads spawn with 4 troops and a stinger soldier for added AA. Basic Infantry is best used for sustained land fronts, quick home defense, unopposed expansion, and cheap added fodder or dps. They mix well with other unit types due to being somewhat diversified.
  • Special Forces
Special Forces act much like basic infantry but usually with added Damage, Abilities, HP, and Move Speed. This gives them more versatility but it comes at high cost. Spec Forces are often best used to take or destroy key buildings, harass the enemy and the added speed is good for closing distances quickly. Spec Forces are more effective at holding chokes defensively than standard infantry due to their higher dps rates.
  • Organized Infantry
Organized Infantry are typically very close to Basic Infantry in both stats and usage. The biggest difference between the types is that Basic Infantry squads come with a stinger for added versatility where as Organized Infantry have another Infantryman instead. This gives this a slight dps bonus vs land compared to Standard Infantry but they have no defense against Air.
  • Militia Troops
Militia troops also do not come with a stinger solider and instead rely on their cheap cost and reduced training times to overwhelm the enemy with numbers or to function as a meat shield while your tanks, special forces, helicopters, or other high dps troops to do the real damage to the enemy.
  • Heavy Infantry
The Heavy Infantry squad contains 2 stinger soldiers and 2 sappers. The Sapper can also attack air as a stinger can but it is less effective. Sappers also have a much better anti ground attack than stingers do and know how to repair both buildings and vehicles.
  • Tanks
Tanks can be a main driving force to end static land battles. They have a better range than ships and infantry and deal full damage to all units with the chaos attack. Tanks can also be repaired allowing them to take a considerable beating before they are destroyed. The range of tanks works very well with choke points to slaughter infantry. The downside to them is that they are clunky or often need Infantry to act as a meat shield while they do the lord's work.
  • Transport Vehicles
There are two over land transports, the Infantry Vehicle, and the APC. Both of these vehicles are capable of transporting 8 infantry units into battle, the Infantry Vehicle is more like a 5 ton military transport truck with only a very light attack. The Infantry Vehicle is faster and lighter compared with the APC; which has better armor plating and a heavy mini-gun to assist against infantry.
  • Artillery
Mobile Artillery units aren't often used in the game except against very dug in opponents early on in the game. The Mobile Artillery's long range can easily hit defenses from a long distance. They are a very frail unit and are easily the biggest glass cannons in the game. They compliment a player who takes things slow or needs to create a slightly larger defensive range than buildings can provide.
  • Strategic Missile Launchers
The Strategic Missile Launchers in the game come at Tech 3 for all nations except the Nazi Germany path. Strategic Missile Launchers have the longest range of any mobile unit in the game and can also be used against air units. They aid players who wish to push with land forces very well taking out enemies from a good distance. These units are very expensive compared to others but serve a much needed role for players who wish to go land as an archetype.
  • Agents
Agents serve a very niche purpose for nations. They can be effective covert scouts and assassins. They are also able to learn the mind control ability which allows them to take over any non-hero unit or building in the game excluding UFO's and Orbital Spaceships. This can provide a large advantage depending on how the ability is used. Agents are have the ability to spawn zombies once researched and potentially start the zombie apocalypse!

  • Fighter Planes
Fighters play a key role in determining the outcome of many battles. They are usually the cheapest and best form of Anti-Air.. They are the most mobile and adaptable form as well. As the game progresses, technology will progress and fighters will see a nice positive linear trend in hp, dps, and movement speed. Fighters are great for AA roles, scouting, protecting units from enemy bombers or helicopters, and intercepting nukes.
  • Bombers
Bombers have the best cost for damage ratio in the game and are very mobile compared to Land Units and Ships. Not the highest dps, but their slow massive attacks are often enough to deal huge damage to players. The biggest downside to bombers is usually their inability to deal with fighters. If left alone, bombers can easily destroy ground forces. Bombers deal damage to 2 infantry units at a time compared to other units. This makes them extremely effective in countering special forces and AA light infantry armies.
  • Helicopters
Helicopters are relatively new to the game, being introduced in TAF ADVANCE, and fill a mix of roles that other units previously provided. They are very versatile and open the game up in a lot of new ways. The Blackhawk and Hind Gunships sport Anti-Ground Missiles and have a modest AA attack. They can also carry 4 troops at a time while the Apache gunship has more firepower than the Hind but cannot carry any passengers. There is also a Heavy Lift transport that can carry 8 units with no attacks of its' own. To round out the helicopters, the Sea King is designed as an anti-submarine naval helicopter that is capable of carrying 4 units. The Sea King is also the only mobile detector unit in the game.
  • Paratrooper Planes
The paratrooper plane is the same for all nations. The planes are expensive but mobile and are able to drop 6 paratroopers where the plane is as a one time ability. The paratroopers are organized infantry that have a chaos attack. This makes them quite the threat and able to take buildings and destroy defenses easily. They also can get by other armor types in the game and even apoc units with divine armor!
  • UFO's
UFOs are one of the most destructive units in the game. They have massive damage and hp values but are very expensive to produce. They have the EMP ability which can deal a large amount of damage to any unit but those that are spell immune. UFO's are weak to masses of fighters and or Frigates. Late game fighters are also faster than the UFO's making it hard for them to run away from a losing fight.
  • Orbital Spaceships
Orbital Spaceships function similarly to UFO's in that they are large end game flying ships. The Orbital Spaceship is the only Air Unit capable of flying into Space and to other planets. They also have the same EMP ability that UFO's have with a better anti-ground attack. The AA on the orbital spaceship is

