Alternate America

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Jun 26, 2008
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Alternate America

After the revolution the Articles of Confederation were made, one of the 1st attempts at a national Government for the former 13 colonies. The National Government had little authority and the states held most of it. Unlike in are history the Articles were not scrapped in remade they remained the permanent form of government and the states grew apart and the National government was left in shambles and forgotten, and each state held its own independence, the United States had ceased to exist. Many of the Europeans sensed the weakness in the colonies and re seized land in North America, the Dutch reclaimed New York city, and named it New Amsterdam once again, the British strengthened their position in Canada, the French set up new colonies, and the Spanish fortified Florida. The former Colonies ignored the growing threat and made war with each other, and now the Europeans new colonies have struck at each other, the states, and the states at each other, each faction forming alliances and vieing for control of North America.

Time Period: Colonial- to semi Industrialization.

Factions and special units:
British: Professional Infantry
French: Cuirassier, Musketeers
Dutch: Dutch Musket man (Cheaper/weaker then avg muskets)
Spanish: Conquistadors (Better command unit), Professional Infantry
Massachusetts: Colonial Marine
New York: Colonial Marine
New Jersey: Colonial Marine
Pennsylvania: Colonial Marine
Virginia: Snipers, Commander
South Carolina: Snipers, Commander
North Carolina: Snipers, Commander
Georgia: Snipers, Commander

Basic Unit Set ----->= Tech Path
Musket----> Rifleman
Cannon----> Howitzer
Flag bearers/ Conquistadors/ Commanders
Gatling Gun

Basic Structures
Cannon Tower

Indian Units -Units that through captured buildings you can control-
-Spear hunter
-Medicine man

Income/ Food limit system:

Income is done through adding how many Capitals and controlpoints a player owns and the food limit in the game is 300 (not many people actually reach the limit)

I have posted this here because I have reached a point were I can't think up any new ideas, so any ideas on what to add to make the game more exciting would be appreciated, so anyone with any ideas for units, buildings, abilities, and even Hero ideas, anyone with any constructive criticism please post any ideas you have for this game. All contributions are welcome,

Link to map is at the top
I thank all readers who took the time to look at this