[Strategy / Risk] Alternative Future 1.4c Final (Geopolitical Simulator)

Level 1
Jan 14, 2014
Hello! I've played this map since around 2009 called The Alternative Future. You can be any nation on earth, industrialize, develop, expand and every single nation is unique (Brazil gets the ability to build lumber mills for example, has over 50+ unique leaders based on government combo, unique vehicles, etc). All 12 nations have unique government leaders based on which government you are, so if you are say Russia and go dictatorship, you get Pyotr Wrangel, Andrey Vlasov and other figures while if you go fundamentalist you get the Patriarch.

Lots of unique cities have unique cool mechanics such as unique units (Dagestan can make Chechenyan Guerrillas, Frankfurt can make Red Army Faction, Bogota can make FARC, etc), wonders that give a combat bonus to units fighting around it, ability to make financials if it's a major financial center, etc. There are a lot of paths such as restoring Napoleonic France, going Tsarist Imperial Russia as the USSR, Indian Commune as India and over 50 others all with unique mechanics (Tsarist Russia can build Imperial Cossacks for example and gets cultural conversion units to convert cities into Russian culture every 5 minutes).

Here is a video made by a a Brazilian player to promote the game (review is in Portuguese but you can still see the gameplay, also I've never met this player and we all speak English in game as you can read in the chat), also notice that the video is from 2012 the map has had a few major updates since then.


It has a big RP aspect but there is a dedicated community which also plays competitively to test each other's skill (the game is very balanced since it has been in development since 2007, a good France can beat a good EU and viceversa)

Apart from the standard cold war simulation you can also colonize space, go hell/zombies/aliens/terminators (or disable them if you don't like them and finally there's several modes you can play such as WW2 mode, Fascist Victory, Post-Apocalyptic rebuild mode, No Superweapons mode, Normal mode and more are coming such as Cold War Gone Hot (Locked 6v6 between USA & allies vs USSR & allies).

There is a very dedicated community (apart from casual players) of around 50 people that play the map everyday in US East from 4pm-10pm EST time (Around half our players are European including mapmaker we just play in US east because it's more populated) via makemehost.com (since Warcraft III manual hosting doesn't seem possible). You can find me on US East as Jimlawl on Clan ME from 4pm to 10pm EST time or /w me if I'm in a game.