  • Supply Ships
Supply Ships are the only naval transport. They are able to carry up to 10 infantry. Supply ships can also construct naval buildings such as Coastal Batteries, Missile Skimmers, and Sonar Stations.
  • Liberty Ships
Liberty ships are landing craft that can be used to spawn Marines, Sappers and amphibious tanks. They are used in conjunction with air or sea troops for offshore invasions.
  • Destroyers
Destroyers are the cheapest of any naval unit. They can attack both ground and air units. Destroyers move quicker than most ships allowing them to scout or hunt submarines. Destroyers are able to detect submarines.
  • Cruisers
Cruisers are the cheapest ship that can attack buildings. These allows naval players to quickly expand into territories or fight ground units alike. The main weakness of the cruiser is its' inability to attack air units. This leaves them wide open to bombers and they require some form of AA protection to be truly effective.
  • Missile Frigates
Missile Frigates are a true AA ship. They are very lacking in attacks against ground units and cannot target buildings. The AA dps they provide is truly fantastic and the best hard counter to air aside from Fighters and SAM Sites.
  • Battleships
Battleships are the main driving force of any navy. They are an essential part of any serious navy. They have the power to deal with a wide range of threats. Battleships can attack ground units, buildings, and have a passive AA guns ability to attack bombers. They also have the ability to spawn Marines to venture inland and capture cities and resources.
  • Submarines
Submarines are great for added dps to any navy. They do not often fair well on thier own, unless hunting single ships or trade ships, because of thier very low hp. They have a decent damage output and are best used to give you the edge over enemy fleets. Subs are invisible while not attacking and could be used to scout or hunt unsuspecting ships. Subs are great for chokepoints due to their high dps values and can inflict large amounts of damage that way. Submarines can only attack ships and ground units while nuclear subs have a targeted missile ability.
  • Carriers
Carriers are the only ship in the game currently that has nation specific varieties. Carriers are mainly used for power projection in a given area. They are not designed for direct combat but as a naval support unit. They have a slow but powerful attack. They can also spawn fighters and bombers. Carriers can spawn marines like battleships and are able to detect invisible units with the proper upgrade. They have the widest detection range of any mobile unit.
  • Floating Fortress
The Floating Fortress is a very expensive, very powerful and versatile ship. They function like a bigger battleship for a much bigger price. The Floating Fortress boasts the highest HP of any ship and raw damage output. In addition to that, they can detect invisible units, spawn liberty ships, paratrooper planes, marines, and Sea King Helicopters. They can be a very explosive unit generating an invasion force very quickly.

The Apocalypse
There are multiple player triggered apocalypse events in the game. Once a player triggers an apocalypse event they gain full control of whichever apocalypse they have generated and lose control over all of their previous mortal holdings. The apocalypses in the game are: Nuclear Winter, Zombie Outbreak, Satan's Second Coming, an Alien Invasion, or becoming Skynet and gaining Terminator robots.

  • Nuclear Winter
There are multiple types of nuclear weapons in TAF ADVANCE that affect Nuclear Winter differently. Nuclear Winter is caused by the use of too many nuclear weapons by nations in the game. As of right now the two nukes vary in power and how quickly they make nuclear winter happen. Winter affects all cities in the game destroying most of the world's cities, resources and units. The other non-Earth planets are unaffected as well as Skartaris. After winter colonists begin to spawn at a quicker rate as everyone is trying to repopulate the world.

  • Zombie Outbreak
The Zombie Outbreak is the most explosive apocalypses and perhaps one of the most powerful. Zombies can be risen by agents and once a zombie kills a city, the outbreak begins. You will forfeit all current units and cities and will become the zombie horde. You are able to increase the size of your horde by killing units and destroying cities. Play to destroy all life on earth and become the only power left!

  • Alien Invasion
The Alien Invasion is one of the more common apocalypses that you see in game. This could be because of the accessibility of the path or the appeal of the units. To initiate the Alien Invasion, you must destroy the Alien Queen on Venus. You will forefit all of your current holdings for contorl over an alien mothership, ufos, alien tripods, and normal aliens. You lose all diplomatic options and remain at war with all players. The Alien Mothership has the ability to travel into space just as the Orbital Spaceship does.

  • Hell on Earth
The Portal to hell is the most expensive apocalypse currently in the game. The path trades all of your holdings for a demonic gate that periodically spawns demonic units of varying power levels. This path is granted 3 heroes in the form of Satan, the Anti-Christ, and The Betrayer. Instead of destroying cities, hell can capture them allowing satanic worshipers to be trained. These organized infantry, when upgraded, are capable of going toe to toe with some of the best infantries in the game. Heroes are revivable at the Portal to Hell and demonic spawns will continue until it is finished.

  • Skynet
Skynet is perhaps one of the weakest Apocalypse paths in the game and is more of insurance for after nuclear winter than anything else. Skynet's units are Terminator robots and Hunter Killer drones to get them across oceans and onto other continents. Skynet is capable of capturing cities and turing them into Skynet Factories adding to both their income and oil count. This can sometimes have a snowballing effect and allows them to become a formidable power after nuclear winter.

  • Skartaran Uprising (work in progress)
This apocalypse is only an idea at the moment with some of the framework in the game. Once a player controls all of Skartaris they will be able to revive the Evil Wizard that once ruled it becoming the Evil foces of Skartaris. These units can enter earth via a portal on the continent and think that Earth is rightfully theirs.

  • The Old Gods (idea)
This is just an idea at the moment but I think it would be interesting to have an apocalypse that is both very powerful and very limited at the same time. The Old Gods would be a Cthulhu path somewhat similar to the hell on earth path. The demons summoned at the portal would be more naval or air based and much slower and stronger than traditional hell demons perhaps with custom abilities.

Space and Beyond!
Every planet in the inner solar system is colonizable and have a unique tech tree in space. Ceres and the 4 Galilean moon are also colonizable.

There is also a special region where only commanders can travel to. This land, Skartaris, is filled with danger, dinosaurs, an evil wizard and more! Recruit local Skartaran troops to rise up and fight against the evil lord Demos!


Big shout out to [email protected] for creating and maintaining the game over the past 8 years bringing it to where the map was when you gave it to me. The advancements in the core systems, game play, and the community wouldn't have been possible without your dedication to the map. TAF ADVANCE by redbaron 4850. This map was started in Dec 2015 and in finally in a stable form.

Thank you to these people for their awesome models! They really add the depth to the game to make it unique from the standard Warcraft 3 Custom experience!

6pdr, Bunker, Coastal Battery, Dauntless, GrafZeppelin, hawker, JagdPanther_New, Kongo, M7 Priest, Pak 40, Parachute, Su-76, Super Flanker, T-26NewPart, Tone, Wespe

A-10 Thunderbolt II, aircraft carrier, B-17 Bomber, Destroyer, FA-22, Flak Cannon, Jeep, M1 Abrams, Mammoth Tank, Marine Spitfire, ME 109, Orca Fighter, TankT-34, Tesla Coil, Uboat, Cobra Helicopter, GDI MLRS, Yak9

AH-64, Blackhawk, Light Cruiser, M113 APC, Merchant Ship, Mi-8, Mig-31, PanverIVausfG2, Sdkfz_Gunner, Sherman

Ket -MiningUnitGoldmine, Biodome

Skrab - Nuclear Reactor, A6M Zero

Blink Boy - NapoleonicSkirmisher

WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Nuclear Explosion

ILH - Satellite, UFO

Afronight_76 - Stealth Bomber

supertoinkz - M109A6

Edge45 - alliance helix

RightField - Earth

Anman - The Flash, Wolverine

Zerox - Wolverine

The.Boss - IronMan

Shin-Orojin - Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman

bboyslaer - Deadpool
Bones and Animations reek39

THC - Cyclops Skin

Hueter - Dr Doom Skin

Brucelee - The Hulk


Current Version TAF ADVANCE 1.0E


  • Alternative Future - Advance 1.0e.w3x
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Level 1
Oct 20, 2016
Hello I love this map great map the skataros apoc would be neat but it can only really be taken by the messiah otherwise you cant have enough commanders to take out the masses of units that just overwelm your randomly placed comanders
Level 4
Dec 19, 2015
Hello I love this map great map the skataros apoc would be neat but it can only really be taken by the messiah otherwise you cant have enough commanders to take out the masses of units that just overwelm your randomly placed comanders

It is designed to be a challenge. You can take the land with a single commander of high enough level and some micro.
Level 4
Dec 19, 2015
Will this feature Fingolfin's realistic Airplane system?

It will not. The game has been around for a very long time with the current system and it is here to stay. I look at the game like a risk board where units are static representations of where your forces are and not intended to be 100% realistic or accurate.